A risk professional at one of Singapore’s largest media organisations has been appointed convenor of the programme’s risk management working group

The assistant vice-president in MediaCorp’s enterprise risk management (ERM) office, Daniel Tan Kuan Wei, is the new leader of a group of technical experts from public and private sector organisations.

The Working Group on Risk Management (WGRM) is charged with developing a Singapore standard for ERM implementation.

Talking exclusively to StrategicRISK, Kuan Wei said that his new role required him to provide technical leadership to the group, as well as “guidance and support on the promotional activities of the WGRM through the [Ministry of Trade and Industry agency] SPRING secretariat and other related organisations and channels, [and] on the implementation aspects of standards under the WGRM”.

“In my opinion, the WGRM plays an important role to raise awareness and contribute to the development of risk management standards,” he said.

Kuan Wei was also Singapore’s official delegate at the global ISO meeting held in France last year, which aimed to establish an international standard for risk management implementation.

“I was charged with sharing Singapore’s views on risk management, and hopefully I got our point across,” he said.

“The point I raised was about culture; I said whatever standards you try to shape, you must always consider culture, the people element. It must be imbued into the ISO standards.”

He also led Singapore’s recent ISO 31000 Industry Focus Group discussion “to generate insights to the risk management landscape, create awareness of ISO 31000 in the industry, and collect feedback on the implementation of the ISO 31000 in Singapore”.

The ISO standards that the WGRM is currently actively involved in include ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and guidelines; ISO Guide 73: 2009 Risk Management: Vocabulary; ISO 31004:2013 Risk Management – Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000; and ISO 19600 Compliance Management Systems.

WGRM members represent the National University of Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower, GMG International, Singapore Technologies Marine, Rio Tinto Singapore Holdings, the National Healthcare Group and the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore.

The Singapore Standardisation Programme was set up by SPRING Singapore, to develop and promote Singapore and international standards under the guidance of an industry-led Singapore Standards Council.