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SR Q4 2023: It won’t be lonely this Christmas

The risk manager can be something of a lone wolf in an organisation – operating alone, often misunderstood. Thankfully, risk managers know where to find each other. Here’s to another year of collaborating, supporting and learning from our fellow loners.

chain pull

How businesses can be proactive around supply chain risk

StrategicRISK speaks to Bogdana Sardak, a risk and resiliency expert at Fusion Risk Management, about how an integrated risk management approach allows organisations to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain operational stability.

monitoring ESG

ESG and value creation: Why risk managers need to play a front line role

Risk managers have a critical role in boosting ESG performance. WTW’s John Merkovsky and Lisa Lipuma look at the practical tools, tactics and best practices they can deploy to deliver enhanced ESG risk management.


Taken by storm - how medium-sized enterprises can use parametrics to tackle nat cat risks

Medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) play a vital role in our economy. However, these companies face unique challenges when it comes to risk management, particularly in dealing with natural catastrophes such as storms, flooding, or earthquakes.

Wildfire bushfire

How businesses can avoid disasters by working together

Gareth Byatt, Ilan Kelman, Ana Prados, co-leads of the Disasters Avoided project explore the role businesses can play in helping society avoid disasters


Supply chain risk lessons from the ancient Greeks

Entropy constantly pushes the world towards volatility, but businesses must learn from ancient philosophy and find ways to combat threats, says risk expert Adriano Lanzilotto


Risk management as a practice and a profession needs to change – or become irrelevant

The articulation of risk management’s benefits and the way it is widely implemented and understood, is based on a fallacy, says Ben Cattaneo, founder of The Decision-Making Studio. Risk managers must evolve to stay useful.

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How data analytics and insights can help risk managers take control of their risks and keep the lights on

Too many organisations are operating in the dark, unable to clearly see the exposures they face. Adrien Norulak, head of risk analytics, at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions explores how better data collection, analysis and communication can help companies better manage their mitigation and insurance solutions.


Elevating enterprise risk management: how to embrace corporate responsibility

Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, explores why a comprehensive risk management strategy must take a proactive approach to ESG

GR - Featured_Interview

Case study - developing a data platform for Ukraine war risk

A Ukrainian war risk loss event database is in its testing phase, Guy Carpenter’s European CEO Julian Enoizi revealed to sister publication Global Reinsurance, while efforts to create a war risk pool are ongoing


How global programmes can integrate with ERM philosophies leading to better risk management

By Sara Benwell

Expert view: Against the backdrop of global supply chain disruption, geopolitical tension and escalating cyber threats, CROs must embrace centralised decision-making and enterprise risk management strategies. Global programmes can help, says AXA XL’s Ms Shiwei Jin


Opinion: How business leaders can navigate the digital age

As organisations evolve their business models to embrace digitalisation they open themselves up to new cyber risks.  Matthew Worsfold, a partner in Ashurst’s Risk Advisory practice, and Rachel Sexton, the head of the Risk Advisory Practice explore how firms need to think about managing these exposures

Work culture

Keep your eyes and ears open to move the needle on risk culture

EXPERT VIEW Riskonnect’s Claire Hopper has advice on how to build a culture where everyone incorporates risk considerations into everything they do – making sure they are always looking, listening and mitigating for potential problems.

resilience, challenge hurdles

Now is the time for Australian businesses to focus on resilience

Research shows that a reputational crisis knocks 5% off a company’s share price. Losses can be minimised by firms that act now to build resilience, says Andrew Stafford, operations senior vice president, FM Global Australia & New Zealand

dirk cropped

The historian: Dirk Wegener shares the lessons he’s learnt in over 20 years of risk management

Dirk Wegener is stepping down as president of FERMA. After more than two decades in risk management, he has seen it all. Here he reflects on the world-changing events that altered the way we think about resilience forever.

climate change risks

A best practice guide to developing climate resilience

EXPERT VIEW: Climate change may already be here, but we can – and must – work ahead of time to map out our exposures for the impacts still to come. International SOS’s James Wood explores how to build climate resilience, through data analysis, assigning accountability and securing investment.

Climate litigation

How to manage the growing risk of climate change litigation

As climate litigation risk gathers momentum, John Firth shares the steps that companies can take to identify and reduce these risks.


Five minutes with new IRM board member David Epstein

StrategicRISK  caught up with David Epstein, a new non-executive board member at the Institute of Risk Management, to get his take on the top risks facing organisations today

Risk management

How risk and insurance managers can take control through engineering and international programmes

When international programmes and risk engineering go hand in hand, risk and insurance managers can truly take control of their exposures, say Philip Brandl and Reto Collenberg.

people cogs

Human error and cybersecurity – tackling one of today’s biggest business risks

Simon McNally, identity and access management expert at Thales, explains why cybersecurity is a pressing people-related risk that must be tackled urgently

Supply chain large

Operational resilience depends on your weakest link, not your strongest

Gary Lynam, director of ERM advisory at Protecht, explores the threats posed by tightening compliance regulations and how risk managers can mitigate them

Change directions

Why risk management must not be totally embedded in operations

Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, explores why entwining risk with day-to-day operations is a common but critical mistake

Strategy partnership

Building a cyber resilient organisation begins with risk quantification

Rich Seiersen, Chief Risk Officer of Resilience, explores how CISOs and CROs can work together to understand cyber risk exposures and build resilience

megaphone, communications

How risk managers can become climate leaders through better communication

With the right communication and data, risk managers can speak the language of the c-suite and become a driver of real climate change says Chris Hickin, vice president - operations engineering manager, London operations at FM Global

3D printing

Opinion: Why unconventional industries require an innovative approach to risk and insurance

Unconventional industries like 3D printing, space mining, and cryptocurrency may find it difficult to access traditional insurance. A hybrid approach can help, says Randy Sadler, a risk management expert and captive insurance manager at CIC Services

Heart rate

How to boost your company’s immune system with strategic risk management

Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, shares his tips on how risk managers can operate more effectively to improve the health of their organisations.

