She has a keen focus on sustainability and resilience and replaces long-serving founding chair Franck Baron

Annacel Natividad has been voted by the PARIMA Board during its General Committee Meeting as the next chairperson of PARIMA with effect from 1 January 2024. 

Franck Baron, who is the current and founding chairperson of PARIMA since July 2013, will end his 10-year tenure in December 2023 and thereafter remain as an active Executive Board Member, looking after International Affairs.

Natividad has been an active member of the PARIMA Board since 2013. Her aim is the build upon Baron’s legacy and advance PARIMA’s vision of promoting the risk management profession and fostering a strong risk management culture in the region.

“Together, we will identify the critical pillars and objectives that will guide us over the next three to five years to achieve our goals,” continued Natividad. “Nothing beats teamwork, and we will succeed as one PARIMA team with your help, support, and cooperation.”

In the Q3 2022 edition of StrategicRISK, Natividad told StrategicRISK about her career to date, explaining why she has such a strong focus on resilience as a native Filipino coming from such a catastrophe-exposed nation.

Handing over the baton

Natividad is the chief finance officer of Pilmico Foods Corporation, an Aboitiz Company. Concurrently, she is the chief risk officer of the Food and Agri–Business of the Aboitiz Group, with operating companies in Southeast Asia and China.

She has over 16 years of experience in risk management and specialises in insurance management, BCM, ISMS, GRC, Enterprise Compliance, ESG, Finance and Accounting.

She has been with the Aboitiz Group since 1998, where she held several leadership positions. From 2016 to 2019, she was appointed as the CRO of Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV).

Natividad is an instrumental member of the PARIMA Board and has actively taken on various roles within the organisation. She has been leading several events and discussions as a moderator, providing valuable insights and perspectives to the risk and insurance management community.

“What a great opportunity for PARIMA to be led now by an Asian figure of Anne’s stature,” commented Baron. “She fits perfectly the role as chairperson of PARIMA and I am extremely honoured to pass the baton to her.” 

“My time with PARIMA has been among the most rewarding. I am truly blessed to have met many of my peers and connected on various levels. I will do my very best to provide continued support to PARIMA and to Anne in her new role and help them both to reach new heights,” he continued.