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How to manage people-risk and win the war for talent

By Sara Benwell

The war for talent rages on as we continue to grapple with the post-COVID work landscape and fall out from the Great Resignation. At our roundtable, four risk experts shared how they attract and retain the best talent and future-proof against people-related threats.

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Gaining the power to change your risk culture

Our trio of experts share the steps they’ve taken to create a positive risk culture and how you can use these to embed risk into organisation-wide decision-making.

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Plugging the risk management talent gap


Baby boomers are retiring, and with them goes their vast experience. But instead of welcoming in a new wave of ambitious young recruits, we face a skills shortage. How will the industry encourage the next generation of talent to come in and make this evolving role their own?

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The historian: Dirk Wegener shares the lessons he’s learnt in over 20 years of risk management

Dirk Wegener is stepping down as president of FERMA. After more than two decades in risk management, he has seen it all. Here he reflects on the world-changing events that altered the way we think about resilience forever.


Five minutes with new IRM board member David Epstein

StrategicRISK  caught up with David Epstein, a new non-executive board member at the Institute of Risk Management, to get his take on the top risks facing organisations today

Chizubel Egwudo

Why business leaders must change the way they think about risk

Chizubel Egwudo, founder and CEO of risk consultancy, The Risk of You, discusses how businesses can leverage risk to maximise their potential for growth and success.

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Movers and Shakers - Sigma7, AXA XL, RELA, RSA, Chubb, BPL, Sompo International, International SOS

The latest appointments news from across the global risk, broking and insurance industries

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Movers and shakers - HDI, Swiss Re Asia, Sompo International, Allianz, MSIG Asia, Zurich

The latest appointments news from across the Asia-Pacific risk, broking and insurance industries


Tackling the risks of double extortion ransomware

By Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales

Double extortion ransomware is on the rise, and risk managers should be worried. Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales, explores how to manage and mitigate these emerging threats

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Risk managers must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin

By Sara Benwell

Effective risk management requires strategic collaboration with the board. But this remains easier for some than others. Risk must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin, to be taken seriously.


Case study: How Marriott Hotels tackled workplace injury spikes in Asia

By Trevor Treharne

When Marriott’s Sharon Xu discovered two Asian countries had notably higher employee work injury claims than the rest of the region, she set about investigating why and what could be done to change it.


Franck Baron: why risk management needs a single professional standard

By Trevor Treharne

Risk managers across Asia needed a place to bond and so chairman Franck Baron founded PARIMA. Ten years on, he is passing on the reins, but his commitment to binding the industry together remains strong

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Movers and Shakers - Insurwave, Gallagher Re, Miller, Insurance Council of Australia, Axa XL

The latest appointments news from across the global risk and insurance industries

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Risk managers in Asia must address employee stress and widening health protection gaps

New research finds that 44% of Asian employees are stressed in everyday life - here’s why risk managers should care

Caribbean ravaged by tropical storm Raphael

Case study: How parametric solutions allowed Aboitiz Power to insure the uninsurable

By Trevor Treharne

Simplicity, pre-defined triggers, and fast payouts are some of the key advantages of a parametric approach to extraordinary Nat Cat risks, says chief risk officer, Annacel Natividad

Mental Health for customers

Nine tips for reducing people-related risk in a cost of living crisis

When employee well-being suffers, so does an organisation’s bottom line. Risk managers must make sure that people-related risk is top of mind as the cost-of-living crisis worsens.

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Curious by nature

From financial services to public servant, Andrew Methven’s search for answers has driven his career in risk

Annacel Natividad

Annacel Natividad appointed as PARIMA’s new chair

She has a keen focus on sustainability and resilience and replaces long-serving founding chair Franck Baron


Born to insure

By Trevor Treharne

From a family of insurance experts, Soni Srivastava was perhaps destined for a career in the industry

Simon Weaver-WTW

WTW combines Asia and Australasia operations

Former head of Australasia Simon Weaver has taken on the new role as head of Asia Pacific

Franck 2

Franck Baron to step down as Parima chair

He has become president of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations


Jennifer Santiago named RIMS 2023 President

Lendlease’s Kevin Bates is named RIMS secretary and David Arick and Kristen Peed become vice president and treasurer

Kei Masuyama

The torchbearer

By Trevor Treharne

In a country with a scarceness of risk managers, Kei Masuyama is leading the way for the profession in Japan

William Miller-WTW

WTW names head of crisis management, APAC

Ensuring health and safety of staff is a “business imperative” given increasing duty of care regulations

IT, working

Decline in workplace health contributes to ‘quiet quitting’

Mental health issues alone are expected to cost firms $16 trillion in output by 2030


A journey of resilience

Surviving the Boxing Day Tsunami encouraged Marie-Pier Desharnais to pursue a career in disaster response and confront her own fears


The ‘S’ in ESG: Why, what and how

ESG is increasingly important, but the neglected ‘S’ needs attention, Zurich CEO for Asia Pacific tells PARIMA conference

mental-health-reputation allianz

Why wellbeing is becoming a strategic priority

With 40% of workers facing burnout and many ‘quietly quitting’, the onus is on organisations to act

hybrid working

Workplace transformation: Great opportunities, but not without risk

New work models are reshaping how organisations approach risk. Done well, sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved

SR_web_Ryan Swann

Revolutionising risk culture

Why businesses must embrace new technology and take a less reactive approach to risk management


The bridge builder

Our industry is still misunderstood, says Risk-!n co-founder Stéphane Martin. We need to push the ‘manage’ into risk management


Reasons to be… cheerful?

