StrategicRISK report examines the risk management challenges facing firms operating in Hong Kong

Welcome to StrategicRISK’s 2014 Hong Kong Risk Report, which looks at the major challenges facing corporates operating in this strategically and economically important gateway to China.

It’s one of the world’s most open economies on the doorstep of the world’s most populous nation, which is increasingly powerful, and its stability is important to most multinationals trading in this part of the world.

However, many of the local risk practitioners and brokers we interviewed to produce this report expressed concerns about a range of challenges faced by Hong Kong.

These include lack of innovation, increasing regulatory pressures and the way shifting political dynamics in China are affecting the territory.

This report is produced with the support of Zurich and with the assistance of the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (PARIMA).

PARIMA’s aim is to strengthen and enhance the risk culture in the region through the creation of opportunities for education and dialogue within the risk management community.

It’s a mission that sits comfortably with the aims of our publication, and we will be working with PARIMA members in the future to bring you comprehensive coverage of Asia-Pacific’s risk landscape.

Keep an eye out for future risk reports on countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines – and our pan-Asia risk report and interactive webinar towards the end of the year.

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