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David Howden

Private sector shift needed to protect vulnerable countries from uninsured losses

By Isobel Rafferty

Corporates have a critical role to play in protecting countries in the global South from uninsured losses, says Howden boss

talent shortage, empty desk

How to manage people-risk and win the war for talent

By Sara Benwell

The war for talent rages on as we continue to grapple with the post-COVID work landscape and fall out from the Great Resignation. At our roundtable, four risk experts shared how they attract and retain the best talent and future-proof against people-related threats.

SRGlobalQ42023_781x521 (1)

SR Q4 2023: It won’t be lonely this Christmas

The risk manager can be something of a lone wolf in an organisation – operating alone, often misunderstood. Thankfully, risk managers know where to find each other. Here’s to another year of collaborating, supporting and learning from our fellow loners.

chain pull

How businesses can be proactive around supply chain risk

StrategicRISK speaks to Bogdana Sardak, a risk and resiliency expert at Fusion Risk Management, about how an integrated risk management approach allows organisations to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain operational stability.

monitoring ESG

ESG and value creation: Why risk managers need to play a front line role

Risk managers have a critical role in boosting ESG performance. WTW’s John Merkovsky and Lisa Lipuma look at the practical tools, tactics and best practices they can deploy to deliver enhanced ESG risk management.

Wildfire bushfire

How businesses can avoid disasters by working together

Gareth Byatt, Ilan Kelman, Ana Prados, co-leads of the Disasters Avoided project explore the role businesses can play in helping society avoid disasters


Supply chain risk lessons from the ancient Greeks

Entropy constantly pushes the world towards volatility, but businesses must learn from ancient philosophy and find ways to combat threats, says risk expert Adriano Lanzilotto

India factory

Cities across the world are ill-prepared to evade, withstand, and recover from shocks and long-term stresses

By David Benyon and Sara Benwell

The least resilient cities, according to the study, carried out in partnership with Economist Impact, were New Delhi, Jakarta, Cairo, Dhaka, and, lastly, Lagos.

climate change (2)

How risk-sharing systems can help climate vulnerable countries

By Isobel Rafferty and Sara Benwell

New research shows world’s most climate vulnerable countries could lose over 100% of GDP in 2024 from disasters that are insurable

employee benefits

How to create a benefits programme that meets the needs of future employees

Organisations must place well-being, inclusivity, and social good at the heart of their benefits packages - here’s how

net zero

How risk managers can lead the way on the transition to net zero

Sustainability requirements are constantly growing. A green transition demands the enterprise-wide purview of the risk manager to understand not only the risks but the opportunities along the path to net zero. Sara Benwell reports.

I stock hurricane

Risk briefing: lessons from Hurricane Otis

With estimated losses of between US$2.5 billion and US$4.5 billion, Strategic Risk examines the key lessons from Hurricane Otis and key steps for affected businesses

extreme weather money cost

Risk briefing: Five steps APAC organisations must take to tackle extreme weather risks

New research shows risk managers are more concerned about extreme weather than any other threat to operations. Despite this a quarter of firms have no plans to mitigate climate risks. Here are five ways to protect your organisation

confused, no strategy, road sign

How to create a risk culture strategy that works

The benefits of a healthy risk culture may be well-understood, but how can risk managers establish where their organisation is on the spectrum of good to bad, and make measurable improvements? Sara Benwell investigates.

I stock light bulb

How data analytics and insights can help risk managers take control of their risks and keep the lights on

Too many organisations are operating in the dark, unable to clearly see the exposures they face. Adrien Norulak, head of risk analytics, at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions explores how better data collection, analysis and communication can help companies better manage their mitigation and insurance solutions.

iStock-838881276 fake news

Spotlight on: Fake news risks and how to tackle them

By Trevor Treharne

Easy to produce, hard to stop. Risk managers must monitor and be prepared to act quickly when fake news claims target their business

business management, clipboard

Case study: how one exporter used risk culture to reduce operational, branding, financial, and market-related risks

An India-based SME experienced growing pains as demand for its products swelled. IRM’s Hersh Shah talks us through the rescue plan: a formalised approach to risk and a risk culture built on accountability and communication.

GR - Featured_Interview

Case study - developing a data platform for Ukraine war risk

A Ukrainian war risk loss event database is in its testing phase, Guy Carpenter’s European CEO Julian Enoizi revealed to sister publication Global Reinsurance, while efforts to create a war risk pool are ongoing

ransomware, system hacked

Research shows that prevention works when it comes to ransomware attacks

Just two years ago, ransomware was crippling organisations to the tune of millions of dollars. Today, risk management can cautiously celebrate, having reduced the severity and number of claims. But with a new wave of attacks likely around the corner, it’s not quite game over.

Graph 4

Climate risk survey 2023 results: how to boost board engagement

Our 2023 climate change survey shows businesses taking compliance seriously but falling short on funding, let alone real action. Can risk managers light a fire under such tepid board engagement?

Top ten risks AXA

Four key lessons from the Axa Future of Risk report

A new survey asks 3,500 risk experts about the greatest emerging threats facing countries and companies today. We dig into the four key takeaways from the report

claims, legal

How emerging technology could improve the claims process for businesses

By Chantal Kapani

Our sister publication Insurance Times asked industry experts how emerging technologies will impact the future of insurance claims management. Here’s what risk managers and insurance buyers need to know.

teamwork (2)

Gaining the power to change your risk culture

Our trio of experts share the steps they’ve taken to create a positive risk culture and how you can use these to embed risk into organisation-wide decision-making.

Harry Edwards - Aon

PARIMA conference: Key takeaways from this year’s sessions

Analysis of the key lessons and next steps for risk managers taken from six of the speaker sessions at this year’s PARIMA conference in Tokyo

AI robot hand

Spotlight on: generative AI risks and how to tackle them

Only 5% of organisations feel prepared to assess, manage, and recover from a future unknown and unpredictable risk event. Here’s how to revamp your risk strategy to tackle emerging threats


How global programmes can integrate with ERM philosophies leading to better risk management

By Sara Benwell

Expert view: Against the backdrop of global supply chain disruption, geopolitical tension and escalating cyber threats, CROs must embrace centralised decision-making and enterprise risk management strategies. Global programmes can help, says AXA XL’s Ms Shiwei Jin


Opinion: How business leaders can navigate the digital age

As organisations evolve their business models to embrace digitalisation they open themselves up to new cyber risks.  Matthew Worsfold, a partner in Ashurst’s Risk Advisory practice, and Rachel Sexton, the head of the Risk Advisory Practice explore how firms need to think about managing these exposures


Case study: How Prysmian is integrating TCFD reporting into its ERM framework

A producer of electrical cables for the energy and telecoms sector, Prysmian is embedded in the green transition. Internally too, climate risk is a central concern, says CRO Alessandro De Felice, as it continually develops new ways to integrate TCFD reporting into its ERM framework.

vacant skills gap job

Plugging the risk management talent gap


Baby boomers are retiring, and with them goes their vast experience. But instead of welcoming in a new wave of ambitious young recruits, we face a skills shortage. How will the industry encourage the next generation of talent to come in and make this evolving role their own?

Work culture

Keep your eyes and ears open to move the needle on risk culture

EXPERT VIEW Riskonnect’s Claire Hopper has advice on how to build a culture where everyone incorporates risk considerations into everything they do – making sure they are always looking, listening and mitigating for potential problems.


Special report: Climate change

Climate change is already here - so what now? Learn how organisations can start meeting the challenges head on and turn risks into opportunities

resilience, challenge hurdles

Now is the time for Australian businesses to focus on resilience

Research shows that a reputational crisis knocks 5% off a company’s share price. Losses can be minimised by firms that act now to build resilience, says Andrew Stafford, operations senior vice president, FM Global Australia & New Zealand

dirk cropped

The historian: Dirk Wegener shares the lessons he’s learnt in over 20 years of risk management

Dirk Wegener is stepping down as president of FERMA. After more than two decades in risk management, he has seen it all. Here he reflects on the world-changing events that altered the way we think about resilience forever.

climate change risks

A best practice guide to developing climate resilience

EXPERT VIEW: Climate change may already be here, but we can – and must – work ahead of time to map out our exposures for the impacts still to come. International SOS’s James Wood explores how to build climate resilience, through data analysis, assigning accountability and securing investment.

cyber crime, world

Risk briefing: insurance industry unprepared for large scale, systemic cyber attacks

A new paper from reinsurance broker Gallagher Re explores the prospect of a large-scale, systemic cyber-attack. Here’s what businesses need to know:

wind farms

Sector spotlight: how the offshore wind industry is tackling threats

Offshore wind developers face a host of risks including prototypical technology, economic pressures, more extreme weather conditions, cable damage, collision perils,and environmental concerns. Only by learning from the past can risk managers enable these organisations to grow successfully

mental health, homeworking

World mental health day: how firms can manage mental health risks

Deteriorating mental health among employees poses a significant risk to business with consequences including poor productivity, high turnover, and increased absences. Here’s how employers can tackle the threats


Special report: Risk culture

Learn how to shape a positive risk culture that leads to more proactive risk assessment and better organisational decision-making.

