RIMS Australiasia president, Kevin Bates, asks Gloria Brosius, president, RIMS and Mary Roth, chief executive officer, RIMS, the tough questions about risk management 

How did you get into risk management?

Gloria:  I fell into this profession by accident. I responded to an inquiry for a position opening in risk management. The Future Starts in the room should happy because you are purposely going into it as a career. I had a great mentor and I think this is really important. It is also important for risk managers to share their stories with each other for advice. 

Mary: I graduated from college in health administration and went into a health insurance company. Every April, I would read about RIMS annual conference. I was always looking for career opportunities at a time when you still looked for your job in the New York Times. I applied for a research assistant job with RIMS and the rest is history. 

How does RIMS keep abreast of rapid change?

Mary: The key to our success is interacting with our members who are risk practitioners and have chapters all over the world. We have regional advisory groups where we try to use subject matter experts. These people are in the trenches on a daily basis.

Gloria: We use our members’ experience and there are always more opportunities for members to get involved and we would love to hear more from you. 

What is the CRMP and why is it important?

Mary: The key to RIMS developing risk management as a profession it is about raising the profile of risk management globally. We have lots of questions from members about how they can demonstrate the value of risk management in their organisation. This is about continuous learning. We want this to be recognised as a profession globally. 

Gloria: After I got my certification, I went to my boss and asked for a raise which I got so there is definite value in doing these courses. 

 What are the attributes of a great risk manager?

Gloria: Be brave. Go out on a limb because being ethical is the right thing to do. Yes, someone might lose their job but the key to this business is integrity and trust.