Special reports

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    How to create a risk culture strategy that works


    The benefits of a healthy risk culture may be well-understood, but how can risk managers establish where their organisation is on the spectrum of good to bad, and make measurable improvements? Sara Benwell investigates.

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    Climate risk survey 2023 results: how to boost board engagement


    Our 2023 climate change survey shows businesses taking compliance seriously but falling short on funding, let alone real action. Can risk managers light a fire under such tepid board engagement?

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    Gaining the power to change your risk culture


    Our trio of experts share the steps they’ve taken to create a positive risk culture and how you can use these to embed risk into organisation-wide decision-making.

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    Special report: Climate change


    Climate change is already here - so what now? Learn how organisations can start meeting the challenges head on and turn risks into opportunities

  • SRGlobalQ32023_SpecialReportRiskCulture_781x521

    Special report: Risk culture


    Learn how to shape a positive risk culture that leads to more proactive risk assessment and better organisational decision-making.

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    Regulators are cracking down on PFAS and risk managers must plan accordingly


    The effects of PFAS chemicals are yet to be seen as health problems slowly come to light. BHSI’s Javier Villalba, explores the litigation landscape risk managers are facing

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    Special report: Supply chain risk


    How do you manage supply chain risk effectively in a world of constant disruption?

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    Webinar: Climate change risk - it’s time to step up


    How do risk managers prepare an adaptation plan in the face of increasing weather extremes?

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    Special report: ESG


    Your planet needs you, and so does your organisation

  • SRGlobalQ32022_SpecialReportClimate_781x521

    Special report: Climate change 2022


    Why risk professionals are the ideal people to make sense of the complexities surrounding climate change

  • SRGlobalQ32022_SpecialReportOpRisk_781x521

    Special report: Operational risk and agility


    Truly agile operational risk management is the only way to make it today’s turbulent world. Quick, responsive, flexible, strong – do you have what it takes?

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    Special report: Road-testing Industry 4.0


    Before we dive in further, should we first prepare for new and emerging risks associated with the digital era?

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    Special report: Intangibles


    The pandemic focused our attention on intangible risks like never before

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    Asia Pacific Risk Benchmarking Survey 2021: Show us the money


    Boards remain more engaged in risk, but it’s time to start putting their money where their mouths are

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    Special report: GRC


    Why risk leaders must offer their boards next-level risk intelligence on governance, risk and compliance

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    Special report: Risk conferences 2021


    There was a lot to digest at the Airmic, Ferma and Parima conferences, but don’t worry, you can borrow our notes

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    Special report: Women in risk


    It’s said that diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being invited to dance

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    Special report: Complex claims


    When it comes to large and complex claims you told us your main concern was nasty surprises

  • SRGlobalQ32021_SpecialReport_781x521

    Special report: Climate change


    Growing climate extremes are increasing our exposure to secondary perils

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    Special Report: Operational Risk


    Operational resilience – everyone is talking about it. But how is it created and how can it protect us against the intangible risk landscape?

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    Special Report: Supply Chains


    A new balance will have to be struck between efficiency and resilience going forward, thought participants at our virtual roundtable

  • SRGlobalBenchmarkSurvey_781x521

    Asia Pacific Risk Benchmarking Survey: More on Board


    In our 2020 APAC Risk Benchmarking Survey, we wanted to see how the COVID-crisis had shaped the thinking of risk managers

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    Special report: Sustainability Risk


    Our virtual roundtable met to compare notes on sustainability risk coming out of the pandemic.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Climate change

    Special report: Climate change


    Climate change is a truly global risk. Why risk managers need to consider the physical, reputational and transition risks arising from climate change.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Supply chains

    Special report: Supply chains


    Supply chains may be complex and suppliers remote, but you must know their ESG strategies well.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Future technology

    Special report: Future technology


    In such a dynamic and ever changing world, and with absolute security as an impossible goal, risk managers must be ready for anything. It’s through finding the right application and balance of these two concepts that they can truly minimize technology risk.

  • SR_web_specialreports_People risk

    Special report: People risk


    When it comes to protecting your employees from harm, it is vital for risk managers to use a full circle response to any event to understand how and why incidents occur and try to prevent their recurrence.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Intangible risks

    Special report: Intangible risks


    While corporations, boardrooms and risk managers worry about the things we see in front of us, like buildings, fires, faulty products, or HR issues, very little consideration is given to less obvious risks.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Corporate ethics

    Special report: Corporate ethics


    Ethics is on the tip of the globe’s collective tongue as corporates continue to grapple with how to not only identify ethical failures but also how to deal with them once a crisis is in full swing.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Business Transformation

    Special report: Business transformation - 3


    Our future is digital – there is no escaping it. Businesses that want to stay in the game must learn to adapt, with help from you, their risk expert. And this involves bolstering defences against the threats this new world will, inevitably, bring.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Incident response

    Special report: Incident response


    Cyber attacks are now an inevitable risk for every business, so the smart response is to be as prepared as possible. This six-page report focuses on the teamwork, integration and skill needed to stay one step ahead of cyber.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Sector View- Food and beverages

    Sector view: Food and beverages


    As the Australian food and industry thrives, the heat is on to manage its risks. We look to the lab where solutions are being developed to better handle contamination and consider a more holistic approach to coverage that goes far beyond simple product recall insurance.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Business Transformation

    Special report: Business transformation - 2


    Times are changing fast and that means new risks on top of old risks. So how do you stay one step ahead when market disrupters are bowling through every industry?