Climate litigation

How to manage the growing risk of climate change litigation

As climate litigation risk gathers momentum, John Firth shares the steps that companies can take to identify and reduce these risks.


Five minutes with new IRM board member David Epstein

StrategicRISK  caught up with David Epstein, a new non-executive board member at the Institute of Risk Management, to get his take on the top risks facing organisations today

Risk management

How risk and insurance managers can take control through engineering and international programmes

When international programmes and risk engineering go hand in hand, risk and insurance managers can truly take control of their exposures, say Philip Brandl and Reto Collenberg.

people cogs

Human error and cybersecurity – tackling one of today’s biggest business risks

Simon McNally, identity and access management expert at Thales, explains why cybersecurity is a pressing people-related risk that must be tackled urgently

SBS AI Fraud bot

The average bot attack costs a company $85.6m - here’s how to defend yourself

New research reveals bot attacks cost companies the equivalent of over 50 ransomware payouts every year while remaining undetected for four months. Here’s how to protect your business


Everything risk managers need to know about North Korea

North Korea’s combination of cloak-and-dagger unpredictability and positioning makes it a presence that is at best disquieting, at worst deeply alarming for risk managers in APAC and beyond.

Global crisis

Poly-crisis looms so boards and risk managers must act now

New research highlights the top threats facing organisations over the year ahead. Here’s how risk managers can tackle interconnected risks and build resilience


Business risks growing thanks to understaffed tax teams - how to manage the threats

Under-resourced tax departments are causing significant risks for global organisations, however, automation and technology may hold the answers


Five ways board can get better at anticipating and adapting to emerging risks

By Sara Benwell

Only 23% of boards are classified as highly resilient, according to research from EY. Here’s how they can step up and help manage the risks that threaten the organisations they serve

Change directions

Why risk management must not be totally embedded in operations

Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, explores why entwining risk with day-to-day operations is a common but critical mistake


Join our Webinar on 2 November at 10:00am: People-related risks

Calling all risk managers, HRs, insurers and broker - join our next webinar on how to win the war for talent and address people risks in your organisation

climate change (3)

APAC risk managers must gear up for increased climate reporting


Climate risk is fuelling APAC region’s ‘eco-consciousness’, here’s what risk managers need to have on their radar


Case study: Enhancing urban resilience in Medellín through insurance protection for climate risks

Following the conclusion of the two-year Medellín Tripartite Project in Colombia, the risk industry team involved reflects on the project’s outcome, the challenges they overcame, and how the knowledge they gained on the way can help future resilience programmes


Spotlight on: Health risks from gases released in lithium-ion battery fires

Fire is not the only danger with lithium-ion batteries. Here’s what risk managers need to know, and how to manage the threats

university graduates

Sector focus: How universities can manage risks as students return to campuses

Covid-19 led to the largest disruptions in educational systems in history. By learning now, risk managers can ensure they are resilient against future crises

Strategy partnership

Building a cyber resilient organisation begins with risk quantification

Rich Seiersen, Chief Risk Officer of Resilience, explores how CISOs and CROs can work together to understand cyber risk exposures and build resilience

RiskConnect webinar

How risk managers can create better decision making through positive culture

Three experts explore how risk managers at organisations of any size can create a positive risk culture that leads to better decision-making

cyber insurance (4)

International agencies warn risk managers must update systems to avoid cyber attacks

New advisory highlights that cybercriminals are routinely exploiting older software vulnerabilities. Here’s how risk managers can shut down the threats

Chizubel Egwudo

Why business leaders must change the way they think about risk

Chizubel Egwudo, founder and CEO of risk consultancy, The Risk of You, discusses how businesses can leverage risk to maximise their potential for growth and success.


Learn best practice diversity, equity and inclusion strategies at Dive In

Event registration for the largest global DE&I event is now open with over 130 sessions in 35+ countries

ransomware, system hacked

Risk briefing: double extortion ransomware explained

As ransomware attacks continue to hit headlines, StrategicRisk  spoke to Andrew Hollister, CISO at LogRhythm, about how risk managers can tackle the threats


Idalia hits Florida as a Cat 4 hurricane - how risk managers can respond

By PA news agency and Sara Benwell

As Hurricane Idalia wreaks devastation across Florida and surrounding states, Strategic Risk looks at how risk managers must respond

mosquito fly ill disease pandemic fever bluetongue

Spotlight on: dengue fever risks and how businesses can protect employees

As Dengue fever cases rise, risk managers must assess the threats across locations so that organisations can protect employees

megaphone, communications

How risk managers can become climate leaders through better communication

With the right communication and data, risk managers can speak the language of the c-suite and become a driver of real climate change says Chris Hickin, vice president - operations engineering manager, London operations at FM Global

cyber illustration

How risk managers can tackle cyber threats as boardrooms get distracted by other risks

New data suggests that boardroom focus on cyber defence is waning, despite evidence that attacks are on the rise. Here’s how risk managers can limit exposures and bolster cyber security.

3D printing

Opinion: Why unconventional industries require an innovative approach to risk and insurance

Unconventional industries like 3D printing, space mining, and cryptocurrency may find it difficult to access traditional insurance. A hybrid approach can help, says Randy Sadler, a risk management expert and captive insurance manager at CIC Services

How to build a risk management function that's strategic

A new executive report from RIMS can help risk managers to gain the ear of the CEO, the trust of the board, and ultimately to ensure that their risk management programs are strategic

Heart rate

How to boost your company’s immune system with strategic risk management

Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, shares his tips on how risk managers can operate more effectively to improve the health of their organisations.

Hurricane names

Hurricanes risks on the rise - how risk managers can prepare

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is urging everyone to prepare for an above-normal hurricane season. Here’s how risk managers can respond


The big question: how to shape risk culture in your organisation

Risk culture is increasingly a hot topic, but how can risk managers move the needle? Strategic Risk caught up with Clive Thompson, technical adviser at the Institute of Risk Management to find out.

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Movers and Shakers - Sigma7, AXA XL, RELA, RSA, Chubb, BPL, Sompo International, International SOS

The latest appointments news from across the global risk, broking and insurance industries


Maui wildfire insured losses “will be at least $1bn”

Commercial property insurers will likely reassess their exposures, pricing and reinsurance as a consequence of the wildfires in Hawaii, says Moody’s

Scott H

Opinion: Challenging dangerous cyber risk insurance myths

Alarmist debate around cyber risk insurance can leave risk managers lost. Here, Scott Hammesfahr, solutions consultant - insurance analytics, strategy, and operations at Guidewire Software, clears up the myths.

female male board

APAC business boards lack oversight to tackle climate threats - how risk managers can help

“Pressure from governments, investors and civil society will soon impact everything from a company’s credit rating to its ability to borrow and get insurance. Here’s what risk managers need to know

climate change

Expert view: Why data is the lynchpin of climate resilience and reporting

By Nina Arquint, CEO EMEA at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Nina Arquint, CEO EMEA at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, explores why data could be both an obstacle and a gamechanger for risk managers dealing with climate-related risk


Putting science and data behind climate risk management

By Sara Benwell

Bill Bradshaw, operations manager at FM Global talks to StrategicRISK about how the insurer is trying to move the needle on climate risk.

fraud (7)

Risk briefing: CEO impersonation fraud on the rise

The increasing use of artificial intelligence has made CEO impersonation fraud more accessible, against the backdrop of inflation and economic uncertainty. Here’s what risk managers must know

ChatGPT mini bot cute

Spotlight on: generative AI technology risks and how to manage them

The use of generative AI technology such as ChatGPT is growing, however this creates significant exposures for businesses. Here’s how risk managers can mitigate the threats


Five steps to building a world-class ESG risk and compliance program

Chief risk officers have been managing ESG exposures for some time now, but compliance is getting more complicated. Dean Alms, chief product officer at Aravo explains why risk professionals must step up

Global energy vulnerability 2

Spotlight on: the risks of energy vulnerability across Asia-Pacific and how to manage them

New energy vulnerability index can help risk managers to identify potential risks, challenges and opportunities before expanding into new markets

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Movers and shakers - HDI, Swiss Re Asia, Sompo International, Allianz, MSIG Asia, Zurich

The latest appointments news from across the Asia-Pacific risk, broking and insurance industries

cyber attack, cyber insurance

Six cyber resilience lessons for risk managers

Major cyber incidents wipe $225 billion from share prices on average, and supply chain risks are growing. Here’s how risk managers can prepare

Hans Laessoe

Opinion: much of risk mitigation is a waste of time - what to do instead

The world is changing and risk managers must adapt, argues Hans Læssøe, founder of AKTUS and former risk manager at The Lego Group. Here are his top three suggested priorities

digital risk

Risk managers turning to captives in challenging market conditions

New data shows that captives are growing ever more popular, here’s how to decide if one is right for your organisation

driving uphill

The biggest problem with supply chain management

Risk management expert Adriano Lanzilotto explains what supply chains and SatNavs have in common, and why data is the most important tool in a risk manager’s arsenal.

