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The real threat behind fake news


So-called ‘alternative facts’ in today’s online world reach many quickly and can ruin the reputations of those in the firing line. Risk managers must be primed to shut down bad buzz before it has a chance to spread.


Learn from Cricket Australia's mistakes


Ahead of the RIMS conference in Sydney 4-5 September and Auckland on 7 September, StrategicRISK spoke with keynote speaker, Cricket Australia head of team performance Pat Howard to talk about balancing risk-taking with team performance.

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RIMS Conference 2018: Why you need to attend


As we hit the downhill run to RIMS Sydney conference on 4-5 September and Auckland 7 September, StrategicRISK sat down with the RIMS board to find out why you shouldn’t miss this year’s conference.

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Latest edition

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StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific (Issue 20): I believe the children are our future


Our industry is facing a talent shortage. StrategicRISK editor Lauren Gow says don’t panic – the kindergartens are training a whole new generation of risk managers. But in the meantime, we need to find ways to deepen the pool.

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StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific edition (Issue 19)


In the latest edition of StrategicRISK we explore global regulation updates and what they mean for risk managers, delve into the brand new world of neobanking and explore whether it is time to rip up your risk appetite document

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StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific edition (Issue 18)


In the latest edition of StrategicRISK we explore the use of scenario analysis, the applicaiton of risk standards and ask Takashi Kubo of oil and gas firm INPEX about Japanese risk management and his role on the board of PARIMA


Risk perspectives


Sharing insights with other risk managers is not only useful professionally. In such a misunderstood, often isolated role, it fosters a sense of solidarity



And now for something completely different


Unlike conventional risk analysis techniques, scenario planning challenges risk managers to develop flexible frameworks and look beyond the usual evidence base. But is it catching on?


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Latest risk management jobs


Risk related jobs we’ve found online this week


Nigel Tay-StarHub_forweb

Bright young star


Risk managers all love a nice long risk document, right? Not so StarHub’s Nigel Tay. Meet the man bringing on-the-ground collaboration, agile process and even fun to corporate risk management. Trust us, you’ll like him.

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Risk management in space: Lutomski opens Risk Forum APAC


Space is the least forgiving environment for risk management mistakes, former NASA risk manager Mike Lutomski told Risk Forum APAC 2018

The Journal


StrategicRISK The Journal


StrategicRISK’s The Journal has been shortlisted for Business Website of the Year at the Australian Publishing Awards.  The first edition examines product recall risk.

Special reports


Business disruption


Times are changing fast and that means new risks on top of old risks. So how do you stay one step ahead when market disrupters are bowling through every industry?


Special Report: Construction and technology


The rise of interconnected, automated technology is shaking the foundations of traditional construction, and of renewables production. But what impact will the likes of AI, 3D printing and battery storage have on the future of risk management?


Special report: Business transformation


Times are changing fast and that means new risks on top of old risks. So how do you stay one step ahead when market disrupters are bowling through every industry?


Sector view: Energy


Along with the oil and gas industry, the shockwaves caused by steep falls in value have hit shipping, services and insurers explain AXA Corporate Solutions