Region specific solutions are essential for building business in Asia says JLT’s Peter Hacker

JLT has been developing region-specific solutions for the APAC region as part of its strategy to boost business activity in the Far East, said JLT partner and CEO global communications Peter Hacker.

In an exclusive interview with StrategicRISK Hacker said: “We develop specific solutions tailored for specific regions and countries. For instance, the approach and the risk landscape in relation to [cyber] liability is clearly different in Asia compared to Europe and the US.” He said that one of the differences is that [cyber] liability cases are low in frequency but potentially high in severity in the Asia Pacific region.

He added that understanding the differences between the APAC market and the rest of the world is an important way to gain trust and to integrate with the local community says Hacker. “By doing that, we can demonstrate to local companies that we care about their specific needs,” he said.

Developing the local knowledge and building strong partnerships in the region is what JLT is actively encouraging. He said: “We are holding local workshops with people in the local area on the subject of intangible assets across the whole region.”

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