APAC map

Shocks ahead for Asia-Pacific employment market

A new briefing from Oxford Economics shows worrying trend data for Asia Pacific employment markets. Here’s why risk managers should care,

Hazardous chemicals_edited

Regulators are cracking down on PFAS and risk managers must plan accordingly

The effects of PFAS chemicals are yet to be seen as health problems slowly come to light. BHSI’s Javier Villalba, explores the litigation landscape risk managers are facing


Why building code regulations are the key to curbing Nat Cat losses

New research shows that just 27% of economic losses from Nat Cats this year have been insured. For risk managers, following building codes and prioritising resilience are crucial for minimising the risks


Spotlight on: wildfire risks and how to ensure business continuity

As wildfires spread across Europe and the Americas, Strategic Risk  explores the steps risk managers can take to safeguard their employees and ensure business continuity


Storms are getting stronger - and risk managers must prepare

Reinsurance broker Lockton Re has published a report on climate change and hurricane trends.


Economic concerns replace people challenges as the biggest short-term risk for businesses

Risk managers must prepare for the return of historic threats such as inflation, interest rate rises, and currency volatility


Senior risk managers share their top tips for managing connected risk

By Sara Benwell

Breaking down siloes, moving beyond insurance and scenario analysis are all key strategies that modern risk managers must adopt to deal with the new interconnected risk landscape


Why APAC risk managers must use scenario planning to better target climate risk

By Sara Benwell

Singapore-listed companies have made good progress in climate disclosures, according to new research. But more needs to be done to balance risks and opportunities.

merger artwork

Spotlight on: Tackling M&A deal risk

By David Benyon and Sara Benwell

Dealmaking conditions are undeniably tough and organisations must tackle ESG, cyber and people-related risks to get deals over the line

Cyber attack

Four steps to reducing cyber risk vulnerabilities

Alpha Diallo, senior manager of security at Resilience, shares the top four tactics that risk managers can employ to reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack on their organisations

Flu virus

Spotlight on: bird flu and the risk it could spread to humans

The FAO, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) are urging countries to work together across sectors to prevent the spread of bird flu

Global risks

Quick briefing: how to manage the ‘risk multiplier’ effect

As risks become more interconnected, businesses must consider them holistically instead of in isolation. Here’s how to address the risk multiplier effect

spot freight

What does the dramatic increase in Chilean freight crime mean for risk managers

Analysis from TT Club and BSI SCREEN reports dramatic increases in Chilean freight crime, with incidents of theft estimated at 27% higher than in 2019. Here’s what it means for your business.

rainfall, flooding

Case study: How Taprobane Seafood Group are using parametrics to protect against nat cats

A new and innovative parametric structure is allowing shrimp farms in Sri Lanka to protect themselves against multiple weather risks not covered by traditional insurance

recession ahead

Why risk managers should harness intelligence from internal audit as recession fears grow

By Sara Benwell

Despite the many economic resiliency measures internal audit functions are engaged in, they are often an overlooked key asset in supporting organisations to navigate economic uncertainty. Here’s how risk managers can work with audit teams to better plan for financial shocks.

Insurtech stories

Can insurtechs help risk managers tackle tricky and underinsured risks?

By Chantal Kapani

Two industry experts give their views on whether the insurtech sector can help solve the problem of underinsurance.

Diversity people

Risk guide: how to create the right culture to tackle people-related risks

By Sara Benwell

Remote working plus a cost of living crisis and talent migration is leaving workforces disengaged and stressed. Unhappy employees put everything at risk, so organisations must protect their greatest asset and build risk cultures that put the heart of their organisations.


Tackling the risks of double extortion ransomware

By Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales

Double extortion ransomware is on the rise, and risk managers should be worried. Chris Harris, EMEA technical associate vice president, data security at Thales, explores how to manage and mitigate these emerging threats


Why French riots mean that global SRCC coverage may get more expensive

New research from DBRS Morningstar finds that the riots in France could have severe impacts on the global strike, riot, and civil commotion insurance (SRCC) market. Here’s what risk managers need to know

directors and officers insurance

D&O insurance pricing is favourable - what it means for APAC risk managers

A new report from Gallagher finds that D&O insurance conditions remain favourable, here’s what it means for risk managers and their organisations

cyber attack

How risk managers can best protect supply chains from cyberattacks

By Dirk Schrader, VP of security research at Netwrix

Risk managers must look beyond their own networks to ensure cyber resilience throughout their supply chain. Dirk Schrader, VP of security research at Netwrix explains how.

travel insurance (2)

Spotlight on: Travel risks and how to manage them

By Sara Benwell

New security and health risks, plus a constant threat of travel disruption, mean many employees are reluctant to get back on the road. The duty of care is on risk managers to proactively plan for their safest possible travels.

broken laptop

Risk managers must check insurance policies as hybrid working remains popular

The combination of more people working from home and supply chain issues increasing the cost of computer repairs means risk managers need to take stock of insurance coverage

resilience (2)

How APAC risk managers can improve business decisions with resilience

By Sara Benwell

New data from FM Global ranks countries for resilience, here’s how risk managers can use the index to help improve business decision-making

solar flare

Spotlight on: solar flare risks

By Isobel Rafferty

The sun is expected to reach the peak of its cycle in the summer of 2025, heightening risks of solar flares. Here’s what risk managers need to know

iStock-577623462 - business interruption

How Asia Pacific is tackling business interruption risks

By Trevor Treharne

A manufacturing and hospitality hub that’s high-value, export-driven and supply chain-centred – it’s no surprise APAC is so focused on business interruption. But how are risk managers handling concerns when coverage can be hard to secure?

Typhaine index 2

Risk managers must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin

By Sara Benwell

Effective risk management requires strategic collaboration with the board. But this remains easier for some than others. Risk must professionalise, says Typhaine Beaupérin, to be taken seriously.


Case study: How Marriott Hotels tackled workplace injury spikes in Asia

By Trevor Treharne

When Marriott’s Sharon Xu discovered two Asian countries had notably higher employee work injury claims than the rest of the region, she set about investigating why and what could be done to change it.


Franck Baron: why risk management needs a single professional standard

By Trevor Treharne

Risk managers across Asia needed a place to bond and so chairman Franck Baron founded PARIMA. Ten years on, he is passing on the reins, but his commitment to binding the industry together remains strong


Western countries are high risk supply chain locations due to forced labour and ESG violations

Risk managers most move beyond near or onshoring to secure supply chains, amid data showing over half of countries globally are high risk

fraud, keyboard

Faster payments are opening companies up to fraud risk - how to mitigate the threats

By Baptiste Collot, co-founder and CEO of Trustpair

Baptiste Collot, co-founder and CEO of Trustpair, explores how risk managers can tighten payment controls to reduce the risk of fraud

court room

Risk managers must avoid “off the shelf” insurance as court disputes reach new highs

The latest data shows companies are being forced to court to get insurance claims paid. Here’s how risk managers can avoid getting burnt.

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Movers and Shakers - Insurwave, Gallagher Re, Miller, Insurance Council of Australia, Axa XL

The latest appointments news from across the global risk and insurance industries

mental health, homeworking

Risk managers in Asia must address employee stress and widening health protection gaps

New research finds that 44% of Asian employees are stressed in everyday life - here’s why risk managers should care

SR_web_Alex Sidorenko

CRO view: Chatbots can revolutionise risk management, but only if we get algorithms right

ChatGPT can’t compete with trained risk management chatbots but it can easily outperform many risk consultants, says Alex Sidorenko, chief risk officer and founder of RISK-ACADEMY

supply chain networks

The biggest risks facing exporters and how to tackle them

New research exposes the supply chain risks facing organisations operating internationally. Here’s how they can be tackled.