  • SR_web_specialreports_Construction and technology

    Special report: Construction and technology


    The rise of interconnected, automated technology is shaking the foundations of traditional construction, and of renewables production. But what impact will the likes of AI, 3D printing and battery storage have on the future of risk management?

  • SR_web_specialreports_Business Transformation

    Special report: Business transformation - 1


    Times are changing fast and that means new risks on top of old risks. So how do you stay one step ahead when market disrupters are bowling through every industry?

  • SR_web_specialreports_Energy

    Sector view: Energy


    Along with the oil and gas industry, the shockwaves caused by steep falls in value have hit shipping, services and insurers.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Claims

    Special report: Claims


    Building effective working relationships before an insurance claim takes place is critical to a trouble-free claims process.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Captives

    Special report: Captives


    Asia’s high-tech production industry is huge, sophisticated and growing but carries a myriad of risks, from devastating earthquakes to highway robbery.

  • SR_web_specialreports_High-tech production

    Sector view: High-tech production


    Asia’s high-tech production industry is huge, sophisticated and growing but carries a myriad of risks, from devastating earthquakes to highway robbery.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Cyber claims

    Special report: Cyber claims


    The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have spurred businesses into bolstering their online defences. But what can we expect from the next generation of cyber threats, and how will the insurance industry respond?

  • SR_web_specialreports_China construction

    Sector view: China construction


    High hopes are on China’s growing construction sector to help stimulate the country’s economy. But companies must make sure they’re adequately covered or they will nd themselves in strife.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Trade credit

    Special report: Trade credit


    After years of rapid expansion, Asian economies are slowing. Cash flow problems are getting worse, and the only certainty is uncertainty.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Weather risk

    Special report: Weather risk


    Asia-Pacific lost nearly $38bn as a result of natural catastrophes last year – but across the region, underinsurance and complacency are making matters worse.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Cross-border risks

    Special report: Cross-border risks


    Exporting to new countries means more opportunities but also greater risks. This goes way beyond the political upsets that have hogged the headlines in 2016.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Renewable energy Asia

    Sector view: Renewable energy Asia


    The future of renewables lies in Asia. All across the region, countries are pumping money into sustainable technology to meet a rapidly growing demand for electricity driven by a burgeoning middle class that is increasingly concerned about pollution and an over-reliance on fossil fuels.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Healthcare risks

    Special report: Healthcare risks


    There’s much to look forward to as medicine progresses in leaps and bounds. But with new innovations come new risks.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Product recall_SwissRe

    Special report: Product recall


    Recalling a product is a potentially crippling step – and the digital revolution has made it even riskier than ever.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Supply chain risk

    Special report: Supply chain risk


    Pressure is growing on global corporates to tackle unacceptable labour practices in their supply chains, chiefly modern-day slavery.

  • SR_web_specialreports_The future of risk

    Special report: The future of risk


    From wearable sensors to virtual reality, technology is set to revolutionise the risk management profession as we know it today.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Risk management technology

    Special report: Risk management technology


    Case studies, analysis and industry views on the challenges and opportunities of technology platforms in managing risk.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Corporate liability

    Special report: Corporate liability


    With some cases culminating in the execution of company directors, understanding liability issues for directors in China could not be more vital.

  • SR_web_specialreports_The Internet of Things

    Special report: The Internet of Things


    The commercial applications of connected devices extend well beyond driverless cars and internet-enabled home devices. But with this exciting new world comes a whole raft of new challenges when it comes to risk and insurance.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Technology media & telecommunications

    Sector view: Technology, media and telecommunications


    While fire and explosion remains a top risk for all firms, cyber and technology exposures are becoming increasingly complex for TMT firms.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Employee benefits

    Special report: Employee benefits


    As the global cost of healthcare skyrockets, employee benefits programmes are becoming increasingly costly. But there are ways to create sustainable schemes.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Property risks

    Special report: Property risks


    Risk managers must understand the specific property risks of their business and be able to communicate these risks to stakeholders as part of their mitigation plans.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Natural catastrophes

    Special report: Natural catastrophes


    Last year there were more natural catastrophes than any previous year on record. So what are the latest trends for the Asia-Pacific region, how should risk managers best prepare for a crisis and how can the insurance industry help close the protection gap?

  • SR_web_specialreports_RIMS Australia

    Special report: RIMS Australia


    Highlights from the third annual RIMS Australia conference, plus the exclusive results of the StrategicRISK’s survey of Australian risk managers.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Construction

    Special report: Construction


    Asia’s demand for infrastructure is booming - as is the need to manage related risk complexities.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Corporate governance

    Special report: Corporate governance


    StrategicRISK’s latest special report explores the importance of good governance and examines the findings of AIG’s recent corporate governance benchmark survey.

  • SR_web_specialreports_RIMS Australia

    Special report: RIMS Australia


    Australia’s top risk and insurance professionals gathered in Sydney for the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Risk Forum. StrategicRISK’s special report on the forum focusses on a selection of highlights from the two-day event.

  • SR_web_specialreports_People risk

    Special report: People risk


    People risk encompasses many complex factors, requiring risk managers and human resources departments to work together and apply a holistic approach.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Large project risks

    Special report: Large project risks


    Asia’s demand for infrastructure is growing, as is the need to manage many related risks factors.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Product recall_AIG

    Special report: Product recall


    Practical techniques to manage product recall risk.

  • SR_web_specialreports_Cyber risks

    Special report: Cyber risks


    StrategicRISK examines the cyber risks facing Asian corporates in the first of a series of in-depth special reports.