• New thinking in risk 3

    Severity or frequency – which comes first?


    We all need to set priorities but when we need to speak about actions at company level, with the focus on performance transformation and stakeholder value, have we really analysed what this actually means? Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager, has these tips

  • ChangingInsurance-2

    Will insurers ever be able to address reputation risks?


    Reputation risk tops the table of greatest risk in CNA Hardy’s recent survey. But it is still difficult to insure. If insurers want to play their part in #ChangingInsurance, they will need to develop risk manager relationships beyond binary transactions and immerse themselves in their clients’ company

  • Cyber hack_Getty

    Cyber resilience in the digital era


    In a digitally transformed and hyperconnected business world, all industries are at grave risk of cyber attacks. But a robust risk, insurance and claims management framework could help mitigate the impact

  • Lauren opinion

    D&O sharks claim first victims. Are you next?


    Make no mistake: the victim list from the D O war will be long and distinguished. But how much more blood will be allowed to flow out of corporate Australia before something is done, our editor Lauren Gow questions.

  • van wyk

    AGCS shake up sees closure of NZ business and APAC CEO replaced


    AGCS will also cease underwriting of long tail risks in Australia as James Stack is named new chief following departure of current CEO Willem Van Wyk.

  • Screenshot 2019-07-02 at 18.58.13

    How to identify your key intangible asset risks


    Do you know where your intangible risks lay? EverEdge’s managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Michael Masterson, gives you the hard facts in this easy 5 min read. 

  • Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 09.25.54

    StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific (Issue 24)


    Risk is inherently stressful and, most likely, you are absorbing that stress every day. Our editor, Lauren Gow, offer up a genuinely difficult challenge: take better care of one of your company’s greatest intangible assets – you.

  • ChangingInsurance-1

    Will insurers join us in the future?


    The ever-shifting business landscape means all too often new risks are labelled ‘uninsurable’. But insurers do want to change this. Our latest campaign, #ChangingInsurance, aims to push things forward

  • Toxic waste

    Environmental bonds: When polluter pays


    If a site suffers an environmental accident, the operator is liable for clean-up – even if insolvent. Environmental bonds let you breathe, knowing your costs, and your reputation, are covered

  • Gabriel image

    Top risks: a consolidated analysis


    We are bombarded by numerous reports of the top risks to companies now and in the future. But what do they really mean for risk managers? Gabriel Souza, risk management specialist takes a detailed look at six risk reports and has this analysis