How to manage reshoring risks - a US case study

By Andrew Tait, P.E. Integrated Risk Leader at Sigma7

Former pharma risk manager and current P.E. integrated risk leader at Sigma7, Andrew Tait, looks at how reshoring changes the exposures faced by manufacturing companies in the US, and what global lessons can be learnt


Shipping threats are evolving - here’s what risk managers need to know

Shipping losses hit a record low in 2022, but a jump in fires, shadow tanker fleet and economic uncertainty pose new safety challenges

Construction worker safety health

Risk briefing: getting to grips with construction risks

By Ade Adeyemo, UK Construction Practice Lead – Risk Consulting at RSA Insurance

Ade Adeyemo, UK Construction Practice Lead – Risk Consulting at RSA Insurance, explores how construction risks are evolving and how risk managers must adapt to manage them

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Why risk managers must take stock of their firms’ geopolitical impact

By David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly

David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly, explores why companies may be unwitting political actors and how risk managers can deal with the exposures this creates

climate change risks

How climate change is making it more difficult for risk managers to find adequate insurance

By Sara Benwell

As insurers grapple with increasingly frequent and severe natural catastrophes, the insurability of cat risks is being called into question, with worrying implications for risk managers.

HD_JPG-Francois Beaume 476

Unveiling the future of risk management: the 2023 RMIS Panorama

By François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae

François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae, explores how this year’s Panorma survey can help risk managers leverage technology, to better mitigate threats


Risk-!n case study: How Sunstar set up a quantitative risk management system

By Sara Benwell

Maya Wellig, head of global risk management at Sunstar, shares her process for quantifying risks and how it improves c-suite engagement


Risk-!n conference – Why Sonepar is deploying its captive to target employee benefits

François Beaume, VP of Risks and Insurance at Sonepar, says that using captives for employee benefits is a missed rendez-vous that the organisation is tackling head on

Risk-!n conference - The next shock is on the horizon, warns Dr Axel Sitt

By Sara Benwell

Companies must become shock absorbent to avoid the next big crisis, says Dr Axel Sitt, head of risk and resilience services at Eraneos.

Resilience Index

Risk-!n conference: How a resilience index can get you a seat at the CapEx table

By Sara Benwell

STMicroelectronic explains how its Resilience Site Index is changing the way the firm does business

Caribbean ravaged by tropical storm Raphael

Case study: How parametric solutions allowed Aboitiz Power to insure the uninsurable

By Trevor Treharne

Simplicity, pre-defined triggers, and fast payouts are some of the key advantages of a parametric approach to extraordinary Nat Cat risks, says chief risk officer, Annacel Natividad

regulation consumer duty

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act: what next for risk managers

By Iona Cheng, director at Control Risks

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act is about to get new teeth, and risk managers must respond swiftly, says Iona Cheng, director at Control Risks

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Political instability is fuelling unprecedented business losses - how to manage the threats

By Sara Benwell

War in Ukraine, tension between China and Taiwan, climate change, conflict in Sudan, and rogue states have all added to the geopolitical risk facing companies. Here’s how risk managers can manage the ever-evolving threats

cyber war

How to build an effective incident response plan

By Mark Lamb, CEO of

Risk managers are waking up to the realisation that cyber attacks are inevitable, Mark Lamb, CEO of, explains how to prepare

Volvo autonomous

How risk managers can tackle the evolving automotive risks in their organisations

By Kiran Boosam, global insurance industry leader, Capgemini

Kiran Boosam, global insurance industry leader, Capgemini, explores how mobility risk is changing and the tactics that risk managers can deploy to manage emerging threats

Economic outlook signposts

Economic uncertainty fuels financial, liquidity and insolvency fears

How risk managers can tackle risks to businesses driven by ongoing economic uncertainty

cyber security

How to achieve cyber resilience through increased security vendor accountability

It’s time for risk managers to hold cybersecurity vendors to account, says Richard Hollis, CEO of Risk Crew


Risk of financial crisis looms - what it means for firms

Banking system strains and tightened credit supply now pose the greatest threats to the global economy

SR_web_Alex Sidorenko

The role of the CRO in defining risk appetite

Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY, explores the three key aspects of risk appetite and where risk managers can add value

Diversity people

How to identify and manage people-related risks

David Tattam, chief research & content officer and co-founder, Protecht, explores the key people-related risks facing organisations and how risk managers can tackle them

data automation

How automation can improve risk management practices

Lauren Doyle, product and platform specialist at Whyaye, explores what is behind the rise of automation in IRM and what it means for risk managers

steel factory fire

How SME risk managers can prevent business insurance claims

Danial Cummins, general manager of SafetyCulture Care in Australia, discusses practical tips for SMEs to help reduce their physical risks and improve the safety of their frontline workers.

Supply chain large

Supply chains rattled by multi-risk landscape

By Trevor Treharne

Pandemic impacts, geopolitical issues, economic risks and cyber threats converge on supply-chain risk decision-makers

Nepal, earthquake, nat cat

Dealing with the mental health consequences of natural and man-made disasters

By Sara Benwell

Pressure is mounting on businesses and organisations to take a more holistic approach to their operations and address the mental health fallout from any man-made or natural disasters.

oil rig

What risk managers need to know about tensions in the Strait of Hormuz

The Strait of Hormuz is a vital conduit for transporting crude oil to the rest of the world and a huge, connected risk in global supply chains. Here’s why risk managers should take note of recent tensions

Color Photo Mary Carmichael

Rethinking risk management in an agile world

To succeed with digital acceleration, risk professionals will need to transition from outdated methods, argues Mary Carmichael, managing director, risk advisory, Momentum Technology

Employee wellbeing

Why employee benefits could be the next frontier of captive management

By Sara Benwell

Pascal Prévost, former manager of corporate insured employee benefits at Nestlé explores how captives could be used to reinsure employee benefits

technology (4)

How TMT companies can manage cyber, business interruption and infrastructure risks

Cyber incidents, business interruption and critical infrastructure failures rank as the top risks for Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) companies, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer


Learning lessons from pharma risk management

Kathrin Anne Meier, Board Member, SRA - Swiss Risk Association, explores how risk managers are tackling the unique threats facing the pharmaceutical industry and what other sectors can learn from their approach

cyber attack (4)

Why the global energy storage market must be wary of ‘invisible’ cyber risks

Risk managers in the growing battery energy storage system market must bolster their cyber resilience as they face emerging cyber threats


Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse: a wake-up call for risk managers

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank raised important questions about the role of risk management in ensuring stability. Atul Vashistha, chairman and CEO of Supply Wisdom, explores the key lessons that risk managers should learn


Case study: reacting to a ransomware attack

An inside view of how one company deals with ransomware attacks and what risk managers can learn from their approach

collaboration (3)

RIMS and PARIMA announce alliance for global risk management standard

Collaboration between global risk management associations will be critical to the profession’s future, said RIMS, as it welcomed risk professionals to RISKWORLD 2023 in Atlanta.


How one firm developed its systemic resilience capability

Jean-Michel Paris, head of corporate risk, group vice president, STMicroelectronics, shares insights into ST’s resilience journey: from framework design in 2018 to navigating the world’s VUCA environment since 2020

Hans Laessoe

Heatmaps can be dangerous - how to make sure you’re using them effectively

Hans Læssøe, founder of AKTUS, explains when heatmaps and risk matrices can be useful, and how to use them appropriately


Case study: reacting to a ransomware attack

An inside view of how one company deals with ransomware attacks and what risk managers can learn from their approach

Danny Wong_photshop

Moving beyond Excel: the urgent need for better risk management tools

By Danny Wong is an Enterprise Risk Management thought leader with over 20 years’ experience in senior risk roles

While Excel may be easy and free, it is no longer sufficient to manage the complex and ever-changing risks faced by organisations today. Danny Wong, an enterprise risk management thought leader, explores the alternatives.


Case study: How STMicroelectronics set up a new captive in Switzerland

By Sara Benwell

Two internationally well-known captive experts talk about setting up a new captive, and how the landscape is evolving for risk managers.

more decisions

Chief risk officer view: how I develop and maintain a strong risk culture

By Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY

Alex Sidorenko, a chief risk officer and the founder of Risk Awareness Week and the RISK-ACADEMY shares his five top tips for creating risk culture and empowering executive decision making

construction site

Business interruption and natural catastrophes are the top risks facing the construction sector

By Sara Benwell

Property damage and business interruption losses are now likely to be significantly higher than before Covid-19, here’s how risk managers can respond

Russia, Ukraine

Political risk is growing - how risk managers can prepare

By Sara Benwell

Operating successfully will depend on the ability of companies to proactively manage political risks. A new survey shows how the landscape is shifting, and how risk managers can respond.

solution dice

The benefits and disadvantages of captive solutions for risk managers

Pierre Perrenoud, board member of various captives, SIRCA, Swiss Insurance and Reinsurance Captive Association shares his views on the risks and advantages of captive solutions

Mental Health for customers

Nine tips for reducing people-related risk in a cost of living crisis

When employee well-being suffers, so does an organisation’s bottom line. Risk managers must make sure that people-related risk is top of mind as the cost-of-living crisis worsens.


