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Risk management as a practice and a profession needs to change – or become irrelevant

The articulation of risk management’s benefits and the way it is widely implemented and understood, is based on a fallacy, says Ben Cattaneo, founder of The Decision-Making Studio. Risk managers must evolve to stay useful.

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Case study: how one exporter used risk culture to reduce operational, branding, financial, and market-related risks

An India-based SME experienced growing pains as demand for its products swelled. IRM’s Hersh Shah talks us through the rescue plan: a formalised approach to risk and a risk culture built on accountability and communication.


Risk-!n case study: How Sunstar set up a quantitative risk management system

By Sara Benwell

Maya Wellig, head of global risk management at Sunstar, shares her process for quantifying risks and how it improves c-suite engagement

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Moving beyond Excel: the urgent need for better risk management tools

By Danny Wong is an Enterprise Risk Management thought leader with over 20 years’ experience in senior risk roles

While Excel may be easy and free, it is no longer sufficient to manage the complex and ever-changing risks faced by organisations today. Danny Wong, an enterprise risk management thought leader, explores the alternatives.


Aborted Aon WTW deal a “victory for competition”

Insurance buyers stand to benefit from greater choice as regulators lose appetite for monopolistic tie-ups - Brokerslink

Scenario planning

16 essential questions to ask for effective scenario planning

Scenario planning can help executives better understand the impacts of new goals and objectives set out in the organisation’s strategic plans. Here’s how you can optimise your scenario planning, writes Carol Williams, enterprise risk management consultant and founder of ERM Insights

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Severity or frequency – which comes first?

We all need to set priorities but when we need to speak about actions at company level, with the focus on performance transformation and stakeholder value, have we really analysed what this actually means? Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager, has these tips


Where should risk management sit in the organisation?

The tricky question of where the risk function should sit within the business is a big challenge for senior management. This latest Knowledge piece, risk thought leader Chris Corless looks at different options for your business.

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Should operational risk managers be in the first line of defence?

The ideas behind this would be that ‘risks are managed where they occur’. It’s a complicated question, but an uncomplicated answer – in short, no, according to risk thought leader Chris Corless.


Should I be using ‘near misses’ in my risk management programme and if so, how are these best used/incorporated?

The thought of a near miss is enough to send shivers down the spine of any risk manager. But as seasoned risk and internal audit leader Chris Corless explains these near misses provide important lessons for risk managers looking to not make the same mistake twice.


How can I make strategic risk management successful in my business?

If you are in the process of designing a Strategic Risk Management (SRM) system or moving to the next stage, read on. Eamonn Cunningham, former chief risk officer at Scentre Group and Westfield, shares his experiences with StrategicRISK to assist you as risk managers in developing a system that will ...


I am in the process of developing my ERM programme. What common mistakes should I avoid?

When it comes to implementing a successful ERM program, sometimes learning what not to do is just as important as learning what to do. StrategicRISK spoke with one of Taiwan’s most experienced risk managers, Jeff Yeo, to get his tips and tricks on ERM.

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What benefits can I get from ISO 31000:2018?

Gareth Byatt, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting and APAC Ambassador for the IRM, gives us his perspective on how to benefit from the new ISO release.


How do you build an effective risk appetite process?

Hans-Kristian Bryn, independent strategic risk management and governance adviser, provides a pragmatic solution to one of the most challenging risk management topics facing boards.