Times are changing fast and that means new risks on top of old risks. So how do you stay one step ahead when market disrupters are bowling through every industry?

It would be difficult to name a single sector of the business world that isn’t being transformed by outside forces that, in some cases, threaten to undermine long-established companies and even entire industries.

Consider this (far from encyclopaedic) list.

The oil and gas industry is confronting historically low prices for hydrocarbons that have put entire business models in jeopardy.

The bricks and mortar shopping industry is battling with online giants that have already claimed many notable victims.

The global steel industry, as we’ll see, is automating rapidly in order to survive in a period of falling demand.

The automotive industry, long dominated by century-old giants of the combustion engine, faces a revolution in electric vehicles that is attracting many new competitors from left field, such as Dyson group, a world leader in compact electric battery technology.

Retail banks have been shocked by a stream of technology-driven developments such as fintech, blockchain, online logarithm-driven lenders, and a market-savvy mortgage-broking industry.

Even the wealth management industry, one of the most consistently profitable of all businesses in the financial sector, faces competition from ‘roboadvisers’ and other logarithm-based upstarts.

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