Major insurance industry figure joins Marsh China

Former executive vice president of the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) Madam Zhao Shuxian has been appointed chairman of Marsh China.

Shuxian was with PICC for more than three decades, including a four-year stint in London working as the chief representative of the company’s European Representative Office and chairman of PICC Service Company London.

She had been responsible for PICC’s specialty risks and marine cargo practices and various other divisions since 2003.

Marsh’s head of Asia Pacific Martin South said that the appointment was part of the firm’s focus on assisting domestic, multinational and foreign companies in China to manage their risk and insurance needs.

“As Chinese companies grow both domestically and overseas, it’s critical we provide them with market-leading risk and insurance guidance to help them succeed,” South told SR.

“Madam Zhao’s appointment will significantly add to our capability.”

Shuxian said that she was excited to be beginning a new chapter in her career.

“I look forward to using my extensive local experience to help continue to grow the business even further,” she added.

Shuxian has pioneered a number of industry initiatives in China, including the founding of the PICC special risks business and marine insurance centre.

She was also instrumental in developing the Chinese aviation insurance industry, introducing policy wording from London into the Chinese market, and establishing the Civil Aviation Association of China’s fleet insurance program in 1989.