Janusian Security Risk Management says the threat from terrorism has increased in a number of countries

The threat from terrorism has increased in a number of countries, including: Canada, France, India, Morocco, Thailand, UAE and the UK as the threat from jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaeda evolves, according to new research.

More effective counter-terrorism measures and the end of long-term terror campaigns have meant that 23 countries have a reduced threat of terrorism, including Cyprus, Ireland, Israel and Jordan.

These are the findings of Janusian Security Risk Management (a subsidiary of The Risk Advisory Group) which has collaborated with Aon to provide the analysis for this year’s terror threat map.

David Claridge, managing director of Janusian Security Risk Management, commented: “Janusian is very proud to work with Aon on this annual terrorism threat product. Our analysts have a breadth of experience in assessing the threat from terrorism around the world. Producing the map has allowed us to develop this expertise.”

He added: “There are a number of changes from last year and these reflect the fluid and evolving nature of the threat. There is a real fear that those foreigners fighting for Al-Qaeda in Iraq will return to their home countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe and bring with them extensive tactical expertise learnt in Iraq. The change in name of the Jihadist terrorist organisation, GSPC, to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has coincided with a surge in terrorist attacks and plots in both Algeria and Morocco, including an Al-Qaeda style high casualty coordinated attack on Algiers.”

“Elsewhere, the threat of a domestic terror campaign in Spain continues with the end of an ETA ceasefire and in the UK recent terror attacks and plots indicate that the threat of mass casualty attacks continues.”