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Persuade with action


Ask what the big risks are for the future, says Benedikt Hintze of Georgsmarienhütte Holdings. Because risk management doesn’t just stop in 2020.

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One great reason to risk a startup


The lure of the start-up may be great, but so are the risks. Adam Selwood and Susie Jones, the hearts and minds behind Cynch Security, took the gamble, emboldened and inspired by one thing – a great idea.


Crooked construction


China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative means huge opportunities for developers and investors. But with so many infrastructure projects in developing countries beleaguered by corruption and crime, can this one stay on the straight and narrow?

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StrategicRISK Asia Pacific (Australia edition)


With attention increasingly fixed on unethical behaviour in business, can you be sure your own culture is free from rotten influences? This special Australia edition explores shadow values, why hindsight is 20/20 and our latest benchmarking survey results.


Top takeaways from PARIMA KL


Business risk management expert Steven Tunstall said the conference was valuable for those looking to widen their experience and learn about the risks of the future.


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Scenario planning

16 essential questions to ask for effective scenario planning


Scenario planning can help executives better understand the impacts of new goals and objectives set out in the organisation’s strategic plans. Here’s how you can optimise your scenario planning, writes Carol Williams, enterprise risk management consultant and founder of ERM Insights

Special edition: People risk

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5 top tips for safeguarding your employees


When it comes to protecting your employees from harm, it is vital for risk managers to use a full circle response to any event to understand how and why incidents occur and try to prevent their recurrence.

Special edition: Intangible risk

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APAC firms severely underestimating intangibles threat


While executives have recognised the importance of intangible assets when it comes to driving a higher valuation, there is still more work to be done if companies want to effectively mitigate risk around these assets, according to a new poll.

The Journal


The Journal - second edition launch


StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the second edition of The Journal examining business interruption


StrategicRISK The Journal: Product recall


The first edition of The Journal examines product recall risk.


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Latest risk management jobs


Looking for a new risk role in 2019? Here are the jobs we’ve found online this week