Risks are changing and risk management needs to change too. That’s why we’ve launched #ChangingRisk - a campaign promoting new thinking in risk.

Risks are changing and risk management needs to change too. In order to remain relevant and continue to add tangible value to businesses, at StrategicRISK we believe risk management needs to evolve and change. That’s why we’ve launched #ChangingRisk - a campaign promoting new thinking in risk.

For the next six months, #ChangingRisk will gather the views of the global risk community on how you think risk should evolve to better meet the needs of business. There are lots of ways you, as risk managers, can get involved with #ChangingRisk - from filming a short vlog on what you would like to see change, to commenting on thought leadership articles and contributing opinion columns. 

At the midway point through the campaign, StrategicRISK, working with an advisory committee, will distil all the ideas from #ChangingRisk into one document – our #ChangingRisk Manifesto. This document will be used to stimulate further discussion and debate so you need to speak up to get your voice heard.

We will also be theming our events series around #ChangingRisk to showcase new thinking in risk.  Registration for our annual Risk Forum APAC 2019, 30 May 2019 is now open - click here for more details

How can you help?

We want to hear your views – wordy or succinct – on what you want to change about risk management to make it more relevant for now and for the future. There are 4 ways you can help us get this virtual campaign bus on the road:

1. If you are a writer – great, write away! Aim for 500-800 words. We want to hear not only what you want to change but also how we can help.

2. We are also happy to ghost write for you – give us 10-15 mins of your time and we will write something up and send it back to you for approval.

3. Short on time and words? No problem. Why not record us a short video (no more than 1 min) on your phone (landscape) and tell us what change you want?

4. If you have a little longer, say 15-30 mins, why not sit down with us and record a short podcast?

Of course, if you want to do more than one thing, we wouldn’t argue.

We really are passionate about really making a difference and changing risk management for the better. But we need your help so please get involved! Email our editor Lauren Gow with your thoughts.