Loss in brand equity, data theft, and lack of technological innovation, named top three digital transformation risks


During a live poll at StrategicRISK’s Knowledge Singapore event, risk managers mapped out the effectiveness of controls in managing digital transformation risk.


Asian attacks lead to rise in cyber policies


The growing cyber threat in Southeast Asia has led to a surge in cyber insurance policies and claims across the region say experts.

Incident response Cyber breaches

Special Report: Incident response: Cyber breaches


Cyber attacks are now an inevitable risk for every business, so the smart response is to be as prepared as possible. This six-page report focuses on the teamwork, integration and skill needed to stay one step ahead of cyber

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The dark side of digital connectivity


Research throughout the world is pointing to Asia-Pacific as both the source and the victim of cyber-crime. Willis Towers Watson’s regional associate director, cyber, Jessica Wright tells StrategicRISK why a lack of awareness could prove extremely costly for businesses in the region.

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A harsh reality


Once considered the domain of IT teams, cyber risk is now broadly acknowledged as the most pressing of enterprise concerns, says Murray Wood, head of financial specialties, Asia and Andrew Mahony, regional director - financial services & professions group.

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Cyber insurance should be a partnership


Speaking to StrategicRISK at the AIRMIC conference, Airmic’s board members and insurance director at BT Group, Tracey Skinner said cyber risk coverage ought to be considered as a partnership between insurer, broker and insured.


No premiums, no play


Before the 2018 World Cup kick-off, one essential item needs to be in position – and it’s not the ball. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) head of entertainment international, Michael Furtschegger tells StrategicRISK where the biggest risks lay in the upcoming event

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Cyber insurance premiums set to soar by 2021


A new Aon report shows a broad shift of companies putting a greater value on intangible assets, such as cyber and intellectual property


AI helps businesses prioritise high value tasks


Marsh director, emerging technologies, Leslie Chacko, told delegates at PARIMA’s Bangkok conference it is time to wholeheartedly embrace artificial intelligence but beware of the risks


'Embrace ERM and 3 LoD' to manage cyber risk says Thailand OIC deputy


Opening PARIMA’s Bangkok conference Chuchatr Pramoolpol, Deputy Secretary-General, Office of Insurance Commission said cyber risk has come to the fore in recent years in Thailand


Beware the Gray Rhino, not just the Black Swan


IKEA China’s risk management and compliance director and RIMS board member Robert Zhang spoke to StrategicRISK about the fast-changing risk landscape

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RIMS 2018: Disruptive tech risks not well understood – Marsh study


Organisations are exploring the benefits of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain, but risk awareness is not keeping pace

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How to think like a hacker


Do you know how to spot a hacker in a crowd? Do you know how they operate? Speaking at the PARIMA Cyber workshop, Horangi, head of incident response and threat intelligence, Angus Thorn told delegates all is not what it seems

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Stop relying on cyber security software alone


Speaking at the PARIMA Cyber workshop, supported by Anquan and Horangi, hosted at the AirAsia offices in Malaysia, Anquan chief technology officer, Rajeev Gopalakrishna, said one of the main issues with cybersecurity is that many firms do not understand what is really at risk

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Why all risk managers need to take a second look at the CyberSecurity Bill


The Singapore CyberSecurity Bill is merely icing on the cake of already-robust legislation, and expectations, from the Singaporean Government. But is there more to it than meets the eye? StrategicRISK spoke to PARIMA board member and International SOS risk manager, Kelvin Wu about why all risk managers - designated or ...


Confess or be fined: How new data breach laws affect your business


As the 22 February deadline looms for the new Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) amendment comes into force, RSA’s director of governance, risk and compliance, Sam O’Brien, tells StrategicRISK why risk managers worldwide need to take notice of this game-changing regulation

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Asian firms ‘lack focus’ on cyber risk


The intangibility of the risk is also a pressure point for Asian risk managers who are facing a threat to their firms which is difficult to pinpoint


Environment, cyber biggest flash points - WEF risk report


The risks around us are evolving faster than our reactions, the World Economic Forum warns


Human failings that can lead to disaster


More than 90% of all cyber security breaches stem from human error. So, are organisations doing enough to train and educate their staff?


Slow rollout for emerging tech – PARIMA survey


Emerging technology is a priority for risk management, but is being implemented slowly, according to a study from PARIMA, Marsh and the Asia Pacific Risk Centre


StrategicRISK Asia Pacific edition (Issue 17)


In latest edition of StrategicRISK we examine data security, explore the risks in high-tech production and meet Gordon Song - StrategicRISK’s Asia-Pacific Risk Manager of the Year.

Knowledge data security

The Knowledge: Data security


In the latest edition of the Knowledge we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape and tightening data protection laws and ask how risk managers and their boards can build greater breach resilience.


Global cybercrime losses could hit $6 trillion


No end in sight for cybercrime threat as global connectivity fuels risk


Getting into the mind of a hacker


Rik Ferguson, vice president of security research at Trend Micro and special advisor to Europol, is well known for his straight-talking approach to cyber security and ability to predict where the criminals will go next


Cyber risk forcing evolution of Singapore’s aviation industry


Cybersecurity threats among the drivers of emerging aviation jobs in Singapore

View from the board

The rising risk of cyber-related class actions


Firms who fail to have adequate cyber insurance could find themselves in court as a result

GDPR bill

Asia still behind other regions despite ‘waking up to cyber risk’

2017-08-23T12:50:00+01:00By Trevor Treharne

Misconceptions about the threat and magnitude of a cyber attack continues to hold back organisations

Cyber attack 450

AIG witnesses 87% spike in enquiries due to WannaCry


Greater China region responds to jitters in the wake of the global cyber attack, but many firms are still underprepared.

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GDPR: The regulation juggernaut Asia-Pacific is ignoring?

2017-08-02T23:41:00+01:00By Trevor Treharne

Could The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) land Asia-Pacific firms huge non-compliance fines.

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Risk managers outline fresh cyber risk approach


A major European risk management association calls for the creation of cyber risk governance groups, chaired by the risk manager.

Cyber claims

Special report: Cyber claims


The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have spurred businesses into bolstering their online defences. But what can we expect from the next generation of cyber threats, and how will the insurance industry respond?


Cyber defences not up to scratch? Maybe we’ll see you in court


Increasingly, plaintiffs in the US are suing company directors for cyber breaches. They haven’t yet gained a scalp, but boards and insurers worldwide worry it’s only a matter of time before they do