Scott H

Opinion: Challenging dangerous cyber risk insurance myths

Alarmist debate around cyber risk insurance can leave risk managers lost. Here, Scott Hammesfahr, solutions consultant - insurance analytics, strategy, and operations at Guidewire Software, clears up the myths.


Five steps to building a world-class ESG risk and compliance program

Chief risk officers have been managing ESG exposures for some time now, but compliance is getting more complicated. Dean Alms, chief product officer at Aravo explains why risk professionals must step up

Figure 2. A realistic transition path may wander between stranded assets and shortages

How risk managers can tackle the increasing threat of disorderly transition

David Nelson, head of climate transition, climate and resilience hub, at WTW explores why a disorderly transition is likely, and the steps risk managers must take to prepare

Hans Laessoe

Opinion: much of risk mitigation is a waste of time - what to do instead

The world is changing and risk managers must adapt, argues Hans Læssøe, founder of AKTUS and former risk manager at The Lego Group. Here are his top three suggested priorities

driving uphill

The biggest problem with supply chain management

Risk management expert Adriano Lanzilotto explains what supply chains and SatNavs have in common, and why data is the most important tool in a risk manager’s arsenal.

Hazardous chemicals_edited

Regulators are cracking down on PFAS and risk managers must plan accordingly

The effects of PFAS chemicals are yet to be seen as health problems slowly come to light. BHSI’s Javier Villalba, explores the litigation landscape risk managers are facing


Tackling the risks of double extortion ransomware

By Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales

Double extortion ransomware is on the rise, and risk managers should be worried. Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales, explores how to manage and mitigate these emerging threats

cyber attack

How risk managers can best protect supply chains from cyberattacks

By Dirk Schrader, VP of security research at Netwrix

Risk managers must look beyond their own networks to ensure cyber resilience throughout their supply chain. Dirk Schrader, VP of security research at Netwrix explains how.

fraud, keyboard

Faster payments are opening companies up to fraud risk - how to mitigate the threats

By Baptiste Collot, co-founder and CEO of Trustpair

Baptiste Collot, co-founder and CEO of Trustpair, explores how risk managers can tighten payment controls to reduce the risk of fraud

SR_web_Alex Sidorenko

CRO view: Chatbots can revolutionise risk management, but only if we get algorithms right

ChatGPT can’t compete with trained risk management chatbots but it can easily outperform many risk consultants, says Alex Sidorenko, chief risk officer and founder of RISK-ACADEMY


How to manage reshoring risks - a US case study

By Andrew Tait, P.E. Integrated Risk Leader at Sigma7

Former pharma risk manager and current P.E. integrated risk leader at Sigma7, Andrew Tait, looks at how reshoring changes the exposures faced by manufacturing companies in the US, and what global lessons can be learnt

Construction worker safety health

Risk briefing: getting to grips with construction risks

By Ade Adeyemo, UK Construction Practice Lead – Risk Consulting at RSA Insurance

Ade Adeyemo, UK Construction Practice Lead – Risk Consulting at RSA Insurance, explores how construction risks are evolving and how risk managers must adapt to manage them

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Why risk managers must take stock of their firms’ geopolitical impact

By David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly

David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly, explores why companies may be unwitting political actors and how risk managers can deal with the exposures this creates

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Unveiling the future of risk management: the 2023 RMIS Panorama

By François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae

François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae, explores how this year’s Panorma survey can help risk managers leverage technology, to better mitigate threats

regulation consumer duty

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act: what next for risk managers

By Iona Cheng, director at Control Risks

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act is about to get new teeth, and risk managers must respond swiftly, says Iona Cheng, director at Control Risks

cyber war

How to build an effective incident response plan

By Mark Lamb, CEO of HighGround.io

Risk managers are waking up to the realisation that cyber attacks are inevitable, Mark Lamb, CEO of HighGround.io, explains how to prepare

Volvo autonomous

How risk managers can tackle the evolving automotive risks in their organisations

By Kiran Boosam, global insurance industry leader, Capgemini

Kiran Boosam, global insurance industry leader, Capgemini, explores how mobility risk is changing and the tactics that risk managers can deploy to manage emerging threats

cyber security

How to achieve cyber resilience through increased security vendor accountability

It’s time for risk managers to hold cybersecurity vendors to account, says Richard Hollis, CEO of Risk Crew

SR_web_Alex Sidorenko

The role of the CRO in defining risk appetite

Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY, explores the three key aspects of risk appetite and where risk managers can add value

Diversity people

How to identify and manage people-related risks

David Tattam, chief research & content officer and co-founder, Protecht, explores the key people-related risks facing organisations and how risk managers can tackle them

data automation

How automation can improve risk management practices

Lauren Doyle, product and platform specialist at Whyaye, explores what is behind the rise of automation in IRM and what it means for risk managers

steel factory fire

How SME risk managers can prevent business insurance claims

Danial Cummins, general manager of SafetyCulture Care in Australia, discusses practical tips for SMEs to help reduce their physical risks and improve the safety of their frontline workers.

