Emerging risks

Emerging risks

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Spotlight on: Fake news risks and how to tackle them

By Trevor Treharne

Easy to produce, hard to stop. Risk managers must monitor and be prepared to act quickly when fake news claims target their business

Top ten risks AXA

Four key lessons from the Axa Future of Risk report

A new survey asks 3,500 risk experts about the greatest emerging threats facing countries and companies today. We dig into the four key takeaways from the report

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Spotlight on: generative AI risks and how to tackle them

Only 5% of organisations feel prepared to assess, manage, and recover from a future unknown and unpredictable risk event. Here’s how to revamp your risk strategy to tackle emerging threats


Opinion: How business leaders can navigate the digital age

As organisations evolve their business models to embrace digitalisation they open themselves up to new cyber risks.  Matthew Worsfold, a partner in Ashurst’s Risk Advisory practice, and Rachel Sexton, the head of the Risk Advisory Practice explore how firms need to think about managing these exposures

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The historian: Dirk Wegener shares the lessons he’s learnt in over 20 years of risk management

Dirk Wegener is stepping down as president of FERMA. After more than two decades in risk management, he has seen it all. Here he reflects on the world-changing events that altered the way we think about resilience forever.


Five ways board can get better at anticipating and adapting to emerging risks

By Sara Benwell

Only 23% of boards are classified as highly resilient, according to research from EY. Here’s how they can step up and help manage the risks that threaten the organisations they serve


SR Q1 2023: Look out, listen out, speak out

One thing risk professionals know only too well is that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself


Emerging risk must be the responsibility of all

By Jon Guy

Insurance sector must ‘stay curious and think ahead’ to cope with emerging risks, rather than simply passing the buck to other industries

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The year operational resilience became a boardroom priority

Resilience is not a one-time box-tick exercise but an ongoing journey that begins with data and culture

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Fraudsters target professional services firms

Claims caused by fraudulent instruction and business email compromise are on the rise - Beazley

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Pandemic drives claims in digital health and wellness

Trend is particularly strong in Asia where demand for digital health services has grown substantially - Beazley

ship cargo

Battery fires in shipping a significant safety issue

All parties in the supply chain must understand and mitigate risks of transporting lithium-ion batteries - AGCS

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Risk management and next-generation technology

Why firms must proactively construct risk management capabilities to keep pace with transformative change

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Ukraine triggers a re-evaluation of global systemic risk

Systemic risks affect entire markets - not just specific sectors - and are now top of mind for senior executives - WEF


Special report: Road-testing Industry 4.0

Before we dive in further, should we first prepare for new and emerging risks associated with the digital era?

data security

Cyber security remains “chief risk” for IT audit teams

War-related cyberattacks are on the rise and the surge of sophisticated ransomware attacks is ongoing, warns research

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The great supply chain relocation

The number of supply chains ‘on the move’ continues to grow. But market risks vary widely across South East Asia

globe melt climate crisis

Beware new generation climate risks, warns SONAR

The thawing of permafrost could accelerate climate hazards and release disease-carrying pathogens

IoT conected world

Industry 4.0: Risk or opportunity?

By Helen Yates

Many of us are accelerating our digital journeys. So how do we adjust our risk radar?

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RIMS: Just 27% of risk managers address emerging risks

When scanning the horizon for future risks, only 24% look three to five years ahead, finds research

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Competition for sea, space, and soil will fuel future geopolitical risk

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a stark reminder of how quickly geopolitical risks can escalate - Marsh

Crystal ball future

Financial firms fear advanced cybercrime

Cyber threats, macroeconomic change and geopolitical turbulence will shape emerging risk landscape


Risks to “peak” in summer 2022

Businesses are facing perfect storm of high risk / low resilience - Beazley

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Green hydrogen: managing transition risks

Green hydrogen could be a key component of a carbon-free future but there are significant hurdles to overcome

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Minimising the risk of thermal runaway in renewable batteries

With modern applications of  lithium-ion batteries relatively new, we’re just beginning to understand the implications of thermal runaway

closing gap, parametric

Can parametrics close the gap?

By Jon Guy

Parametric products have role to play in closing protection gaps and catering to emerging risks like NDBI and cyber

Covid-19 Option 1

BI tops risks for APAC firms

In Asia Pacific, business interruption topped the list, followed by cyber attacks, finds Aon

Future Success

What is top of your risk radar for 2022?

Don’t miss your last chance to tell us about your priorities in the 2021 Asia Pacific risk benchmarking survey


Asia to power global construction boom

The switch to more sustainable buildings and infrastructure and adoption of modern building methods will transform the risk landscape, finds AGCS

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A fresh take on risk

Is risk management strategically fit for purpose when it is too reactive and compliance-focused? asks Adrian Clements

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Embracing the four 'V’s of change

Embracing emerging technology requires the right mindset and the right skills


FERMA Talks: Channelling strategic foresight

Horizon scanning is an essential tool for policymakers, explained European Commission vice president Maroš Šefčovič

climate change

Future Risks Report highlights growing climate threat

Pandemics and infectious diseases continue to top the list of concerns for Asia Pacific risk experts

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Technology risks top global survey

Attention to intellectual property is a potential blind spot that may require more forceful remediation - Beazley


