Environmental risk

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Nitrogen boost decreases fire risk says new research


Oxygen reduction systems (ORS) stream nitrogen into the spaces, lowering the oxygen level to reduce fire risk, according to the research from commercial and industrial property insurer, FM Global


Environment, cyber biggest flash points - WEF risk report


The risks around us are evolving faster than our reactions, the World Economic Forum warns

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Economic losses from disasters plunge in 2017

2017-08-20T23:49:00+01:00By Trevor Treharne

Losses down to just US$44 billion in the first half of 2017, with US$23 billion worth covered by insurance


Energy crisis fuels economic uncertainty


The Australian energy market is going through a period of unprecedented technological change and there could be dire economic consequences in the pipeline

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Climate change is affecting the world, and Asia is feeling it more than most


As the World Economic Forum places extreme weather events at the top of its ‘most likely’ risk list, how can Asian businesses protect themselves?

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Just how serious is water risk?


As if the threat of flooding weren’t bad enough, scientists warn that droughts may become more commonplace too

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Special report: Renewable energy Asia


Rapid growth puts Asia at the forefront of the renewable energy market