Color Photo Mary Carmichael

Rethinking risk management in an agile world

To succeed with digital acceleration, risk professionals will need to transition from outdated methods, argues Mary Carmichael, managing director, risk advisory, Momentum Technology


Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse: a wake-up call for risk managers

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank raised important questions about the role of risk management in ensuring stability. Atul Vashistha, chairman and CEO of Supply Wisdom, explores the key lessons that risk managers should learn

Hans Laessoe

Heatmaps can be dangerous - how to make sure you’re using them effectively

Hans Læssøe, founder of AKTUS, explains when heatmaps and risk matrices can be useful, and how to use them appropriately

Danny Wong_photshop

Moving beyond Excel: the urgent need for better risk management tools

By Danny Wong is an Enterprise Risk Management thought leader with over 20 years’ experience in senior risk roles

While Excel may be easy and free, it is no longer sufficient to manage the complex and ever-changing risks faced by organisations today. Danny Wong, an enterprise risk management thought leader, explores the alternatives.

more decisions

Chief risk officer view: how I develop and maintain a strong risk culture

By Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY

Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY shares his five top tips for creating risk culture and empowering executive decision making

cyber attack (4)

How cyber threats are evolving and what risk managers can do to prepare

By Johnty Mongan, head of cyber risk management at Gallagher

One of the biggest threats to the cybersecurity of businesses is the ever-increasing expertise of cybercriminals. Johnty Mongan, head of cyber risk management at Gallagher explores how organisations can pre-empt what attackers’ next moves might be.

Risk management

Why captives are growing ever more important for CFOs and risk managers

Denis Kallaert, risk & compliance consultant to reinsurance companies and independent director of various reinsurance captives, shares his views on the future role of captives in risk management

Compliance iceberg model FTI consulting

Why culture is king in information governance and privacy

Nina Bryant and Sabine Clappaert, FTI Consulting, explore the regulatory, reputational, operational and financial risks associated with an organisation’s compliance culture and how to overcome them

Artificial intelligence

Embrace technological change and win the war for talent

Investing in Artificial Intelligence can help risk managers and their organisations win the war for talent, argues Piet Middelkoop, CEO of Van Ameyde Group

SR_web_Christopher van den Heuvel

Aviation, decarbonisation and the hurdles to hit net zero

The airline industry faces unique challenges as it seeks to decarbonise, beyond the obvious transition risks and opportunities

SR_web_Ivan Matviak

Three steps to smarter collaboration

Joining forces with the right people at the right time is the best way to combat a crisis

SR_web_Paul Young

How humanity averted an environmental catastrophe

The success of the 1987 Montreal Protocol is proof all is not lost in the fight against climate change

SR_web_Sharon Xu

What can risk managers do better in 2023?

In the post-pandemic world, risk managers must reevaluate what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ risk

Mining minerals hands child labour

Where energy security meets human rights

Mitigating risk in rare earth metals supply chains is essential for a just energy transition, say Kevin Braine and Oliver Stern

Bruce Hepburn

Surviving today’s “poly-crisis”

Not all risks can be managed out of existence. It’s time for insurers to step up

SR_web_Tom Scampion

Re-inventing sanctions screening

Why firms must improve compliance, drive efficiency and tackle friction as the war in Ukraine rumbles on

SR_web_Jordan Schroeder

Securing industrial digital transformation

Cyber attacks against critical infrastructure are becoming more frequent, with knock-on impacts for everyone

SR_web_James Watts

What is concentration risk in technology?

From supply chains to software: Why you could be unknowingly putting all your eggs in one basket

SR_web_Lee Whiteing

Duty of care a key concern as business travel returns

Corporates – forced to cope without travel for so long – will be more discerning when weighing up the value of a business journey

SR_web_Alex Toews

The year operational resilience became a boardroom priority

Resilience is not a one-time box-tick exercise but an ongoing journey that begins with data and culture

SR_web_Simon Cutmore Verlingue

Setting the course for Green Hydrogen

What are some of the key risk management issues presented by the wider use of Green Hydrogen?

SR_web_Jose Seara

Cyber: Why are buyers opting to retain risk? And other questions

Some surprising trends have emerged in the industrial cyber risk landscape. What does this mean for 2023?

