The underlying theme of this newsletter is ’integrated risk management and an integrated approach to the sharing of practices’. 

We recently wrote about the appointment of Gareth Byatt as Global Ambassador for the IRM APAC Regional Group along with the other representatives: Sonjai Kumar and Abhishek Paul for India and Saman Bandara for Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The first IRM APAC newsletter has just been published and shared with all IRM APAC members. We are pleased to be able to share it with you.

Click here to access it.

The underlying theme of these newsletters is “integrated risk management, and an integrated approach to the sharing of practices”. 

This newsletter edition covers the following elements:

IRM Information update:

- a link to the IRM APAC Regional Group webpage, which will be used to add content about our activities over time

- a reminder about IRM certification and training that is available

- an interview with an IRM member in each region (which will be a recurring theme for future newsletters)

Risk techniques section:

- a feature on crisis management and how to respond when a crisis occurs

- a feature provided by ourselves at StrategicRISK on scenario planning

- a feature on a “selected tool of the month” - bowties (with thanks to Satarla for providing it)

Knowledge sharing of peer associations:

- an update kindly provided by the Business Continuity Institute on their activities

Regional APAC focus area for the month:

- highlighting Infrastructure in the APAC region, and how the management of risk is important to achieve success

Some general regional news.

The next APAC Regional Group newsletter will be published later in the year.

For more information about the IRM, including the APAC Regional Group, please contact the central IRM team or one of the APAC team as listed on our APAC webpage.

IRM will be launching its new Certificate in Digital Risk Management in the coming months, more information can be found here: