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How to manage people-risk and win the war for talent

By Sara Benwell

The war for talent rages on as we continue to grapple with the post-COVID work landscape and fall out from the Great Resignation. At our roundtable, four risk experts shared how they attract and retain the best talent and future-proof against people-related threats.

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How to create a risk culture strategy that works

The benefits of a healthy risk culture may be well-understood, but how can risk managers establish where their organisation is on the spectrum of good to bad, and make measurable improvements? Sara Benwell investigates.

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Case study: how one exporter used risk culture to reduce operational, branding, financial, and market-related risks

An India-based SME experienced growing pains as demand for its products swelled. IRM’s Hersh Shah talks us through the rescue plan: a formalised approach to risk and a risk culture built on accountability and communication.

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Gaining the power to change your risk culture

Our trio of experts share the steps they’ve taken to create a positive risk culture and how you can use these to embed risk into organisation-wide decision-making.

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Keep your eyes and ears open to move the needle on risk culture

EXPERT VIEW Riskonnect’s Claire Hopper has advice on how to build a culture where everyone incorporates risk considerations into everything they do – making sure they are always looking, listening and mitigating for potential problems.


Special report: Risk culture

Learn how to shape a positive risk culture that leads to more proactive risk assessment and better organisational decision-making.

RiskConnect webinar

How risk managers can create better decision making through positive culture

Three experts explore how risk managers at organisations of any size can create a positive risk culture that leads to better decision-making


The big question: how to shape risk culture in your organisation

Risk culture is increasingly a hot topic, but how can risk managers move the needle? Strategic Risk caught up with Clive Thompson, technical adviser at the Institute of Risk Management to find out.

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Risk managers must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin

By Sara Benwell

Effective risk management requires strategic collaboration with the board. But this remains easier for some than others. Risk must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin, to be taken seriously.

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Chief risk officer view: how I develop and maintain a strong risk culture

By Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY

Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY shares his five top tips for creating risk culture and empowering executive decision making

Compliance iceberg model FTI consulting

Why culture is king in information governance and privacy

Nina Bryant and Sabine Clappaert, FTI Consulting, explore the regulatory, reputational, operational and financial risks associated with an organisation’s compliance culture and how to overcome them


Cultivating risk culture

By Trevor Treharne

Tough to measure and tricky to implement, how can organisations bolster risk culture?

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Revolutionising risk culture

Why businesses must embrace new technology and take a less reactive approach to risk management

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Make 2022 the year you step away from the desk

Get yourself out there, build relationships and get a seat at the table


Firms failing to address unethical behaviour - EY

Standards of corporate integrity have stayed the same or worsened since COVID began

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When to think about risk

Why timing is everything when it comes to effective risk management

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Ready for the Big Quit?

Why employers unable to meet workers’ post-COVID expectations are seeing staff head for the exit

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FERMA Talks: Collaborate for resilience

The pandemic has made the communication lines between risk managers and their senior management very short, says Philippe Cotelle


FERMA Talks: Preparing for the next crisis

Legislation should incentivise companies that embed risk management into their culture, says FERMA president Dirk Wegener

Work culture

Governance: Why culture matters

By Sara Benwell

How instances of poor governance, bribery and corruption have increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

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RepTrak: High correlation between ESG and trust

Corporate transparency and accountability are now an expectation, finds corporate activism study

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Let’s talk risk

’Risk talk’ targets toxic cultures by fostering blame-free, bottom-up communication

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Emerging risks and the “COVID effect”

Government support programmes have kept alive unviable zombie companies, while wealth inequality has broadened

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Steps towards cyber resilience

Three proven strategies business leaders can deploy to accelerate cyber transformation

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Lessons in risk from the Boeing 737 MAX disasters

Myriad failures that contributed to the 737 MAX crashes revealed “systemic shortcomings” in Boeing’s ability to manage risk - Arthur D Little

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Unpicking the Greensill collapse

Did fintech superstardom enable the Greensill collapse and could it have been prevented?


COVID-19: Ethics will be tested

By Helen Yates

Deloitte has warned of a potential spike in bribery and corruption across Asia Pacific in the wake of COVID-19


Overcoming cognitive bias in senior executives

If we accept there is a cognitive bias in decision making, how can we as risk professionals account for this and help our senior executive make better bias-free decisions? Risk Academy’s Alex Sidorenko discusses


“Risk? What risk?” How do you get buy in from risk owners who want to tell you they have no problems?

Seasoned risk and internal audit leader Chris Corless discusses the road block most risk managers have come up against—the resistant risk owner.


How can you drive risk management discussions at the highest level of your firm?

The ability of a risk manager to influence their board and CEO is a vital cog in how they help manage the risks a firm faces says Geoffrey Au, head of risk, Zurich APAC

Managing culture risks

Alan Waring discusses some practical risk management responses to cultural problems.