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SBS AI Fraud bot

The average bot attack costs a company $85.6m - here’s how to defend yourself

New research reveals bot attacks cost companies the equivalent of over 50 ransomware payouts every year while remaining undetected for four months. Here’s how to protect your business

data breach

Risk managers voice concern over sensitive data stored by cyber insurers

Airmic members say the “gold mine” of sensitive data they share with underwriters could present a security risk

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Make 2023 the year of zero trust

Uber, Optus and Medibank are cautionary tales in corporate network access, writes MyCena’s Julia O’Toole

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ESG presents ‘significant exposure’ for D&Os

Fallout from a global recession, lax cyber security and an uptick in litigation are other key risk drivers for 2023

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Australian data breaches up 14% - OAIC

The number of major breaches caused by cyber security incidents - including ransomware - calls for up-to-date response plans

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Risk management and next-generation technology

Why firms must proactively construct risk management capabilities to keep pace with transformative change

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Cyber extortion grows in sophistication, warns Beazley

Data exfiltration is now prevalent in a significant majority of incidents as extortion techniques become increasingly complex

Cyber resilience

India’s new cyber rules criticised by tech firms

The data protection rules will require firms to report a breach within six hours of discovery

Cyber attack

Cyber and data loss D&O's top risks

Climate change was ranked 6th by respondents in Asia and Australasia - WTW and Clyde & Co


Singapore to increase data breach fines for FIs

Under the Financial Services and Markets Bill the maximum fine would be raised to $1m per breach

data breach

2021 sets new data breach record

Nearly six billion accounts were impacted globally, with the COMB breach the biggest leak in history - Atlas VPN

Carolina Klint

Cyber threats growing faster than “ability to manage them”

By Clare Ruel

Rewarding efficiency over resilience ’can leave companies vulnerable to shocks’, says Marsh’s Carolina Klint

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COVID-19: Fallout continues for Indian firms

The pandemic, a prolonged recession, cyberattacks and data fraud are the primary short-term risks, finds RIMS and Marsh

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PARIMA Resilience Week: How corporates can build resilience with data

Corporates can use data insights to build resilience and improve risk management, according to Jonathan Rake, CEO Asia Pacific, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Cyber attack

AXA’s Asian operations hit by ransomware attack

By Helen Yates

It comes a week after AXA said it would be dropping extortion payments when underwriting cyber-insurance policies in France

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Vaccine passports and privacy pitfalls

The data in ‘vaccine passports’ is the most sensitive information many firms will have ever managed

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Cyber tops list of concerns for D&Os

The shift towards WFH has heightened cyber attack and data loss risks, with exposures for senior managers, finds survey


Are you ready for 5G?

By Sara Benwell

Risk managers must ensure that the business opportunities offered by 5G are not outweighed by extra security threats

Data breach

Human factor dominates data breach notifications

Data breaches attributed to human error continue to increase according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner


StrategicRISK Q4 2020: Twenty years in risk!

When StrategicRISK was born, few could have anticipated the world of risks we would be facing 20 years on

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Data leaks surge almost 500% during pandemic

12 billion records were exposed in the first half of 2020. More than the total number of records leaked during the whole of 2019

Cyber attack

Cyber threats grow in Singapore

Cybercrime cases now accounting for more than a quarter of overall crime in Singapore - EverEdge

Marriott 2

Marriott reveals new breach: 5.2 million exposed

By Helen Yates

The new compromise follows a major breach of up to 339 million guests, discovered in 2018

Susie jones opinion

2019 cyber security: get the basics right first

StrategicRISK spoke to Cynch Security’s chief wayfinder, Susie Jones, about her reflections on 2018 and what risk managers need to know going into 2019.


Loss in brand equity, data theft, and lack of technological innovation, named top three digital transformation risks

During a live poll at StrategicRISK’s Knowledge Singapore event, risk managers mapped out the effectiveness of controls in managing digital transformation risk.