The London-based Asia Desk, led by Clemens Philippi, will place large risks from Japan, India and China

Aon Global has launched an Asia Desk in London, headed up by Clemens Philippi. It will support UK and European affiliates of Asian companies with their local risk requirements and advise UK companies with investment plans in Asia.

The Asia Desk will combine the strengths of Aon’s Japan Group UK, led by Clemens Philippi, with two dedicated desks for the rapidly growing markets in India and China, represented by Kavita Pandey and Fang Li, respectively.

Working closely with the Asian markets and its company headquarters, the Asia Desk also aims to create opportunities in the London market. This will revolve around the placement of large or complex risks from Japan, India and China, such as major construction projects, offshore and onshore refinery risks or earthquake cover.

Liaising with Aon’s Asian offices, the London team’s knowledge will ease cultural barriers and enable effective communication with regard to local insurance requirements and policies.

Recently, Aon has also been working closely with the UK insurance market to organise site visits to India for underwriters to dispel the myth of poor risk management in the country.

These provoked new attitudes and interest in Indian risks, which are now being reflected in the competitive rates. Also, Aon hosted a trip to China for businesses interested in expanding into this market.

The visit provided businesses with the opportunity to understand the challenges and opportunities they face.

Clemens Philippi, director of Aon’s Asia Desk, said: “The fast growing markets in Asia present an exciting opportunity. Aon and the London market need to stay close to the region in order to support Asian headquarters with their operations in Europe and, vice versa, support the investment of our European clients in Asia.

"As such, our new Asia Desk reflects the need for strong international communications both within and between companies. We have drawn together our experience and skills to capitalise on these opportunities and create global outwards and inwards business for the London market and Aon.”