Risk managers must urgently tackle bullying in the workplace

32% of employees in the UK have experienced bullying disguised as banter, here’s what risk managers need to know

cyber attack (4)

How cyber threats are evolving and what risk managers can do to prepare

By Johnty Mongan, head of cyber risk management at Gallagher

One of the biggest threats to the cybersecurity of businesses is the ever-increasing expertise of cybercriminals. Johnty Mongan, head of cyber risk management at Gallagher explores how organisations can pre-empt what attackers’ next moves might be.

business no money credit

What the $30trn global liquidity gap means for risk managers

Against the backdrop of increasing credit and liquidity risk, we explore how risk managers can help their organisations to mitigate these threats

Risk management

Why captives are growing ever more important for CFOs and risk managers

Denis Kallaert, risk & compliance consultant to reinsurance companies and independent director of various reinsurance captives, shares his views on the future role of captives in risk management

oil and gas refinery

What global energy volatility means for risk managers

The latest energy market review from Willis Towers Watson outlines why energy volatility means supply chain resilience is more important than ever


Four common mistakes risk managers make - and how to avoid them

New Risk Academy guides explore some of the biggest mistakes risk managers commonly make and how to avoid them

travel partnership plane

Security risks deter employees from international business travel

By Sara Benwell

Business travellers are more anxious about international travel, citing disruptions, geopolitical threats, pandemic risks and security threats as key areas of concern.

Nat cat losses vs SRCC losses

Insured losses from strikes, riots and civil commotion now comparable to major natural disasters

Risk managers face reduced political violence (PV) insurance and strikes, riots and civil commotion (SRCC) cover, thanks to global outbreaks of violence

mental health, homeworking

New stress risks on the horizon as hybrid working takes off

By Jon Guy and Sara Benwell

Could we be seeing the start of new risk exposures for sectors that have embedded hybrid working practices?


Brokers missing the mark on ESG factors

By Sara Benwell

UK brokers are failing to consider ESG factors when evaluating insurers, according to new research from GlobalData.

Compliance iceberg model FTI consulting

Why culture is king in information governance and privacy

Nina Bryant and Sabine Clappaert, FTI Consulting, explore the regulatory, reputational, operational and financial risks associated with an organisation’s compliance culture and how to overcome them

Marsh cyber controls

The key controls that reduce organisational cyber risk

New analysis reveals which cybersecurity controls are most effective in reducing cyber risk across an organisation

Artificial intelligence

Embrace technological change and win the war for talent

Investing in Artificial Intelligence can help risk managers and their organisations win the war for talent, argues Piet Middelkoop, CEO of Van Ameyde Group


Why risk managers are turning to political risk insurance

In the wake of falling foreign exchange reserves, more businesses are relying on political risk insurance to protect against governments failing to pay foreign suppliers


Four lessons to learn from hurricane Ian

Swiss Re’s sigma report highlights the key lessons that the risk management and insurance industry must learn from hurricane Ian.


Risk management is the best way to control insurance costs

Insurers want to work with businesses to counteract the impact of inflation, which threatens to drive up the cost of property and casualty claims, says David Jones, Director of Underwriting, QBE Europe.


Special report: Supply chain risk

How do you manage supply chain risk effectively in a world of constant disruption?

New Zealand

Cyclone Gabrielle costs insurers $1.5 billion

The catastrophes have disrupted supply chains and tested New Zealand’s resilience


Inflation drives patterns of cargo crime

There is an increasing emphasis on theft of basic goods, food and beverages, fuel and auto parts


Inflation set to erode global political stability

Global growth opportunities outweigh elevated geopolitical and economic risk landscape, finds Marsh political risk report


SR Q1 2023: Look out, listen out, speak out

One thing risk professionals know only too well is that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself

cargo vessel

Guidelines for safe transport of Lithium-ion batteries introduced

Guidelines seek to prevent fire and other risks, ensuring a safer supply chain in the future

agriculture, farming

Climate change will drive disruption within food & drink sector - WTW

Three quarters of food & drink firms cite lack of supply chain insurance solutions as among their biggest challenges


Cultivating risk culture

By Trevor Treharne

Tough to measure and tricky to implement, how can organisations bolster risk culture?

watch look

Curious by nature

From financial services to public servant, Andrew Methven’s search for answers has driven his career in risk


Supply Chain Webinar: No time for complacency

Risk managers operating in a global world should ensure their organisations are ready to roll with the punches

no water

AXA XL identifies seven sectors most exposed to water risks

The cost to businesses of inaction is five times higher than the cost of action

Rising inflation

Energy prices remain top threat to business resilience

Weakening customer demand, cyber security, increased taxation, and access to talent are other major challenges - survey

flood australia

2022 global nat cat claims breach $100 billion

Global losses from floods were above average, the main event being flooding in eastern Australia in February-March 2022

SR_web_Paul Young

How humanity averted an environmental catastrophe

The success of the 1987 Montreal Protocol is proof all is not lost in the fight against climate change

globe melt climate crisis

Global warming likely to overshoot 1.5C by 2030s, warns IPCC

Changes in the food sector, electricity, transport, industry, buildings and land-use can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Cloud risk

Cloud providers suffered nearly 500 critical outages in 2022

About a third of events impacted US cloud regions, with a total of 1,190 performance disruptions overall

Credit Suisse

Panic spreads despite emergency takeover of Credit Suisse

UBS seeks to “preserve the value left in the business while limiting downside exposure”

exposure, balloon, pin

Inflation set to drop sharply as energy prices fall

Global inflation will return to pre-crisis levels faster than it took to reach its peak, but any number of shocks could derail this outcome


$2.2 trillion global electronics industry at threat from semiconductor supply chain

Risks include geopolitical tensions, earthquakes, and extreme weather, but risk transfer solutions remain thin on the ground


New Zealand summer flood claims hit NZ$1.65 billion

Floods are the largest weather-related loss in history for New Zealand, prompting a rethink of extreme weather exposures

Annacel Natividad

Annacel Natividad appointed as PARIMA’s new chair

She has a keen focus on sustainability and resilience and replaces long-serving founding chair Franck Baron

sustainable development

Asian corporates adapt risk management to include sustainability metrics

By 2023, ESG performance will become a standard component for third-party risk assessment, predicts IDC

bushfire 1

Australia on El Nino watch as ENSO enters neutral phase

El Niño is the warm and dry phase of the climatic cycle, bringing the risk of drought and wildfires

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse displayed risk management “deficiencies” over Greensill

FINMA has opened proceedings against four managers as it orders the bank to improve its controls

Silicon Valley

SVB crisis shows need for diversified funding options

By Helen Yates

Corporates must not put all their eggs in one basket where funding options are concerned

Kidnap and ransom is a growing risk

Asia-Pacific sees fall in crisis incidents in 2022

But greater volatility is expected in 2023, driving threats including kidnap incidents and political repatriations

SR_web_Sharon Xu

What can risk managers do better in 2023?

In the post-pandemic world, risk managers must reevaluate what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ risk

marine insurance, cargo

Global security threatened by Russian influence in Africa

Shortages of grain and fertiliser are literally a matter of life and death in some nations, warn experts from KCS Group Europe

agriculture, farming

Interest in parametrics grows as traditional capacity retrenches

Offers an “affordable solution” for large-scale insurance of catastrophic and agriculture exposures - New Dawn Risk

ransomware hack cyber

SMEs more exposed to cyber-attacks as resilience grows, finds BCI

Phishing and spear phishing remain the most frequent form of cyber-attack, but ransomware is ranked second most disruptive

compliance, regulation

Top three regulatory developments to watch in APAC

By Trevor Treharne

From supply chain and natural hazards to ransomware and risk management processes, APAC risk managers face multi-faceted compliance requirements

hacker phone scam

Cyber expert shares top 10 social engineering techniques

The watering hole, piggybacking, dumpster diving, and other social engineering attacks threatening employees

Pakistan floods

APAC firms adjust to a rapidly changing risk landscape

The hard market, supply chain disruptions and natural catastrophes continue to challenge businesses in the region - Aon

Mining minerals hands child labour

Where energy security meets human rights

Mitigating risk in rare earth metals supply chains is essential for a just energy transition, say Kevin Braine and Oliver Stern


Supply chain risks remain underinsured despite demand for cover

Companies are redesigning supply chains, but BI insurance protection remains a “wafer-thin patchwork”

umbrella protecting umbrellas 2

Captives hailed as hard market solution for cyber, D&O

Captives provide much-needed capacity as traditional carriers reduce limits, increase exclusions, and/or increase pricing

