Malaysia Airports RM to speak at MARIM conference on improving Asia’s ERM and BCM practices

Zalina Jaflus is a realist. She’s also a highly experienced risk manager who has implemented an ERM framework and a BCM plan at all five of Malaysia’s international airports. And its domestic airports are next on her list.

So you can be sure that she is speaking from experience when she says: “You can prevent all the potential mishaps some of the time. You can prevent some of the potential mishaps all of the time. But you can’t prevent all the mishaps all of the time.”

That is the issue in a nutshell, according to Jaflus, that she will be discussing at the Malaysian Association of Risk and Insurance Management’s (MARIM) ‘Securing the Future through Risk and Resilience Management’ conference, being held in Melaka this week.

The senior manager for risk management at Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad told StrategicRISK she was interested in the reduction of losses/economic losses through the reduction of property loss and early resumption of business following mishaps. “Improved ERM and BCM practices in this region also increases investor and international insurance underwriter confidence, and positive outlook on the organisations’ risk profile,” she said. Jaflus added that both ERM and BCM aimed to enhance profit, performance and shareholder value, as well as ensuring enforcement for regulatory compliance and exploiting opportunities.

The key points of her presentation ‘Sustaining Resiliency – BCM as part of ERM’ will, Jaflus explained, include the need to implement risk management, emergency response and business continuity in a holistic manner across an organisation as components of a resiliency program. “Resilient organisations continually work to adapt to changes and risks that can affect their ability to continue critical functions/activities,” she said.

The StrategicRISK team is looking forward to hearing Jaflus’s views on other risk-related issues at our Malaysia Risk & Insurance Management Roundtable, which is being held prior to the conference. At the roundtable event, Jaflus will join risk professionals and academics from across Malaysia to examine the state of the risk landscape in the region.

Highlights of the MARIM conference will include a BCM simulation activity, as well as plenary papers on issues such as the risks and challenges faced by businesses operating in Asia and international BCM practices that can be applied in an Asian context.

Parallel sessions run along ‘Insurance’, ‘BCM’ and ‘Risk & Governance’ lines will include ‘Managing Risk in an Unstable Financial Environment’, ‘Integrating Social Media to Your BCM Programme’, and ‘How Continuity Capability is Undermined by the Way We Work’.

The conference will end with a panel discussion about securing the future through risk and resilience management.

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