With access to some of science’s most stark observations on the climate crisis, why is Nasa’s David Green feeling optimistic?

Alex Sidorenko

The risk maverick

By Helen Yates

Something of a divisive figure within the risk profession, one thing no-one can accuse Alex Sidorenko of is being apathetic about risk management

Peter Gerken Headshot

Reputations under siege

It has never been more difficult to manage reputational risk - is authenticated risk management the answer? asks Peter Gerken

Brook Nigel

The next wave of climate litigation

Nigel Brook explains why climate litigation risk needs to be on every corporate risk manager’s radar

OCT 2021 SACYR Cristina Martinez

The changemaker

Cristina Martinez Garcia of Sacyr is on a mission to put a positive spin on the risk manager role

Pascal Matthey 2

The reinvention of supply chains

By Helen Yates

Near shoring and technology will shape the post-COVID supply chain, thinks AXA XL’s Pascal Matthey

Darren Thomson 3

The aggregate risk potential of a SPOF

By Helen Yates

Kaseya has confirmed that supply chain attacks are now firmly in the sights of cybercriminals, says CyberCube’s Darren Thomson


ESG champion

By Helen Yates

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Jonathan Rake explains why real innovation in insurance has never been more important

Headshot Adam Seager

Time to pull together

By Helen Yates

Argo Group’s Adam Seager on the challenges of maintaining corporate cohesion in a more virtual working environment

Valentina Paduano

Generation ERM

By Helen Yates

Part of the next generation of risk managers promoting the holistic approach, Sogefi Group’s Valentina Paduano believes it is time to rethink your methods

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Supply chains: Building climate risk resilience

Supply chains are particularly vulnerable to climate risk, as many global production systems are focused on ensuring efficiency over resiliency

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Firms must build more resilient workforces

COVID-19 has created a new urgency to protect working people, with compulsory unemployment insurance a much-needed safety net - research


Purposeful resilience

How can we ensure that a desire to ‘be resilient and purposeful’ results in practical actions that add sustainable value for people, society and the planet? asks Gareth Byatt

Kevin Bates pic 2

Kevin Bates: A lesson in Carpe Diem

By Helen Yates

Risk managers have got to be genuine, authentic and transparent in order to succeed, says Kevin Bates

Michael Stuckings Headshot

Time to revisit building codes?

Amidst the increasing frequency and intensity of natural catastrophes it is time to revisit the purpose and content of building codes, argues FM Global’s Michael Stuckings

Benedict Burke_Crawfords

The Herculean task of rebuilding Beirut

By Matt Ford

Lessons learned in the aftermath of the Tianjin port explosion in 2015 will be particularly significant in Beirut, says Crawford’s Benedict Burke


From the skies to the city

Sara Byrne, regional head of operational risk, Property, Standard Chartered, has navigated an unusual route into the risk management profession


COVID-19: APAC firms prioritise healthcare and wellbeing

Half of organisations have taken actions such as hiring freezes, furloughs, and workforce reduction to reduce costs

QBE mental health awareness

Why firms must focus on staff well-being

By Matt Ford

Risk managers and HR need to collaborate to ensure employees are supported in a post-pandemic world - Mercer


RIMAS: Fighting the cyber war

Why organisations must fight a “cyber war”, according to Andeed Ma, president of the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore

thumbnail_20191105 Parima on stage -1st-Batch

Tunstall turns to technology

Risk professional Steve Tunstall believes technology will be at the heart of risk management’s future


Striking the right balance

By Helen Yates

As economies restart after the COVID-crisis, there is an opportunity to embed sustainability into the recovery, argues Zurich’s John Scott

Tim Murray_profile

Perception is king

A ‘stuffy’, ‘data-led’, ‘paper-driven’ profession is what some believe risk management to be. But it is a perception far from the truth, and Tim Murray, the new chair of UK risk management association Airmic, is on a mission to let everyone know what risk management really is about. Sara Benwell ...

Sarah McNamee

Making risk a perfect fit

Online retailer THE ICONIC prides itself on fashion-forward designs. Its head of risk & controls, Sarah McNamee, says there is no one-size-fits-all approach to risk.

Adilia Ismail

‘We need to be agile in the way we look at risk’

Nor Adila Ismail, the long-serving chief risk officer at Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS, has taken an unconventional route to the top. She reveals what she has learned about the risk profession, and offers some advice to newcomers.

