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    Uncertainties can be modelled


    Simulation models and analytics are helping risk managers and decision-makers understand the effect of uncertainties and the trade-off between risk and return

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    Risk management must influence decision-making otherwise “it’s a waste of time”


    No organisation can be without risks, so risk managers must use decision analysis to ensure that they are asking the right questions and taking the right risks, says Hans Læssøe, the founder of AKTUS and former risk manager at The Lego Group

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    “Risk management is not about managing risk, it’s about managing for success”


    Stop talking about ‘risk’ and balance downside with upside risks if you want to support informed and intelligent decision-making, says Norman Marks, renowned risk management author

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    How to talk to your CEO about risk management


    If you want to engage your chief executive, drop the risk talk and focus on what they care about most: making effective decisions, says former chief executive, risk manager and author, Julian Talbot

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    The right attitude is key to a successful risk culture


    Winner of this year’s Risk Mangement Team of the Year, NETS head of enterprise risk management and compliance, Wilson Yeo, discusses the electronic payment service provider’s strong risk culture.

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    Can he fix it?


    A life-long drive to discover what is broken and make it right has taken BHP’s Robb Eadie all around the world. Now his sights are set on transforming the risk profession. Meet: The fixer.

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    Climate, technology and political extremism threaten business supply chains


    A combination of political tension, climate change and technological dependency is putting global supply chains under more strain than ever before.

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    Building a risk management framework for a 21st century business


    Danny Wong, founder of Goat Risk Solutions explores how to structure the risk management framework to embed comprehensive risk management throughout an organisation

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    Compliance takes centre stage as regulators come down hard on business


    Verint vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Michael Stelzer, discusses why we’re seeing increased regulatory pressure on businesses and how automation, machine learning and natural language recognition can help prevent you from becoming the next headline.

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    Renaissance woman


    For Suchitra Narayanan – accomplished dancer, nimble-footed, creative risk manager, and the 2019 StrategicRISK Awards’ leading lady – risk management is a dance, and being part of changing risk her most captivating performance yet.

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    StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific (Issue 25)


    In our latest issue, we speak to BHP chief risk officer, Robb Eadie about why he is a lifelong fixer. We also do a deep dive into the stories behind our award winners, including a not-to-be-missed profile of our Risk Manager of the Year 2019, Suchitra Narayanan.

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    Slaves to your business


    We are all complicit in modern slavery. Do you really know if there is forced labour in your supply chain? Because ultimately, the buck and the power to changed enslaved people’s lives, lands with you. 

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    Getting to grips with risk criteria


    Not all risks are easily measurable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t form part of your risk criteria, argues Sarah Gordon, chief executive of Satarla

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    Thomas Cook: tourism experts explain the travel company’s collapse


    While the ultimate responsibility for the business failure of Thomas Cook must rest with the hands of its management, they faced a number of factors outside their control, writes  Anna Hillingdon , associate professor in risk and resilience and John Fletcher , Professor, Bournemouth University

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    Future gazing with RIMS senior management


    RIMS Australiasia president, Kevin Bates, asks Gloria Brosius, president, RIMS and Mary Roth, chief executive officer, RIMS, the tough questions about risk management 

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    Do the right thing and keep record of it


    A panel discussion at the RIMS conference has delved into the ongoing issue of class action lawsuits plaguing Australian risk managers and their D O insurance partners. 

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    How to blow up your office & everyone in it


    Calamity Monitoring, chief executive officer, Daniel Lewkovitz says checking, testing and retesting your security systems is the only way to ensure your organisation.

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    ‘We have absolutely lost the ability to communicate’: Bates


    RIMS Australiasia president, Kevin Bates has encouraged risk managers to ask themselves the hard questions about why it is they doing things certain ways, particularly in terms of personal and board communication.

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    RIMS 2019: It’s no Garden of Eden


    Artificial intelligence will be used in workplaces of the future in ways which will be ’humans working with AI, not AI versus humans.’

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    Defining your reputation risk


    Reputational risk is not “one risk”, but rather a category of risks which may impact your reputation, so how should you define and manage it? Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager at Lego Group has this advice