SR_web_Chris Hickin

You, me and ESG

Navigating complex ESG challenges with the support of internal and external partners

SR_web_Mary Carmichael

Why you must understand the board’s risk tolerance

Without this, efforts to manage and optimise risk will be futile

SR_web_Nick Allan

No time for uncertainty in uncertain times

In Asia, the prospect of a post-covid China may well provide a big boost to regional growth prospects

SR_web_Emily Morgan

Sanctions screening your third-parties

It is simply not worth running the risk of going into any relationship blind, and accidentally breaching sanctions

SR_web_Nigel Collins

Evolving attitudes to cyber risk

Why some businesses are re-evaluating their attitude to cyber coverage amid rising premiums and tougher terms

SR_web_Ryan Swann

Revolutionising risk culture

Why businesses must embrace new technology and take a less reactive approach to risk management

SR_web_Bogdana Sardak

Mapping an increasingly complex supply chain

In today’s world, unpredictable situations happen at a moment’s notice, causing disruption even if you have a diversified supply chain

Bruce Hepburn

The role of insurance in times of crisis

The war in Ukraine is one of the major crises of our times. It is exposing the limitations of insurance

SR_web_Eric Hensley

Keeping pace with ESG regulation

Firms are being pushed to pursue a cleaner, greener, more equitable and ethical world. But it’s not easy being sustainable

SR_web_Mark Malecki

Time to stop ignoring supply chain cybersecurity

NHS 111 is one of the latest victims, but it doesn’t have to be this way

SR_web_Anton Koch

Taking a systemic approach to global resilience

Building resilience into our global society has to begin now, with significant benefits for risk managers

SR_web_Ryan Swann

Risk management and next-generation technology

Why firms must proactively construct risk management capabilities to keep pace with transformative change

SR_web_Dorota Jilli

Supply chain security under threat

Disruptive economic, societal and geopolitical influences are altering global supply chain risk profiles

SR_web_Joe Noss

Ukraine: A ‘Matrix moment’ for climate change

The choices governments make in response to the Ukraine conflict might either accelerate or delay the global transition to net-zero emissions

SR_web_Nigel Collins

Reputation in an era of state-sponsored attacks

Managing the reputational fallout from being the subject of a cyber attack is an aspect that is often overlooked

SR_web_Rosie Hawes

Taking an authentic approach to ESG

Why relying on ESG ratings may be the quickest way to undermine your own reputation for ESG compliance

SR_web_Jag Lamba

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Today’s volatile risks will impact your supply chain in unique ways; here are three areas to consider

SR_web_Andrew Coburn

Don’t wait for the hammer to fall

Climate litigation - including ’greenwashing’ claims - is increasingly a risk for Board consideration

SR_web_Denise Bower

Flying blind

Disregard for physical climate risks are a clear threat to resilient infrastructure

SR_web_Dawn Tiura

Can we fix our supply chains?

Like recessions, supply chain disruptions are inevitable. We may be unable to prevent them, be we can lessen their duration

SR_web_Hua Zhen Goh

The great supply chain relocation

The number of supply chains ‘on the move’ continues to grow. But market risks vary widely across South East Asia

SR_web_Bev Adams

ESG: Where are you on your journey?

Knowing where to start with ESG can be daunting for even the most seasoned of risk managers

SR_web_Stuart Birnie

Using scenario planning to nurture resilience

Why firms should increase the sophistication of their scenario planning over time

SR_web_Andre Martin

Targeting Asia’s protection gap

How innovation can build natural catastrophe resilience across the region

SR_web_Atul Vashistha

Are you ready for the SEC climate rules?

Publicly-listed firms will be compelled to report on third party climate risks as well as their own

SR_web_Lou Gritzo

Moving towards net zero

Opportunities and risks around greener business

SR_web_Greg Duncan

Are your property assets underinsured?

How supply chain disruption has driven up the cost of construction, impacting insured property values

SR_web_Andrew Gilholm

Planning for geopolitical flashpoints

Why the sense of insulation from geopolitical crises is unlikely to last in Northeast Asia

SR_web_Phillip Pearce

Ukraine crisis: New black swans join the flock

Sanctions will certainly damage the Russian economy, but we live in a connected global economy

SR_web_Barry ODonnell

The cybersecurity myths compromising your data

Unpicking the common misconceptions about cybersecurity that put businesses at risk

SR_web_Nick Hankin

Insuring the transition to net zero

Why insurers have a critical role to play in the shift away from fossil fuels

SR_web_Matt Foote

Let’s avoid a VHS v Betamax stand-off on the climate transition

More open sources of data and open, common modelling standards will facilitate climate-transition decisions

drone man flying

Digitising large and complex claims

How remote claims technology is helping make claims handling faster and more flexible

SR_web_Bogdana Sardak

Resilience rises in the face of geopolitical threats

Operational resilience has never been so vital in a world of increasing volatility

SR_web_Tim Searle

Green hydrogen: managing transition risks

Green hydrogen could be a key component of a carbon-free future but there are significant hurdles to overcome


Post COVID-19 risk management needs more granularity

The heightened and complex risk landscape will test the creativity of insurers and risk managers


Navigating trade compliance in 2022

As tensions between Russia and the US and the West continue to escalate, compliance teams are readying themselves for a busy period ahead

SR_web_Hernan Huwyler

Organising your sustainability risks

A practical sustainability risk taxonomy with common scenarios and treatments

SR_web_Michael Lebbon

Reducing risk in a time of climate transition

Greenwashing just won’t cut it anymore - here’s what risk managers need to know

SR_web_Alexander Larsen

Make 2022 the year you step away from the desk

Get yourself out there, build relationships and get a seat at the table

SR_web_Steve Wilford

Geopolitics, climate crisis and state meddling

Why 2022 will be a high-wire act for Asian businesses

SR_web_Tze Way Yeong

Promoting risk engineering as part of a healthy risk culture

While nat cats cannot be avoided, risk engineering plays an important role in identifying and mitigating the potential damages arising

SR_web_Lauren Kornutick

Cyber, risk and compliance: what does 2022 hold?