Russia, Moscow

Firms take stock after one year of Russian sanctions

There are many lessons to be learned from the rollout of the sanctions and ensuing compliance efforts


AGCS outlines five risk drivers of political violence

Civil unrest risks has risen substantially, causing billions of dollars in property damage and business interruption

Ukraine war Russia invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine: One year on

International SOS shares lessons learnt, including the need for more robust crisis management

Bruce Hepburn

Surviving today’s “poly-crisis”

Not all risks can be managed out of existence. It’s time for insurers to step up


Asia and Pacific regional outlook brightening, says IMF

But challenges remain as supply chains remain highly integrated and several countries face debt distress


Chaucer will “embed” ESG into underwriting model

The company intends to embed a pre-bind tool to determine the ESG score of prospective clients

New Zealand

Damage from New Zealand catastrophes to exceed $10 billion

Cyclone Gabrielle and Auckland floods to erode profitability of property insurers in New Zealand


China spy balloon: Inflating tensions

By Trevor Treharne

The balloon controversies come just as the US and China were attempting to stabilise relations

Cyber risk

Potential targets warned in VMware ransomware campaign

The automated ransomware campaign called ESXiArgs is targeting outdated VMware ESXi servers globally

NZ floods

New Zealand’s North Island suffers widespread flooding

Around a third of New Zealand’s population live in areas affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, many without power

Cyber world

China and Russia behind majority of 2022 cyber attacks

Rise of state-sponsored cyberattacks poses a significant threat to the stability of our interconnected world

ukraine, russia

Russia-Ukraine conflict: At a crossroads

Both sides appear to be gearing up for a long, attritional war, with consequences on both sides

marine insurance, cargo

Russia, Ukraine and Africa: Against the Grain

Is Russia’s war in Ukraine a localised conflict, a regional war, or a global disaster?

data breach

Risk managers voice concern over sensitive data stored by cyber insurers

Airmic members say the “gold mine” of sensitive data they share with underwriters could present a security risk

cracked ice, vulnerable

Global freeze map will help with business continuity

Freeze risk regularly impacts equipment and infrastructure which is often hidden and enclosed within a building

SR_web_Tom Scampion

Re-inventing sanctions screening

Why firms must improve compliance, drive efficiency and tackle friction as the war in Ukraine rumbles on

supply chain

Supply chains: Building slack into the system

By Helen Yates

How do you manage supply chain risk effectively in a world of constant disruption?


Turkey earthquakes: Port fires impact $679m of global trade

Damage at Iskenderun is a reminder that ’a single point of failure’ can ripple across supply chains - Russell Group

Artificial intelligence

AI: Friend or foe for risk managers?

By Trevor Treharne

AI brings the promise of progress and threat of disorder, as the launch of ChatGPT demonstrates

Secret whisper

Insurers monetise intangible assets for IP product

Aim is to develop a trade secret protection ecosystem as the value of unprotected intangibles grows

Turkey earthquake

Turkey earthquake largest in 84 years

Tragedy is a reminder that resilience is the main defence against such powerful seismic events

businessman in choppy waters

Risk Benchmarking Survey 2023: Great expectations

By Helen Yates

After three years of global shocks and turmoil, senior managers are more engaged than ever in risk management

Riot control

Geopolitical risk reaches a 5-year peak

The conflict in Ukraine was the main driver of risk in 2022 with rising inflation sparking discontent further afield

increasing prices

Commercial insurance rates continue to moderate, says Marsh

Cyber rates continue to rise at slower pace; financial and professional rates fall for a second quarter

world digital cyber binary code

Governments under attack as cyber threat grows

But business, both retail and B2B, remains the most attractive target for most threat actors

tug of war

Countries shifting into opposing blocs, finds Political Risk Index

The Western bloc has lost ground in all world regions, presenting risks for multinational companies

hospitality sector, receptionist

Hospitality firms feel unable to control their risks

Strategic risks are mounting post-pandemic as firms cite fears around reputational risk and underinsured BI losses

Stock shares

Adani hits back at Hindenburg fraud allegations

The Indian conglomerate accuses short seller of misinformation and alleges ulterior motives


Business outlook brightens despite geopolitical fears

Worries over further severe energy market disruption have eased at the same time as China’s Covid reopening

Pakistan floods

Global nat cat losses surpassed $313 billion in 2022 - Aon

Flood losses in Australia broke the historical record and monsoonal floods in Pakistan had a far-reaching humanitarian impact

Cloud risk

Parametrix to pay claims after MS Azure Outage

Outage at the world’s second-ranked cloud service provider brought down multiple regions for nearly three hours

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

How short-term challenges are impacting the net-zero transition

Charles Sincock explains how global risks are altering our journey to net zero and what this means for businesses


Food and fuel top global cargo thefts

Thefts from hijacking have fallen as a proportion of cargo theft; these are now second to theft from facilities 

maze, resilience

Governments are boosting domestic supply chains - BSI

New regulations emphasise financial sustainability as firms grapple with trade disruption and inflation

SR_web_James Watts

What is concentration risk in technology?

From supply chains to software: Why you could be unknowingly putting all your eggs in one basket

construction workers

Supply chains have not fully recovered from disruptions

A shortage of skilled labour is a compounding concern within construction, manufacturing and healthcare

technology innovation

Cyber war endorsements could invite innovation

Credentials stolen via phishing remains the most common cyber attack vector for businesses

Renewable Energy

Robust pipeline for renewables in Asia, despite ‘new trilemma’

Floating solar will play an important role in the energy transition of China, India and South Korea


Emerging risk must be the responsibility of all

By Jon Guy

Insurance sector must ‘stay curious and think ahead’ to cope with emerging risks, rather than simply passing the buck to other industries

SR_web_Lee Whiteing

Duty of care a key concern as business travel returns

Corporates – forced to cope without travel for so long – will be more discerning when weighing up the value of a business journey

Simon Weaver-WTW

WTW combines Asia and Australasia operations

Former head of Australasia Simon Weaver has taken on the new role as head of Asia Pacific

Innovation Artificial Intelligence

Financial services firms lack responsible AI strategies - study

71% of organisations state that AI ethics and responsible AI are not a core part of their operational strategies

Internet of things

IoT explosion presents massive (and growing) cyber exposure

Just 4% of experts worldwide are “confident” that connected devices are properly secure, warns WEF

SR_web_Alex Toews

The year operational resilience became a boardroom priority

Resilience is not a one-time box-tick exercise but an ongoing journey that begins with data and culture

changing landscape

Allianz Risk Barometer: BI and cyber top threats in Asia Pacific

Climate-related concerns increase in Asia Pacific, with natural catastrophes and climate change amongst the top five risks


Davos: Pressures on food, energy and inflation may be peaking

In China, expectations of growth are polarised, with an even split between those who expect weak or strong growth

umbrella, protection, trust

Demand for BII shoots up after COVID test cases

Insurance class to see a period of “growth and stability”, but appetite for pandemic cover remains muted

Franck 2

Franck Baron to step down as Parima chair

He has become president of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations

financial, global

Banking CROs face ‘torrent of interwoven complexities’

78% of banking CROs in Asia-Pacific are focused on China’s changing global role

hot air balloon, inflation, claims

Cost of living crisis tops WEF Global Risks 2023

Geopolitical rivalries and inward-looking stances will heighten economic constraints going forward

globe melt climate crisis

“Hopes of a Net Zero future are fading” - WEF Global Risks

By Helen Yates

We are heading towards ”a slower and more disorderly climate transition” as short-term crises take precedence

key cyber business

Make 2023 the year of zero trust

Uber, Optus and Medibank are cautionary tales in corporate network access, writes MyCena’s Julia O’Toole

opportunity ahead

Green transition creates $10.3 trillion ‘commercial prize’

Green industries - and their vast supply chains - offers substantial opportunities for those who move fastest


APAC nat cat losses cost $70 billion in 2022

In parts of China, a prolonged drought and heatwave disrupted shipping and hydroelectric production

China lockdown

Why China’s rushed reopening comes at a cost

Beijing has relaxed COVID restrictions almost as quickly as it imposed them, risking a major health crisis

supply chain

Nearshoring is happening faster than expected

Apple, GM and Boeing lead the trend as US-based corporates source suppliers closer to home

SR_web_Simon Cutmore Verlingue

Setting the course for Green Hydrogen

What are some of the key risk management issues presented by the wider use of Green Hydrogen?

sustainable handshake

LRQA buys Australian sustainability audit firm SAS

The combined entities will offer a range of risk management and ESG-led solutions

Taiwan China 2

‘Rogue Russia’ and ‘Maximum Xi’ top geopolitical risks for 2023

As a new year dawns, we remain in the depths of a ’geopolitical recession’ warns Eurasia Group


Jennifer Santiago named RIMS 2023 President

Lendlease’s Kevin Bates is named RIMS secretary and David Arick and Kristen Peed become vice president and treasurer


Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie brings heavy rain to Western Australia

Floodwater has triggered multiple evacuations, many roads around the Fitzroy River are impassable

flood australia

Eastern Australia floods top 2022 ex-US cat losses for insurers

The floods generated an industry loss of $4.7 billion, while the Fukushima Earthquake caused $3.9 billion in claims - CRESTA


2023 to be one of Earth’s “hottest on record”

Mean temp rise up to 1.3°C above pre-industrial period as warmer conditions return to the tropical Pacific

climate change innovation idea

Webinar: Climate change risk - it’s time to step up

By Helen Yates

How do risk managers prepare an adaptation plan in the face of increasing weather extremes?

