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Spotlight on: Fake news risks and how to tackle them

By Trevor Treharne

Easy to produce, hard to stop. Risk managers must monitor and be prepared to act quickly when fake news claims target their business

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Spotlight on: generative AI risks and how to tackle them

Only 5% of organisations feel prepared to assess, manage, and recover from a future unknown and unpredictable risk event. Here’s how to revamp your risk strategy to tackle emerging threats


Opinion: How business leaders can navigate the digital age

As organisations evolve their business models to embrace digitalisation they open themselves up to new cyber risks.  Matthew Worsfold, a partner in Ashurst’s Risk Advisory practice, and Rachel Sexton, the head of the Risk Advisory Practice explore how firms need to think about managing these exposures


Five ways board can get better at anticipating and adapting to emerging risks

By Sara Benwell

Only 23% of boards are classified as highly resilient, according to research from EY. Here’s how they can step up and help manage the risks that threaten the organisations they serve

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Spotlight on: generative AI technology risks and how to manage them

The use of generative AI technology such as ChatGPT is growing, however this creates significant exposures for businesses. Here’s how risk managers can mitigate the threats

Artificial intelligence

Embrace technological change and win the war for talent

Investing in Artificial Intelligence can help risk managers and their organisations win the war for talent, argues Piet Middelkoop, CEO of Van Ameyde Group

Artificial intelligence

AI: Friend or foe for risk managers?

By Trevor Treharne

AI brings the promise of progress and threat of disorder, as the launch of ChatGPT demonstrates

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Pandemic drives claims in digital health and wellness

Trend is particularly strong in Asia where demand for digital health services has grown substantially - Beazley

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Battery fires in shipping a significant safety issue

All parties in the supply chain must understand and mitigate risks of transporting lithium-ion batteries - AGCS

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Risk management and next-generation technology

Why firms must proactively construct risk management capabilities to keep pace with transformative change


Container fires shine spotlight on lithium battery risks

Ecommerce platforms have facilitated trade in potentially lethal products, warns TT Club

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Green hydrogen: managing transition risks

Green hydrogen could be a key component of a carbon-free future but there are significant hurdles to overcome

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Minimising the risk of thermal runaway in renewable batteries

With modern applications of  lithium-ion batteries relatively new, we’re just beginning to understand the implications of thermal runaway

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Embracing the four 'V’s of change

Embracing emerging technology requires the right mindset and the right skills

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ESG shaping construction risk profiles

Global construction output is expected to grow by 42% by 2030, driven largely by government stimuli - report

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Technology risks top global survey

Attention to intellectual property is a potential blind spot that may require more forceful remediation - Beazley

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Zurich considers AI-related emerging risks

Liabilities could arise from the unintended consequences of decisions made by algorithms and artificial intelligence

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IoT is a supply chain risk “game-changer”

Aon’s vaccine insurance solution demonstrates the technology’s potential in the insurance market, says GlobalData

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Emerging risks and the “COVID effect”

Government support programmes have kept alive unviable zombie companies, while wealth inequality has broadened

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IoT used in vaccine insurance solution

Insurance industry initiative, led by Aon, offers supply chain protection for COVID-19 vaccine shipments

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Digital health sector overexposed - survey

More than two thirds lack insurance coverage for bodily injury claims arising from system failure or cyber breach


Are you ready for 5G?

By Sara Benwell

Risk managers must ensure that the business opportunities offered by 5G are not outweighed by extra security threats

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Willis Towers Watson to leverage AI for emerging risk solutions

Airmic welcomes broker’s partnership with analytics firm Polecat, which ”signals a new generation of innovative risk management solutions”

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Better standards guide IoT risk management

As dependency on connected technologies increases, so do associated risks and the need for good governance, argues the World Economic Forum

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Special report: Climate change

By Helen Yates

Climate change is a truly global risk. Why risk managers need to consider the physical, reputational and transition risks arising from climate change.

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Data and technology will improve decision-making: Shah

The latest technology and efficient use of data will help risk managers to improve their decision-making, according to Frashad Shah, head of risk management at highway concession business Prolintas.

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Special report: Business transformation - 3

Our future is digital – there is no escaping it. Businesses that want to stay in the game must learn to adapt, with help from you, their risk expert. And this involves bolstering defences against the threats this new world will, inevitably, bring.

Digital transformation

How should risk managers steer their company’s digital transformation strategy?

In this opinion piece, Jeff Yeo, experienced risk practitioner with a global financial institution explains why being in the co-driver seat for digital transformation can be just as important a role for risk managers.

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Technology increases risk threshold ‘exponentially’

Businesses who enhance customer experience through technology also dramatically increase their risk of a cyber attack, experts warn.