Stakeholders now expect companies to understand their relationship with the world around them

SR_web_Paul May

Minimising the risk of thermal runaway in renewable batteries

With modern applications of  lithium-ion batteries relatively new, we’re just beginning to understand the implications of thermal runaway

SR_web_Shruthi Rao

Should insurers lead the climate march?

If the politicians won’t go to battle against climate change, maybe insurers have the power to drive behavioural change

SR_web_ Charles Hecker Claudine Fry

The great geopolitical repositioning

In 2022, the world will start to spin differently thanks to a new global geopolitical order

SR_web_Ann Dowdeswell

The cost of a sustainable supply chain

How sustainability initiatives within the full lifecycle of goods and services benefits the bottom line and enhances reputations

SR_web_Pankaj Thareja

Cyber risk in an era of smart manufacturing

How to minimise risk as manufacturing taps into the many benefits of 5G

SR_web_Ross Savage

Don’t fall foul of sanctions

Get on top of your sanctions risk compliance or suffer reputational consequences

SR_web_Mary Nwaojei

China – a cyber powerhouse?

It is clear that China has stepped up its cyber espionage capabilities, but what is its aim?

SR_web_Jim Wetekamp

Why hospitals need better cyber hygiene

Three steps to strengthen healthcare organisations against a growing cyber threat

SR_web_Ramses Gallego

Embracing the four 'V’s of change

Embracing emerging technology requires the right mindset and the right skills

SR_web_Gillian Karran-Cumberlege

Why boards must exercise their ‘judgement muscle’

Boards risk being hamstrung by regulation, opting to comply rather than explain, even where there are unintended consequences

SR_web_Lou Gritzo

Don’t panic… but do act now

The IPCC report tells us tomorrow is not the same as yesterday, hence past data solely can’t always predict future outcomes

SR_web_Chip Cunliffe

A nature-based approach to risk mitigation

Why firms most impacted by the climate crisis are looking more strategically at nature-based solutions

SR_web_Kirsten Early

When to outsource your claims

Corporates are taking on more risk as a result of the hard insurance market, but what does this mean for claims?

Gareth byatt opinion

Roadmap for sustainability

How to use risk management and SDGs to achieve purposeful objectives

SR_web_Peter Chesterfield

Fire risk at battery energy storage systems

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are essential for low carbon economies… but fires are hampering growth potential

SR_web_Terence Lee

Future proofing airports

There are clear risks and opportunities as airports repurpose for a post-COVID world

SR_web_Carly Ramsey

Navigating the ongoing trade war

China: politics are important but it’s the regulations that matter for multinationals

SR_web_Paul Ford

Time to tackle silos

A strong emphasis on data and collaboration are essential to achieving operational resilience

SR_web_Anita Punwani

Taking a lead on ESG

What role does the risk professional have in a changing, more responsible world?

SR_web_Paul McLarnon

Navigating the hard market

Can you show insurers that you’re up-to-speed with how your operations are responding to new market pressures?

SR_web_Val Jonas

The snowball effect

Transforming risk strategy from the middle

SR_web_Anette Mikes

Let’s talk risk

’Risk talk’ targets toxic cultures by fostering blame-free, bottom-up communication

SR_web_Mary Nwaojei

Cyber: Breaking the culture of silence

A lack of transparency on cyber attacks is benefitting the threat actors and exacerbating the threat

SR_web_Phil Zongo

Steps towards cyber resilience

Three proven strategies business leaders can deploy to accelerate cyber transformation

SR_web_Pekka Dare

Managing money laundering risk in a COVID world

How money launderers are exploiting know your customer (KYC) checks and using the pandemic as a ruse to move money

Norman Marks

The spy who managed success

Is it time to abandon risk management and seek to manage performance instead? Let’s consider Bond’s latest mission

SR_web_Mathieu Gorge

Vaccine passports and privacy pitfalls

The data in ‘vaccine passports’ is the most sensitive information many firms will have ever managed

SR_web_Charles Minutella

The road to future-proofing your supply chain

As companies look to pivot from the pandemic, their focus of attention is turning towards building sustainability in supply chains

SR_web_Adam Schrader

A smarter approach to business travel

How can businesses balance the bottom line with environmental responsibility when planning their post pandemic business travel?

SR_web_Russ Kirby

Warehouse risks in an age of e-commerce

How a surge in demand for warehouse storage may leave firms exposed to facilities which rely on sub-standard levels of risk protection

SR_web_Oliver Chapman

Unpicking the Greensill collapse

Did fintech superstardom enable the Greensill collapse and could it have been prevented?

Vietnam flood

Protecting revenue volatility from extreme weather

Parametric insurance solutions are a valuable form of transfer to manage climate and other natural disaster risks, explain Marc Paasch and Richard Zhang

SR_web_Eddie Doyle

The art of the con

Cyber security strategist Eddie Doyle explains how social engineering attacks prey on individuals’ vulnerabilities

SR_web_Julia Salmond

What COVID-19 taught us about supply chain risks

News reports of supply chain disruption increased by almost 2000% following the start of the pandemic

SR_web_Michael Beaumont

Managing the vaccine supply chain

It’s clear that freezer failure is going to be a significant risk to the smooth execution of this critical vaccination program

SR_web_Helene Galy

COVID-19 is no black swan

There was evidence the wolf was already in the herd, if only the shepherd had taken a closer look

SR_web_Vasileios Drakopoulos

Managing risk in a volatile world

Risk leaders must work on strategies and business models to help their firms achieve their objectives in the new environment

pandemic solution

NDBI: Exposed and unprotected

Caroline Woolley explains why it’s much better to play ‘let’s pretend you have a loss’, than trying to deal with expectation gaps after an event

SR_web_Brian Monk

Operational resilience takes centre stage

Why breaking down barriers between risk and business continuity is the key to greater operational resilience

SR_web_Jim Wetekamp

Keeping up in 2021

The risk management function is undergoing a fundamental transformation spurred by the coronavirus pandemic

SR_web_Atul Vashistha

Financial firms face a risk reckoning

As the sector faces further regulatory intervention, what will it take to bring about real change?

