Judging panel
Entries made for the awards are reviewed by an independent panel of judges. Knowledge of a nominated candidate does not preclude an individual from participating in the judging process, however, a service or business interest, present or recent past, will constitute a conflict of interest and will preclude a judge from voting in the relevant category. Judges who work for service providers (i.e. insurers, brokers, consultants) are only permitted to judge Category 1 awards and are precluded from judging awards if they have a service or business interest, present or recent past.  A judge must have extensive, in-depth and international experience of risk management.

Judging process
The judging process is confidential and based solely on the material submitted by entrants. The main effort must have taken place in 2017. There are two stages to the judging process. In stage one, each entry will be independently reviewed by four judges using an online platform. Each entry will be scored out of 100, based on the weighted criteria for each category. The scores from all judges are then collated and ranked with the highest scorers creating the finalist shortlist. The second judging stage is a conference call.

Judges will review and discuss all shortlisted entries and select a winner. Judges may also award an entry highly commended. The chair has the casting vote in case of a tie. The winner of each category and any highly commended entries will remain confidential until the awards ceremony.

The judges reserve the right not to issue a shortlist or make an award if entries don’t meet the required standard. The decision of the judging panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into by StrategicRISK.