Female suicide bombers exploded two devices at the peak of rush hour

Two female suicide bombers detonated devices at the peak of rush hour on the Moscow metro system killing at least 37 people, according to early media reports.

The explosions occurred about 40 minutes apart, the first bomb detonated on a carriage stopped at the Lubyanka metro station and the second at Park Kultury station.

Initial reports claim that the suspects are either Chechen rebels or a separatists group from the restive North Caucasus region.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov told reporters: "The first data that the FSB (Federal Security Service) has given us is that there were two female suicide bombers."

A incident report from security analysts STRATFOR claimed: “The two locations of the attacks on the subway in the city are symbolic. The first attack in Park Kultury is symbolic in that it is one of the city’s cultural centers being located near Gorky Park. The second location of the attack at the metro station of Lubyanka is nearly under the Federal Security Bureau’s headquarters—former KGB headquarters—the security hub of Russia.”

The last confirmed terrorist attack in Moscow was in August 2004.