But continues to be in non-compliance with international anti-bribery convention

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) welcomed efforts by the Turkish government to comply with international anti-bribery rules.

The Working Group on Bribery, a coalition of 38 countries focused on tackling bribery and corruption, completed a review of Turkeys anti-corruption efforts. In it the Group acknowledged that Turkey had taken ‘important steps’ towards complying with international guidelines.

In particular the Working Group noted that two foreign bribery cases are currently under investigation. And recognised that Turkish officials have increased their efforts to investigate allegations against Turkish companies in the UN Oil-for-Food Programme.

The OECD also welcomed the draft law currently under consideration in Turkey’s parliament which seeks to reintroduce corporate liability for foreign bribery. The Working Group remained concerned, however, that Turkey continues to be in non-compliance with one of the main provisions in the Convention as long as the law remains unimplemented.

The organisation also said that Turkey has significantly raised awareness in the business community about the prohibition against bribing foreign public officials in the Turkish Penal Code.