Patrick Smith

How Patrick Smith is managing Deliveroo’s intangible risks

Much more than a food delivery service, Deliveroo serves up vast amounts of big data – and fresh new risks – daily. It relies on business resilience leader Patrick Smith to stay creative.


King of the road

Transurban’s troubleshooting guru Karl Davey exudes an air of calm and flexibility that helps him navigate all of risk’s diversions. With him at the helm, we’re all a little safer.

Nigel Tay-StarHub_forweb

Bright young star

Risk managers all love a nice long risk document, right? Not so StarHub’s Nigel Tay. Meet the man bringing on-the-ground collaboration, agile process and even fun to corporate risk management. Trust us, you’ll like him.

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Risk management in space: Lutomski opens Risk Forum APAC

Space is the least forgiving environment for risk management mistakes, former NASA risk manager Mike Lutomski told Risk Forum APAC 2018

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A whole new world of digital banking

Far from being impersonal, Australia’s first fully digital neobank, Xinja, is built for the people. StrategicRISK Asia Pacific editor, Lauren Gow, sat down with chief risk officer David Nichols to talk about a banking revolution.


Drawing on all his reserves

Takashi Kubo of Japanese oil and gas exploration and production company INPEX Corporation discusses safety, cyber and political risk, and why he’s working with PARIMA to improve the risk management conversation in Japan.

Saurabh verma

A buoyant attitude

Saurabh Verma, senior vice president, chief insurance officer at Reliance Industries, tells us about spooky hotels, working in a goldmine, a wine-stained shirt, falling out of a canoe and wishing he could swim

Gordon song

Gordon Song: The creative risk manager

How Gordon Song, head of group risk and internal audit of Lazada Group and PARIMA board member, found his calling at one of Asia’s most rapidly growing retailers

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HDI Global SE names Singapore MD

German-based insurer replaces retiring boss with internal appointment

StrategicRISK Awards

On the fast track to success

By Sean Mooney

Having revamped Redflex’s risk culture, Catherine Garde won StrategicRISK’s New Starter of the Year award. What’s her secret?

Susie Jones

Keeping up with Susie Jones

By Sean Mooney

Reflecting her approach to work, Australia Post’s head of cyber security business won a RIMS award for challenging traditional risk assessments

Inga Beale

Interview: Inga Beale aims to get it right first time

Lloyd’s chief executive Dame Inga Beale talks to Samera Owusu Tutu, editor of our sister publication, Global Reinsurance

Maggie Sun Cummins

Trip of a lifetime

Two years into her role as Cummins China risk and insurance manager, Maggie Sun spoke to StrategicRISK about how she made the move to an in-house role and where she believes the future of the profession lies in China.

Roland Teo headspace

Headspace with Roland Teo

The deputy director of a Singapore healthcare system’s risk management office, tells us about fragile relationships, Chinese proverbs, managing a pandemic, delivering hampers and drawing superheroes.

P40 headspace lauren mortimer daniel san millan final r1

Headspace with Ferrovial corporate risk manager Daniel San Millan

Spain, the importance of family, riding a motorbike, his passion for football and feeling progressively younger are all in Daniel’s mind

Woolworths Grant Katz

The wonder – and the woes – of Woolworths

Unforeseen crises forced Grant Katz, the retailer’s risk and assurance general manager, to postpone his interview four times in a fortnight. The stress left him feeling exhausted. So why does he like his job so much?

diona rae

Headspace with GPT Group’s chief risk officer ​Diona Rae

Rae tells us about cleaning toilets, arachnophobia, family pride, her love of chocolate, being a twin, trusting her gut and why braving a potentially devastating spinal operation was the best decision she ever made

Kate Hughes Telstra

Talking innovation and disruption with Telstra’s CRO

By Jessica Reid

Kate Hughes talks to StrategicRISK about how risk management is helping Australia’s largest telecommunications provider become a global technology player

Jagath Guru Myanmar Brewery

Myanmar's Guru of risk management

By Jessica Reid

Jagath Guru, head of risk management, internal controls and processes at the Myanmar Brewery, reflects on what the country’s new civilian-elected government means for business – and the risk management profession

Malaysia airlines

Exclusive: Lessons from Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17

Just days after the second anniversary of MH370’s disappearance, crisis director for MH370 and MH17 and head of the Malaysia Airlines post accident office, Fuad Sharuji, speaks to StrategicRISK about responding to two of the worst air disasters in history


'Risk managers must phase in the development and gradually increase the scope of ERM'

After developing risk management at various leading European outfits, Frédéric Desitter, the director of enterprise risk management at Sidra Medical and Research Center, is now promoting the discipline in Qatar

Ulrich Guntram

Asia must strive to discover the ‘real substance of risk management’

By Sean Mooney

The new boss of AXA Corporate Solutions in Asia tells StrategicRISK that while the dynamism of the APAC’s economies excites him, businesses in the region still face some serious challenges