Boards remain more engaged in risk, but it’s time to start putting their money where their mouths are

Asked about risks of greatest concern to their business in 2021, supply chain disruption jumped to the top spot for 92% of risk managers, displacing last year’s top two top risks - pandemic and cyber attack - to second and third positions respectively. This is according to the findings of the StrategicRISK Asia Pacific Risk Benchmarking Survey 2021.

It is clear the disruption to global supply chains in 2021, caused by factors including the pandemic, Suez Canal disruption and impact of natural catastrophes, has had a lasting and widespread impact over the past 12 months. 

The impact of the ongoing economic slowdown and slow recovery are remained high on the risk register over the last 12 months, in joint fourth place with the risks arising from changing regulation. Damage to reputation remained in fifth position.

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