signs up first Muslim motor policy

The UK’s first Shariah-compliant motor insurance provider, Salaam Halal insurance, has launched exclusively on

Andy Leadbetter, managing director for insurance and home services at said: “We are pleased to offer the Salaam Halal insurance product exclusively on Their specialist insurance offering brings diversity to the market and allows us to offer an increased amount of choice to our customers. This insurance product sits competitively in our listings and appears within the top three positions in over a third of the quotes they return to our visitors. The Salaam Halal insurance product stands side by side with standard policies on, enabling consumers to take in to consideration not only the price, but all the other aspects offered by this insurer. It is encouraging to see this level of variety in what is an increasingly competitive insurance market.”

Bradley Brandon Cross, chief executive of Salaam Halal insurance, said: “Prior to the launch of Salaam Halal insurance in July 2008 there were no alternatives to conventional UK insurance, which conflict with the core beliefs of the Muslim faith. We do, however, understand that it is crucial that we offer competitive prices. The exclusive launch of Salaam Halal insurance on forms an important part of our business strategy and will mean that potential customers can be sure they are getting the best of both worlds – a good deal on insurance which is in harmony with the Muslim faith.”