Trade wars

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Case study - developing a data platform for Ukraine war risk

A Ukrainian war risk loss event database is in its testing phase, Guy Carpenter’s European CEO Julian Enoizi revealed to sister publication Global Reinsurance, while efforts to create a war risk pool are ongoing

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Why risk managers must take stock of their firms’ geopolitical impact

By David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly

David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly, explores why companies may be unwitting political actors and how risk managers can deal with the exposures this creates

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No time for uncertainty in uncertain times

In Asia, the prospect of a post-covid China may well provide a big boost to regional growth prospects


Geopolitical flashpoints include Taiwan security crisis

Although invasion is “highly unlikely”, a naval blockade in the Taiwan Strait increasingly probable, warns Dragonfly


US-China trade war is top geopolitical risk for 2023

Risk managers in strategic and high-tech sectors must monitor efforts to decouple critical supply chains - Control Risks

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WEF: Near-term crises dominate risk agenda

In Central and Southern Asia, interstate conflict and debt crises topped concerns respectively

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Tipping towards disaster

In this ever-more destabilised world, the post-Cold War rules no longer apply, explains Dragonfly’s Henry Wilkinson

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Boards face ‘perfect storm’ of high-impact risks

The gap between awareness and action taken on geopolitical risk is ‘alarming’, as tensions grow between the West and China


The end of globalisation is nigh, warns Russell Group

By Helen Yates

Industry must brace for profound changes ahead as economies shift away from globalisation after three decades

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Planning for geopolitical flashpoints

Why the sense of insulation from geopolitical crises is unlikely to last in Northeast Asia


Navigating trade compliance in 2022

As tensions between Russia and the US and the West continue to escalate, compliance teams are readying themselves for a busy period ahead


Zero-Covid policy is undercutting Hong Kong’s appeal

Delay to reopening its borders will “weigh on [the SAR’s] attractiveness as a global financial hub” - Oxford Economics

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Geopolitics, climate crisis and state meddling

Why 2022 will be a high-wire act for Asian businesses


APAC faces heightened geopolitical risk

The Asia Pacific region will probably be the most geopolitically charged region going into 2022, warns Dragonfly


Atradius: Asia trade at a crossroads

The future of Asia’s international trade hangs in the balance as global forces shift, warns Atradius

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The reinvention of supply chains

By Helen Yates

Near shoring and technology will shape the post-COVID supply chain, thinks AXA XL’s Pascal Matthey


Port closure signals further strain for global trade

Partial closure at China’s Port Ningbo adds to global supply chain woes, threatening $172 billion of goods - Russell Group

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Navigating the ongoing trade war

China: politics are important but it’s the regulations that matter for multinationals

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Wildfire costs grow for solar sector

Insufficient fire risk management and record high temperatures will increase the likelihood of fires spreading out of control


Russell releases port disruption scenarios

Around $7.5 trillion of trade is concentrated in 50 major ports, with potential for major supply chain disruption


Semiconductor shortage disrupts supply chains

Scarcity is expected to be short-lived but will cause problems for sectors including electronics and motor, according to Oxford Economics


US vs China among geopolitical flashpoints

Should relations deteriorate it could trigger an aggressive tit-for-tat policy response, with significant implications for global markets and corporates

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COVID-19 fuelling US-China rivalry

By Helen Yates

An inability to cooperate in the fight against the coronavirus shows how far the bilateral relationship has deteriorated - Verisk Maplecroft


US-China trade rift foretells a new world order emerging in 2019

US-China trade disputes, increasing data regulations and the continuing surge of nationalist politics among top risks for businesses in 2019, says Control Risks


APAC's 'deeply integrated' chains at risk in trade wars

Speaking post-G20, experts have warned continued tensions would disrupt global trade, erode the effectiveness of the multilateral international trade regime and dampen growth.


2018: Worst new economic risk

As the year winds down, StrategicRISK is looking back on the year that was 2018. We begin with the worst new economic risk and how this affects APAC risk managers.


The war to end all trade

Political risk tensions are rising as the US and China trade war shifts up another gear. StrategicRISK examines why this is causing horizon-scanning headaches for risk managers in the APAC region.


Why there are no winners in a trade war

Trade balances between the US and China are largely unaffected so far by the skirmishes but the world is bracing for the next round of shots fired. StrategicRISK and KPMG look at how the first signs of the trade wars are influencing business activities and creating headaches for risk managers.

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Can your supply chain withstand a trade war?

Trade wars continue to threaten global economies causing havoc for anyone working in imports and exports of goods. Australia is at particular risk says, Control Risks director, Martin Baghdadi, who tells StrategicRISK why risk managers need to focus their attention on this issue without delay.

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WTO chief issues trade risk warning

Comments echo WEF report which also warned risk managers that weakened political commitment to globalisation could cripple global supply chains and reduce economic activity