Winner: Roland Teo

Roland Teo has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond what is required in day-to-day risk management and a keen interest in expanding good risk management practices beyond our immediate industry.

As deputy director of the risk management office at Eastern Health Alliance (EHA), a public regional healthcare system in Singapore, Teo has shown leadership and passion in enhancing his risk management practice across the region. At EHA, Teo and his risk colleagues have worked to target recurring problems from key serious reportable events, including targeting non-clinical risks such as service delivery cases leading to negative media events, which were consequently reduced.


At EHA, internal senior stakeholders have grown increasingly receptive to an integrated approach to risk management, thanks to the e orts of Teo and his team. The organisation’s statement of risk appetite, which provides explicit risk limits and tolerance levels for critical risk, was established. Teo says this was a significant milestone in providing concrete action at an organisational level regarding risk management.


Outside of his day job, Teo is a passion advocate for promoting risk management best practice via his pro-bono work, volunteering with risk associations and educational institutions. He has gone above and beyond time and time again; an attribute that is welcomed by many of his colleagues.

It is clear from speaking to Teo that he really values collaboration with various risk-related associations

and the benefits that collaboration can bring to the wider community. As the lead of the Risk Management Society’s (RIMS) regional advisory group in Southeast Asia, he has also played an important role in helping to establish the partnership between RIMS and Singapore’s NTU (Nanyang Technological University) in 2017.

He also represented Singapore as a member of the national working group for risk in ISO 31000, contributing to the development of International Risk Standards with a revision for ISO 31000:2018.