Hans Laessoe

Preparing for the next wave

Climate change is so big that we do not even see it as a wave that may “break” and cause havoc for us

SR_web_Anton Koch

Is cladding ever safe to use?

When fire strikes in buildings using foam plastic materials, the results can be catastrophic and tragic

SR_web_Geetha Kanagasingam_grey_helenedit

Outsourcing risk - a cautionary tale

How Capital One suffered the price for failing to put in place an effective outsourcing risk oversight programme

SR_web_Nigel Toms

Risk, resilience and utilities

The ability to survive a crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty is at the heart of a new technical standard for utility companies

SR_web_Tiago Dias

Cyber risk in an era of connectivity

As the modern risk landscape becomes increasingly complex, cyber-risk is one area where businesses need to remain vigilant

SR_web_Susie Jones

The threat of COVID-19 to your digital health

Insurance brokers and other SMEs face unique risks when it comes to cyber crime. Here’s what you can do to protect your business

SR_web_Andrew Slevin

How risk and insurance supports sustainability

Energy companies need partners and advisors that can help them make the move to a renewable future

SR_web_Keith Man (1)

Why risk data integrity is a ticking time bomb

Data is at the heart of effective risk management but poor integrity, outdated platforms and inefficient processes can create inaccurate or incomplete information

SR_web_Rinske Geerlings

Improving supply chain strength and agility

As many countries enter the second wave of the pandemic, global supply chains continue to be disrupted. Here’s how to build in greater resilience

SR_web_Hernan Huwyler

Let me guess: COVID will be in all top risk studies this year

An analysis of the value of external studies to risk managers, and how to improve them

SR_web_Nir Kossovsky

Reputational crises put directors at risk

ESG pledges, unmet, will leave stakeholders disappointed and pose the greatest enterprise risks of all, warns Nir Kossovsky and Denise Williamee

Hans Laessoe

The new risk horizon

Risk management is undergoing a significant change and complacency is not an option, argues Hans Læssøe

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Adding value with strategic risk

Understanding business strategies and coordinating a structured approach are critical to delivering better strategic risk management, explains Laxman Maharjan

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Five BCP lessons from COVID-19

As the economy slowly reopens, Danny Wong charts five key BCP lessons learnt during lockdown

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Using data to deliver risk maturity

The risk maturity journey is a problem the risk profession has been grappling with for far too long. It’s time to focus on data

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Health & safety post COVID

Health and safety regulations are under the microscope more than ever before, but significant global differences in approach remain

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4 ways to prepare for civil unrest

Organisations need to prepare for the possibility of more protests amid rising tensions and COVID lockdown restrictions, argues Renata Elias

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Building effective business continuity plans

Risk managers are best placed to develop and implement BCPs, argues FM Global’s Stuart Selden

SR_web_Susan Snedaker

Business continuity: The missing link

Many organisations scrambled to develop and implement their pandemic response when COVID-19 surfaced; here are a few things that may have been overlooked


The COVID-19 return to work strategy

Employers must carefully navigate their obligations towards employees when it comes to the impending “return to work” strategy, warns Jules Quinn

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Beyond crisis management - planning for the future

It is time to stop reacting to the pandemic crisis and start managing operations in a new way, argues Vince Shiers

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COVID-19: The ultimate stress test

How coronavirus may be the high-profile case trial that brings long overdue credibility to the global risk management discipline

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Prepare for more climate see-saws

Examples of extreme weather events in Australia this summer is increasing concern over how our climate is changing

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Business and supply chain resilience during Covid-19

The intensity of the impacts on businesses and supply chains are expected to accelerate in the near term and then extend to the medium term, explains Adrian Simmonds, senior risk manager at QBE


Risk management shifts gear to resilience model

Businesses will need to shift their focus from traditional risk management to building resilience so as to drive business enablement and build trust.


Compliance takes centre stage as regulators come down hard on business

Verint vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Michael Stelzer, discusses why we’re seeing increased regulatory pressure on businesses and how automation, machine learning and natural language recognition can help prevent you from becoming the next headline.

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The myths that hold risk managers back from making a difference at the top table

When you place risk management into categories, you stop performing ERM and prevent yourself from helping the board make risk-intelligent decisions. Here’s Sarah Gordon’s (chief executive of Satarla) take on #ChangingRisk and influencing decision-making


Risk culture or culture risk?

In this article, Business Olympian Group, director, Gavin Freeman, will try to unpack the meaning of “risk culture” and assess whether the role of risk teams is to measure risk culture or culture risk.


