From cyber, people risk to a changing insurance market, top risk professionals reviewed the major challenges faced by Australian businesses at two StrategicRISK roundtables held at the end of last year

Welcome to StrategicRISK’s 2015 Australia Risk Report, which looks at the major challenges to corporates operating in this highly competitive marketplace. This year’s report draws on the findings of StrategicRISK’s first annual Asia-Pacific Benchmark Study: an in-depth piece of research designed to gauge Asia-Pacific corporate risk/insurance managers’ opinions on the state of the profession and the risk management challenges
facing companies in the region.

The report is also informed by two risk management roundtable events hosted by StrategicRISK in Melbourne and Sydney in October 2014. These events brought together risk professionals from national and multinationals in the retail, utilities, communications and transport sectors to explore the risk landscape. There was plenty to talk about, with challenging global economic conditions, access to talent, customer demand and the need to innovate high on the agenda.

This report is produced with the support of Zurich, and with the assistance of the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (PARIMA). PARIMA’s aim is to strengthen and enhance the risk culture
in the region through the creation of opportunities for education and dialogue within the risk management community. It is a mission that sits comfortably with the aims of our publication and we will be working with PARIMA members in the future to bring you comprehensive coverage of Asia-Pacific’s risk landscape.