View from the board

What can I do as a risk manager to make a difference?


Dealing with the c-suite is becoming one of the most critical components of a risk manager’s job. And to play a bigger role in their companies, risk managers need to develop critical soft skills, says François Malan, chief risk officer at Nexity


Let’s rethink the bow tie model so we can effectively articulate risk


Home in on cause and outcomes not incidents and risks, writes Tony Thornton, ERM and business continuity expert


(Mal)practices in the use of risk matrices: is there an alternative?


The effectiveness of risk matrices has long been debated with some questioning its value – so let’s assess other risk methods, including multi-criteria, writes Slawomir Pijanowski, risk management expert and consultant for Atos Consulting

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Better decision making through risk visualisation


Alexander Larsen & Ghislain Giroux Dufort of Baldwin Global talk through how risk managers can use risk management as an effective decsion making tool.

Knowledge scenario analysis

The Knowledge: Scenario analysis


In this issue, we look at the complex ideas behind scenario analysis. Pundits claim it signals a new way forward for risk managers, building on traditional risk analysis methods. But how many organisations are actually using it?

Knowledge data security

The Knowledge: Data security


In the latest edition of the Knowledge we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape and tightening data protection laws and ask how risk managers and their boards can build greater breach resilience.


The Knowledge: Influencing the board


In this issue, we explain why risk managers need a compelling pitch, data at their fingertips and friends in the strategy department if they’re to win over top executives


The Knowledge: Management liability


In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, boards are being held to account as never before. The finger of blame is shifting to directors and officers. So this time, it really could be personal


The Knowledge: Supply chain resilience


As global supply chains take on a nightmare complexity, it’s hard to vouch for all third-party providers. In this edition of The Knowledge, we look at the issues that demand urgent attention.


The Knowledge: Infrastructure risk


In this issue we examine China’s astonishing plan to recreate its glory days - and Asia-Pacific risk managers reveal why large-scale infrastructure projects don’t always run as smoothly as planned

Reporting risk

The Knowledge: Reporting risk


In this issue of The Knowledge, the insight supplement that surveys Asia-Pacific risk managers, StrategicRISK asks how the profession can hammer homes its messages effectively


The Knowledge: People risk


Attracting and keeping employees is one of the key elements of people risk, but there’s so much more to consider, according to our latest research report

Regulation risk

The Knowledge: Regulation Risk


Navigating Asia-Pacific’s fast-changing regulatory landscape is challenging, with risk and compliance managers having to work harder than ever before to stay on the right side of the regulator


The Knowledge Handbook 2015


Regulatory risk, political risk and international risk are all highlighted in our first ever The Knowledge Handbook, which features intelligence, data analysis and interviews from the industry


The Knowledge: Political Risks


StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific’s new political risk supplement highlights the top concerns for doing business in the region

International risk

The Knowledge: International risks


StrategicRISK’s latest survey uncovers the top international risks facing Asia-Pacific corporates