Why gender balance is important in risk management

What can we do to address gender equality in risk management? Maybe it’s a shift into a different approach that will enable more female leaders and improve the service, irrespective of gender, argues risk practitioner, Patrick Aubrey.


Crisis management 101

If we asked each company how their crisis plans are structured and managed, we will likely see inconsistencies, out-of-date procedures; ill-prepared stakeholders, says Gabriel Souza, risk management specialist. Here’s his advice


Act now before it is too late

Exactly a month after the devastating terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, Suchitra Narayanan, reflects on why it is so important for risk managers to have care, conviction and courage.


Stop thinking like risk managers and start thinking like the C-suite

As part of #ChangingRisk, I’d like more risk managers to report to the CEO, with access to the board, says Gaëtan Lefevre, group risk and insurance manager at Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie.

New thinking in risk 2

The abuse of 'risk'

Risk can be a good thing – business survive and thrive on good risk management. But the problem is, because we have all been misusing the word ‘risk’, its true meaning is now lost, writes Tony Thornton, ERM and business continuity expert


Decision-focused risk management – in four steps

Decision-focused risk management may seem very different to traditional risk management, but making the change is not as challenging as it may appear, writes Hans Læssøe principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group


'Apathetic' risk management is putting your business at risk

In the new age of advanced risk, complacent organisations are allowing themselves to become vulnerable to the disruptive forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, says risk thought leader Warren Black.


How to become asset light

Suchitra Narayanan, group head of risk and insurance, AirAsia Berhad, explains why the low-cost airline made the shift from being asset heavy to asset light and how the company’s risk profile has changed as a result

Hans Laessoe

How risks to intangible assets could harm your business

The rise of the intangible economy could amplify your risks causing long-term loss in revenues and profits, so what can you do about it? Hans Laessoe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former senior director of risk at the LEGO Group, has this advice

Norman Marks

A basic principle most people don’t understand about risk

In this new opinion piece renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks explains why you may have been making a fundamental error in risk management

Hans Laessoe

Don’t waste time managing risks

Stop, collaborate and listen, Hans Læssøe is back with a brand new lesson. In his latest opinion piece, the principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group explains why things will never be the same again for risk managers.

Michael Doyle

Why strategic risks are not operational risks viewed strategically

Chief risk officer, Michael Doyle tells StrategicRISK why businesses need to be very clear on where strategic risk ends and operational risk begins.

Horst Simon

Time to kill 3LoD?

The Risk Culture Builder’s Horst Simon tells StrategicRISK why it might be time to #Kill3LoD in order to get to the next level of risk management.

Lyndon Broad

Managing enterprise risk when exploring Asian opportunities

When a business fails to adequately protect itself against events that may stop or compromise its operations, they could be putting themselves at risk of major disruption says FM Global’s operations manager, Lyndon Broad.

Hans Laessoe

The rise of Execution Risk Management and Decision Risk Management

Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego tells StrategicRISK how the effect of an ever-increasing speed of change adds and alters the demands for risk management – both in terms of what to do, and how to do it.

Norman Marks

Why do we need risk management?

Renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks, questions why we need risk management and what role ERM plays.

Gareth byatt opinion

Infrastructure in Asia – forging ahead, breaking new ground

In this exclusive piece, Risk Insight Consulting principal consultant, Gareth Byatt, looks at infrastructure work being planned and undertaken across the Asia-Pacific region and considers how risk management plays an important part in achieving good infrastructure project outcomes

Gareth byatt opinion

How to leverage ISO 31000:2018

ISO 31000: 2018 was published in February 2018, nine years after the last version. Much has been written and discussed about it. Gareth Byatt, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting and APAC Ambassador for the IRM, gives us his perspective on how to benefit from the new release.

Norman Marks

Should we “tear up the risk appetite” statement?

In reply to editor Lauren Gow’s recent opinion piece, author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks, responds in a equally thought-provoking piece

Hans Laessoe

Why ISO31000 beats COSO

Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego tells StrategicRISK why ISO 31,000/2018 (ISO) is well ahead of the updated COSO standard, despite the almost quantum leap the 2017 update has been given since the 2004 edition


There is a better way of managing risk

As we begin the countdown to our Risk Forum in Hong Kong on April 19, StrategicRISK spoke to ever-controversial risk commentator, Alex Sidorenko, to give us a little preview of what is to come next week

Natalie faulkner

Bribery and corruption risk: Is Australia doing enough?

Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ (CPI) for 2017 has been released and the results are not surprising. KPMG’s director of Audit, Asssurance and Risk, Natalie Faulkner tells StrategicRISK Australian firms are continuing to operate on the wrong sit of this law

Cameron strain

Could Bitcoin wallets replace briefcases full of cash?

Almost 200,000 transactions are made on the bitcoin blockchain each day but what is the risk for businesses? Control Risks senior consultant, Cameron Strain, lets us inside the criminal minds using the innovation for dark deeds

Kimberley pelly

I do not believe in gender balance for the sake of it

As International Women’s Day draws to a close, Kimberley Pelly, risk and compliance adviser, Queensland Airports shares her reasons why she thinks it is more important to select the right person, rather than the right gender, for a risk management role

Opinion kelvin wu

Why all risk managers need to take a second look at the CyberSecurity Bill

The Singapore CyberSecurity Bill is merely icing on the cake of already-robust legislation, and expectations, from the Singaporean Government. But is there more to it than meets the eye? StrategicRISK spoke to PARIMA board member and International SOS risk manager, Kelvin Wu about why all risk managers - designated or ...