SR_web_Jose Seara

Cyber: Why are buyers opting to retain risk? And other questions

Some surprising trends have emerged in the industrial cyber risk landscape. What does this mean for 2023?


Only 20% of firms feel prepared for supply chain disruptions - study

Socio-economic changes and shifting consumer demands are among some of the challenges facing organisations

flood australia

​La Niña shows signs of declining strength

The climatic cyle typically increases chances of above-average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during summer


Climate litigation continues to ramp up in Australia

State governments and large corporates will be held to account on climate related pledges, warns Clyde & Co

SR_web_Chris Hickin

You, me and ESG

Navigating complex ESG challenges with the support of internal and external partners


AGCS launches dedicated ESG division

Gabrielle Durisch will join from Zurich Insurance Group in April 2023 as global head of ESG & Sustainability Solutions

umbrella, protection, trust

RIMS President applauds profession’s role during COVID

The pandemic showed the world what type of leaders risk professionals truly are, says Patrick Sterling

SR_web_Mary Carmichael

Why you must understand the board’s risk tolerance

Without this, efforts to manage and optimise risk will be futile

No planet B protestors

Insurer targeted over controversial Adani coal project

Activists received a tip-off that Probitas1492 is insuring the Adani Carmichael’s thermal coal project rail line, haulage operation and port

Riot control

2023 will bring heightened levels of unrest

Further geopolitical disruption expected as crisis management teams remain in ‘perma-crisis’ mode

directors and officers insurance

ESG presents ‘significant exposure’ for D&Os

Fallout from a global recession, lax cyber security and an uptick in litigation are other key risk drivers for 2023

recession ahead

Demand for contract frustration grows as economy deteriorates

Cost of insurance against defaults on sovereign debt jumps by 179% in Asia & Pacific

Beijing Financial District

China insurance outlook revised on easing of lockdown rules

AM Best has revised its market segment outlook on the China non-life insurance industry to stable from negative

flood australia

PERILS pegs Southeast Australia floods at $791m

The floods primarily affected the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania during October 2022


Hong Kong unveils risk and insurance roadmap

Markets in the Mainland and Hong Kong will be brought closer to transform the SAR into a ’global risk management and insurance hub’

Taiwan China

China-Taiwan tensions: What are the risks?

By Trevor Treharne

With a “significant escalation” in the strained relationship between Taiwan and China, how should risk managers be preparing

monitoring ESG

The Climate School launches new module for risk managers

Parima and AXA Climate back training for risk specialists preparing their companies for climate risks

coal power plant

Korean Re adopts coal-exit strategy

The move is welcomed, but there are calls to go a step further and restrict coal from its treaty business

HK protests

Geopolitics to heighten travel and security risks in 2023

Some firms are poorly equipped to mitigate the risks posed to business assets and personnel, warns Healix

Kei Masuyama

The torchbearer

By Trevor Treharne

In a country with a scarceness of risk managers, Kei Masuyama is leading the way for the profession in Japan

William Miller-WTW

WTW names head of crisis management, APAC

Ensuring health and safety of staff is a “business imperative” given increasing duty of care regulations

hard time, recession

Two thirds of SMEs are ‘fighting for survival’

Research from the WEF and National University of Singapore Business School comes amid warnings of a global recession

ESG acronym cubes

ESG webinar highlights: Counting down to Zero

An audience of global risk managers joined a webinar to discuss managing ESG, greenwashing and reaching Net Zero


Special report: ESG

Your planet needs you, and so does your organisation

China lockdown

China unrest: Risk implications

Stringent COVID restrictions have caused a wave of riots in China and put risk managers across the globe on notice


SR Q4 2022: Thriving or surviving?

By Helen Yates

As we approach year-end, it is clear 2022 has offered no reprieve from shocks and cascading risks

ESG Committee

ESG is now a ‘key focus’ for risk managers - WTW

ESG priorities are highest in the Asia Pacific region, with the survey indicating this is lower among North American companies

travel shake hands partnership

Rising global risks to impact business travel in 2023

Organisations must handle multiple physical and mental health issues to maintain Duty of Care responsibilities

China lockdown 2

China tightens security after anti-lockdown protests

Officials are expected to respond swiftly to stem the social risk of escalating unrest, possibly via “piecemeal easing of restrictions”

technology, data, analytics

Third of internal auditors yet to adopt data analytics

Audit body argues that advanced analytics is the key to navigating an increasingly volatile risk landscape

cyber attack 2

Inside Australia’s data breach endemic

The causes and solutions to Australia’s recent spate of high-profile data breaches

IT, working

Decline in workplace health contributes to ‘quiet quitting’

Mental health issues alone are expected to cost firms $16 trillion in output by 2030

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Democracy under fire in a third of countries

China among the top ten highest risk countries; shows the “prominent role of authoritarian regimes” within the global economy

bushfire 1

Australia continues to warm; rainfall becomes more intense

State of the Climate Report shows an increase in extreme heat events, intense heavy rainfall, longer fire seasons and sea level rise

umbrella protecting umbrellas

Captives: Plugging holes in protection

By Sara Benwell

Does the creation of a mega captive in Europe reflect poorly on commercial insurers, and what are the risks involved?


Inflation drives up cost of vessel, cargo repairs

The rising prices of steel, spare parts and labour are all factors in the increasing cost of hull repair and machinery breakdown claims


Industrial growth in Asia to slow to 1.3%

Easing supply chain hurdles are insufficient to offset falling industrial demand across the region in 2023


Geopolitical flashpoints include Taiwan security crisis

Although invasion is “highly unlikely”, a naval blockade in the Taiwan Strait increasingly probable, warns Dragonfly


US-China trade war is top geopolitical risk for 2023

Risk managers in strategic and high-tech sectors must monitor efforts to decouple critical supply chains - Control Risks

transport and logistics

Rethinking food and drink supply chains

With growing vulnerability to extreme weather and geopolitical threats, the industry needs new risk transfer solutions


Tata Steel wins RIMS ERM global award

Roads and Transport Authority of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait Petroleum International also honoured for ERM success


Taking a zero-tolerance approach to cyber hygiene

The drive to digitally transform is resulting in gaps and weak links in the fight against the cybercriminals


Nuclear communicator

By Trevor Treharne

An on-the-ground advisor after 2011’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, Mariko Nishizawa is using bitter lessons to create better risk communication

road, city

AIIB pledges climate-resilient infrastructure investments

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has joined the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment


A journey of resilience

Surviving the Boxing Day Tsunami encouraged Marie-Pier Desharnais to pursue a career in disaster response and confront her own fears

Franck Baron

Four major themes from PARIMA 2022

By Trevor Treharne

The Asian risk management association focused on geopolitical risks and personal well-being


The ‘S’ in ESG: Why, what and how

ESG is increasingly important, but the neglected ‘S’ needs attention, Zurich CEO for Asia Pacific tells PARIMA conference

mental-health-reputation allianz

Why wellbeing is becoming a strategic priority

With 40% of workers facing burnout and many ‘quietly quitting’, the onus is on organisations to act


Climate risks could undermine viability of world’s key waterways

Rising physical climate risks, such as coastal inundation and extreme heat and wind, could impact key shipping lanes

data breach

Australian data breaches up 14% - OAIC

The number of major breaches caused by cyber security incidents - including ransomware - calls for up-to-date response plans

SR_web_Emily Morgan

Sanctions screening your third-parties

It is simply not worth running the risk of going into any relationship blind, and accidentally breaching sanctions

cost increase

How inflation is compounding business interruption

By Trevor Treharne

As rising costs fuel higher insured losses, risk managers will get preferential treatment for their organisational resilience, says FM Global

FM Global Centre Singapore_FM Global

FM Global debuts $80m Singapore risk facility

By Trevor Treharne

Insurer opens experiential risk management facility for APAC clients featuring interactive simulation labs and an immersive theatre

