This year’s SIRM Forum opened for its 46th anniversary at the Seedamm Plaza Hotel in Pfäffikon (SZ) on 22 and 23 October 2019

The theme of the conference was: “Digital transformation : what does it really mean?”.

Arguably, a new mantra we hear, read and speak about to the extent that it almost haunts us down the path of our life.

The Forum dealt holistically with uncovering what is behind the digital transformation, what value it creates and what impact it can have. And more particularly in the insurance industry that slowly but now drastically changes to the better, especially in respect of customer relations solutions and value proposition.


The following well-known speakers gave their presentations and discussed with the audience: Peter Hacker (, Christian Hirsig (Powercoders), Matthias Jungen (Swisscom), Maximilian Bain (Bain & company), Jacqueline Legrand (Maptycs), Guglielmo Maggini (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty) and Yvan Wyrgatsch (Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd) . The Forum was moderated by Christian Hirsig (Powercoders).

The Swiss Association of Insurance and Risk Managers is the oldest and largest association for insurance and risk managers in Switzerland. Today, SIRM has more than 70 leading and influential industry member firms, commerce services, and public (public sector) institutions, represented by their respective insurance and risk managers. Members of the SIRM Board are: President Sabrina Hartusch (Triumph), Vice-President Matthias Huber (Conzzeta), Caroline Mott (Tetra Laval), Pauline Davoust (gategroup), Volker Trapp (DHL) and Daniele Zucchi (Sigurd Rück AG).

The SIRM Forum 2020 will take place on 28 and 29 October in Bern Kursaal.