Gareth byatt opinion

Part three: The speed of change - stop whining and leverage it

In the final part of our exclusive three-part series, former LEGO risk manager and current principal consultant at AKTUS, Hans Læssøe, and principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting, Gareth Byatt, tell risk managers why maneuverability for businesses of all sizes has become the key to competitive advantage

Mark pulvirenti

What the anti-bribery law means for your business

Control Risks partner Mark Pulvirenti tells StrategicRISK what risk managers need to do to make sure their firm stays on the right side of new anti-bribery legislation


Confess or be fined: How new data breach laws affect your business

As the 22 February deadline looms for the new Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) amendment comes into force, RSA’s director of governance, risk and compliance, Sam O’Brien, tells StrategicRISK why risk managers worldwide need to take notice of this game-changing regulation


12 tips for successful implementation of SRM

In a followup exclusive with StrategicRISK, former chief risk officer for Scentre and Westfield, Eamonn Cunningham shares his tips on implementing a new Strategic Risk Management system


Part two: The speed of change - stop whining and leverage it

In the second part of our exclusive three-part series, former LEGO risk manager and current principal consultant at AKTUS, Hans Læssøe, and principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting, Gareth Byatt, tell us why disruption is old news


Part one: The speed of change - stop whining and leverage it

In the first of our exclusive three-part series, former LEGO risk manager and current principal consultant at AKTUS, Hans Læssøe, and principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting, Gareth Byatt, tell us why your perspective about change determines how you respond to it


Opinion: New ISO 31000 is coming. Are you ready?

After more than five years in the making, thousands of comments received from representatives of 54 participating and observing countries the updated ISO 31000 standard is going through the final stages of feedback and will likely be published in early 2018. Alexei Sidorenko summarises the key changes and how they ...


True risk maturity starts with a growth mindset

An increasingly complex future requires a different perspective to risk management, writes vice president of mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategic planning at StarHub, Ryan Tan


Unlocking opportunity as a risk professional

Risk teams face a challenging reality: how not to be seen as the traffic cops of business, always killing great deals with endless concerns about sanctions, corruption or security, but, at the same time, not just being a rubber stamp, signing off any opportunity that isn’t obviously in violation ...

Gareth byatt opinion

Smart risk management the key to digital damage limitation

In the final instalment of his three-part series on how digitisation is changing how we manage risk, Gareth Byatt, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting, examines how to deal with cyber risk as organisations adopt new technology.

Patrick smith opinion

Risk managers must become ‘sophisticated communicators’

A truly effective risk manager makes it their business to understand what keeps their company’s board up at night, argues global business resilience leader for Deliveroo, managing partner of Overark and director of Acumen Advisory, Patrick Smith.

Alex sidorenko

Why risk management is not about managing risks

Alex Sidorenko, CEO of Risk Academy, underscores the importance of risk as a management tool to achieve objectives.

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The CRO is dead. Long live the CSIO!

Companies with truly embedded risk management processes should create a new chief strategic information officer role, director of Acumen Advisory Patrick Smith tells StrategicRISK Forum audiences

Franck baron

Opinion: Why I am a devout believer in risk qualifications

Franck Baron, group general manager for risk management and insurance at International SOS and chairman for PARIMA, on why risk managers need risk qualifications


Opinion: Embracing the age of automation

How can risk practitioners help organisations to leverage the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence and the automation age.

Susie jones opinion

Opinion: Risk management in the agile world

It’s time for risk management to stop impeding and start adding value argues Susie Jones, Australia Post’s head of cyber security business

Franck baron

“Risk management is not a profession… yet.”

We are still a long way from having a uniform understanding and appreciation of risk management, argues group general manager for risk management and insurance at International SOS and chairman of PARIMA, Franck Baron.

cory davie

Opinion: Terrorism - assessing an unpredictable and emotive threat

Cory Davie, partner, Control Risks argues while the threat of terrorism is an incredibly small risk for most businesses, risk managers must still have a realistic, but practical, plan to assuage fears and keep the business on the front foot


Opinion: Go digital or go broke

You should be leveraging the digitisation of your business to improve your management of risk. In the first of a three-part series, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting, Gareth Byatt, explains why…

 Eamonn Cunningham opinion

Opinion: Why are some risk managers being ignored by their board?

Eamonn Cunningham, former chief risk officer at Scentre Group and Westfield, suggests that risk managers themselves are often to blame for a board’s indifference to them


Opinion: Putting the fun back into risk

Hans Læssøe, former senior director of strategic risk management at the LEGO Group and founder of AKTUS on why tomorrow’s breed of risk manager will require quick wits, plenty of business acumen and the ability to inject a bit of fun

alex sidorenko

Opinion: Individual and corporate risks are not the same

In the first of a four-part series, Alex Sidorenko, founder and CEO of Risk-Academy, explains how the key to managing corporate risks is often through dealing with the individual risks of decision-makers first.

ec headshot

Are risk qualifications relevant?

Eamonn Cunningham, former chief risk officer at Scentre Group and Westfield, debates the virtues of risk specialists versus management professionals moving into the field

cory davie

North Korea: Business in the time of missiles

Under-prepared, over sensitive or business as usual?