Risks as Taliban retakes Afghanistan

The “largest foreign policy failure since the Suez Canal crisis” will cause deterioration in security - Dragonfly

cyber attack

Ransomware payments surge by 82%

Latest Unit 42 figures confirm the ransomware crisis continues to intensify, with the rise of quadruple extortion

Riot control

COVID continues to fuel political unrest - Aon

Public unrest about government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic will influence global unrest moving forward

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Zurich considers AI-related emerging risks

Liabilities could arise from the unintended consequences of decisions made by algorithms and artificial intelligence

Future of transportation

RIMS rethinks ERM in an era of disruption

While controls are useful, risk leaders must focus on the impact of shocks at a business model level

Crystal ball future

Risk management a top priority for boards - EY

80% say improved risk management will be critical for their business to protect and build value in the next five years - EY

Mining minerals hands child labour

Child labour an emerging supply chain risk

Organisations are urged to take action to root out child labour within their supply chains as numbers grow to 160 million worldwide

Crystal ball future

Emerging risks and the “COVID effect”

Government support programmes have kept alive unviable zombie companies, while wealth inequality has broadened

risk planning strategy

Firms failing to anticipate emerging risks

Effective risk resilience is increasingly correlated to a firm’s viability and growth potential, finds Marsh


Cyber tops risk concerns for financial firms

Analysis of $1 billion of insurance industry claims show cyber incidents, including crime, is the top cause of loss - AGCS

digital, market

Asset-light economy presents new, disruptive risks

Corporations are holding more risk on their balance sheets as the value of intangible assets grows

digital trading

Digital disruption tops banks’ emerging risks

Untimely adoption may drive sudden changes to information security, change management, business continuity and third-party risk exposures

digital race

Digital health sector overexposed - survey

More than two thirds lack insurance coverage for bodily injury claims arising from system failure or cyber breach


Cyber: Ransom payments jumped 171% in 2020

Healthcare organisations were most targeted while the rise of ’double extortion’ has fuelled ransomware losses

coronavirus, office

COVID-19 prompts “evolution in risk management” - survey

Organisations in APAC had built more robust pandemic programs in response to similar threats already faced, such as SARS


Asia Pacific Risk Benchmarking Survey: More on Board

In our 2020 APAC Risk Benchmarking Survey, we wanted to see how the COVID-crisis had shaped the thinking of risk managers


StrategicRISK Q4 2020: Twenty years in risk!

When StrategicRISK was born, few could have anticipated the world of risks we would be facing 20 years on

Work from home challenge_Jon Grainger_SlaterandGordon

Firms must change cyber security approach

The traditional approach to cyber security must be replaced by something that is more user-centric - Aon and CyberCube

SR_web_specialreports_Climate change

Special report: Climate change

By Helen Yates

Climate change is a truly global risk. Why risk managers need to consider the physical, reputational and transition risks arising from climate change.

autonomous vehicle

Growth of electric cars brings host of new risks

More complex and costly repairs; new fire and cyber threats and potential recalls are among the new exposures - AGCS


Using AI to map ‘silent cyber’ exposures

By Helen Yates

Guy Carpenter has partnered with RiskGenius to improve the detection and qualitative analysis of silent cyber exposure across various lines of business.

SR_web_specialreports_Business Transformation

Special report: Business transformation - 3

Our future is digital – there is no escaping it. Businesses that want to stay in the game must learn to adapt, with help from you, their risk expert. And this involves bolstering defences against the threats this new world will, inevitably, bring.


Mitigating the unintended consequences of technology

Leesa Soulodre, chief innovation officer,  Inspirit IoT and adjunct faculty member at the Singapore Management University (SMU), argues more focus needs to be placed on establishing ethical principles and guidelines for the creation and deployment of new AI technologies.

Patrick Smith

How Patrick Smith is managing Deliveroo’s intangible risks

Much more than a food delivery service, Deliveroo serves up vast amounts of big data – and fresh new risks – daily. It relies on business resilience leader Patrick Smith to stay creative.


Top 5 risks for 2019

Businesses that have developed a new type of resilience will not only be ready for this new world reality, but will also be well- positioned to seize any outsized opportunities that will inevitably emerge in 2019.

Cyber resilience

Top 5 IoT risks you need to know about now

The Internet of Things (IoT) is altering the risks your business is facing faster than you can keep up. Read these tips to see what is coming and how your business can prepare right now.


Emerging risks to watch in 2019

As we approach the final months of the year, which issues are expected to pose the greatest threat to risk managers in 2019? Leading managers pick the top emerging risks for the year ahead.


Top three emerging risks corporates need to know about

Speaking exclusively to StrategicRISK, Swiss Re’s head of sustainability, emerging and political risk management, Martin Weymann warns risk managers of the more prominent threats they need to beware of and how to begin preparing for them.

iStock-838881276 fake news

The real threat behind fake news

So-called ‘alternative facts’ in today’s online world reach many quickly and can ruin the reputations of those in the firing line. Risk managers must be primed to shut down bad buzz before it has a chance to spread.


How can I manage fake news risk?

François de Hennin, independent risk advisor and consultant, and former global chief risk officer of GroupM tackles one of the biggest risks facing business today: managing and mitigating the risk of fake news.


Financial crises: The Perils of Pauline

Wars and financial crises are the two big threats most capable of wiping out economic growth, according to Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator, Financial Times

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Economic inequality, security concerns among APAC risk trends

Global Risks Report (GRR) unveils the six interrelated trends changing the face of Asia-Pacific