Guide offers overview of shipbuilding and ship design industry in region

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Lloyd’s Register has issued the first guide to new construction in South Asia.

The guide provides an overview of the shipbuilding and ship design industry in the region, covering more than 80 shipyards and 18 ship designers in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

Lloyd’s Register said the future was looking “extremely bright” for shipping and shipbuilding in the South Asia area.

Maritime trade looks set to grow, demand for energy infrastructure is highly likely to expand and local naval power and ambition also looks set to rise.

Lloyd’s Register South Asia Area manager Mark Darley said: “We are well placed to support the South Asia area and its development. Lloyd’s Register has produced this guide for the industry and investors as we continue to work and build our co-operation and mutual support with local and international owners, with the shipyards in South Asia and with suppliers and designers.

“Lloyd’s Register employs more than 100 exclusive surveyors, including local and expatriate technical staff in the South Asian countries. These experts are supported by a team of experienced technical performance, business development and support staff. We have more than 20 offices across South Asia, including site offices in many of the major shipyards where Lloyd’s Register classed ships are under construction.

“Development in South Asia looks set to continue. Understanding the capabilities, facilities and experience of the area’s yards and designers is vital in making informed choices in any new building projects.”