Building effective working relationships before an insurance claim takes place is critical to a trouble-free claims process.

Much of what is important for getting any claim paid lies in the actions and approach taken by insureds long before an actual loss event.

According to Airmic, the insurance manager “needs to strike the right balance between project managing and taking control of the claims management process, whilst enabling the internal and external experts to perform their roles and assist where they can”.

Managing internal stakeholders is often more important and more difficult than managing external stakeholders, but ensuring risk management plans cover all eventualities is key to a successful claims process.

The handling of a major claim is the acid test of an organisation’s insurance programme, according to Georgina Oakes, research and development manager at Airmic: “A slow, mismanaged claim can be frustrating, while also damaging the organisation’s ability to compete long term. Much of what’s important to getting any claim paid lies in the actions and approach taken long before the loss event occurs, so being prepared is crucial.”

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