Cyber resilience

Three ways of increasing cyber insurability - sigma

There is currently a protection gap of around 90% due to the uncertain nature of systemic risk

finance chart

WEF: Near-term crises dominate risk agenda

In Central and Southern Asia, interstate conflict and debt crises topped concerns respectively

flood australia

Major floods continue across NSW, Victoria

Widespread disruption continues due to flood-impacted roads, rail, homes, properties, businesses and agricultural land


Singapore firms more risk averse than global peers

Business leaders are more anxious about risk and less resilient than their global peers

SR_web_Nigel Collins

Evolving attitudes to cyber risk

Why some businesses are re-evaluating their attitude to cyber coverage amid rising premiums and tougher terms


COP27: ‘Tangible progress’ needed to close climate finance gap

The recent floods in Pakistan caused $30 billion in economic losses - more than 10% of the country’s GDP

hybrid working

Workplace transformation: Great opportunities, but not without risk

New work models are reshaping how organisations approach risk. Done well, sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved

recession ahead

Sovereign debt downgrades grow as inflation bites

Ukraine crisis and inflation lead to 34% increase in sovereign debt downgrades, including Sri Lanka

fraud prevention button

Fraudsters target professional services firms

Claims caused by fraudulent instruction and business email compromise are on the rise - Beazley

Cyber Risk

Ransomware: Business is booming

Ransomware is forecast to cause $30 billion in damages by 2023, warns AGCS

rising rates (2)

Global commercial insurance rates up 6% in Q3 - Marsh

Rates increased in the Pacific by 5% and in Asia by 2%, with cyber pricing increasing 53% overall

Construction Insurance JG April 2021

Green transition to drive construction growth of $5.6 trillion

The fastest-growing region globally is expected to be emerging Asia, led by China and India

Climate COP26

Climate change is becoming number one global risk

In APAC, this is followed by pandemics and cyber risks, with geopolitical instability ranking fourth - Future Risks Report


Going atomic: Asia’s nuclear future

By Trevor Treharne

As the region proliferates its nuclear power footprint, what must risk manager do to prepare?

Bruce Hepburn

The role of insurance in times of crisis

The war in Ukraine is one of the major crises of our times. It is exposing the limitations of insurance

Sharon Xu (photo)

Room for risk

By Trevor Treharne

Marriott’s Sharon Xu on being people-oriented, embracing change and preparing for another COVID at the hotel chain giant

board, ai, tech

RAW2022: Risk governance and the board

Norman Marks offers some key questions for the board as Risk Awareness Week 2022 gets underway

flood australia

Catastrophic floods hit three Australian states

More extreme weather is on its way with widespread rain and storms forecast across eastern Australia later this week

flood risk corporate resilience

Extreme climate losses 30x more likely at exposed premises

Research from FM Global shines a light on the vulnerability of commercial properties which lack resilience

transport and logistics

How supply chains became a strategic risk

Recent shocks mean that supply chain risk management is no longer an operational issue

cyber crime, world

Ferma panel tackles $10 trillion cyber accumulation

Risk managers faced up to insurance bosses as they discussed the ‘industrialisation of crime’ in Copenhagen

monitoring ESG

Prioritising ESG improves legal, regulatory risk

As tighter regulation comes into play, firms must extend their focus around ESG internally and within their wider value chain

Cyber Risk

Beazley warns of cyber risk complacency

An uncertain geopolitical risk landscape could be one source of distraction as cyber resilience deteriorates


Supply chain resilience and ESG define new cohort of ‘Lighthouses’

Innovative Asian factories show how the manufacturing sector can embrace Industry 4.0 and sustainability to stay competitive - WEF

SR_web_Eric Hensley

Keeping pace with ESG regulation

Firms are being pushed to pursue a cleaner, greener, more equitable and ethical world. But it’s not easy being sustainable

PPE sanitizer

Supply chain lessons from the COVID-crisis

By Trevor Treharne

How the medical product manufacturing industry was able to keep the PPE and vaccine supply chains flowing

2022 action plan

Climate change: Unpicking the complexity

By Helen Yates

Is our permanent state of crisis a distraction from climate commitments, or an opportunity to accelerate the transition?

protection Covid19

Firms continue to emphasise business continuity post pandemic

Resilience is now an “unavoidable topic for boardroom agendas”, finds research

Pakistan floods

Pakistan faces monumental hunger crisis after floods

The conflict in Ukraine has also disrupted the supply chain of wheat grain, seed and fertilisers into Pakistan

flood australia

NSW and Victoria face significant flood risk

Many communities are already experiencing flooding due to a wetter than usual spring and saturated soils


Special report: Climate change 2022

Why risk professionals are the ideal people to make sense of the complexities surrounding climate change


Special report: Operational risk and agility

Truly agile operational risk management is the only way to make it today’s turbulent world. Quick, responsive, flexible, strong – do you have what it takes?


SR Q3 2022: Inflation - staying grounded

Even the risk community isn’t keen on trying to predict the next crisis, as each one seems to have a cascade effect

inflation (2)

Pinning down inflation effects

By Sara Benwell

Soaring inflation is creating issues on many levels - but there are things you as a risk manager can do

Data breach Getty

Australia will tighten data protection rules after Optus cyber attack

Sensitive data of around 10 million customers, or about 40% of the population, were compromised


Time to tackle cyber accumulations, urges Actuaries Institute

Inaction not an option, says Green Paper in the aftermath of Australia’s massive Optus data breach

ukraine, russia

Tipping towards disaster

In this ever-more destabilised world, the post-Cold War rules no longer apply, explains Dragonfly’s Henry Wilkinson

Diversity hands 2

Diversity now considered crucial to company success - survey

Progressing towards diversity and inclusion goals is becoming managed in the same way as corporate and financial performance


Tool measures ‘resilience dividend’ of critical infrastructure

Approach from Mott MacDonald and the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment will attract investment adaptation

Annacel Natividad

The tough cookie

By Trevor Treharne

Philippines-based Annacel Natividad on resilience and building risk relationships in her frequently catastrophe-hit country

complexity, confused businessman

Predictive analytics in an era of cascading risks

How effective data integration makes sense of complexity and takes risk management into a new era

Flood protection hand

Seoul: After the floods

By Trevor Treharne

Lashed by the most severe rainfall in over 80 years, will Seoul’s deadly summer floods spark a risk reassessment

flood anchor

APAC region vital to achieving disaster risk reduction targets

By Trevor Treharne

The global battle to reduce disaster losses by 2030 will be won or lost in Asia-Pacific, according to the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

airport woman covid mask

Risk index helps airports identify threats

It compares 110 of the world’s busiest airports against 19 threats to identify and mitigate sources of disruption

SR_web_Mark Malecki

Time to stop ignoring supply chain cybersecurity

NHS 111 is one of the latest victims, but it doesn’t have to be this way

health insurance partnership

Pandemic drives claims in digital health and wellness

Trend is particularly strong in Asia where demand for digital health services has grown substantially - Beazley

shanghai insurtech china innovation

Boards face ‘perfect storm’ of high-impact risks

The gap between awareness and action taken on geopolitical risk is ‘alarming’, as tensions grow between the West and China

Queensland floods

Eastern Australia braces for another wet Spring

With a third La Niña officially underway, outlook shows more than 80% chance of above average rainfall


Research shines light on digital trust gap

While nearly all respondents in Australia and New Zealand say that digital trust is important, just 12 percent have a dedicated staff role

Adam Peckman (1)

Aon names senior leader for APAC Cyber Solutions

Adam Peckman will oversee Cyber Solutions portfolio growth and integration across the region

empty football stadium

Study exposes ‘blind spots’ in risk preparations at sports stadiums

By Trevor Treharne

Research paper from China finds “stampede accident” and “fire or explosion” are dominant causes of severity loss

Queensland floods

Significant loss creep on East Australia floods

Event is now the largest insured catastrophe loss event experienced in Australia at $6.3 billion


The end of globalisation is nigh, warns Russell Group

By Helen Yates

Industry must brace for profound changes ahead as economies shift away from globalisation after three decades

agile, tech

Webinar: Operational risk - becoming agile

Achieving a dynamic approach to operational risk management is essential in today’s uncertain, interconnected, and increasingly volatile world

coronavirus, world

sigma study examines risk in a multi-polar world

“Friend-shoring” and reshoring of supply chains, investments in green energy and mitigating a food crisis will shape the risk landscape

NSW floods

Australia’s extreme weather burden grows - ICA

Since 2005, Commonwealth expenditure on disaster relief was $24 billion, while spending on disaster resilience was just $500m

agriculture, farming

​Heat stress to threaten over 70% of global agriculture by 2045

This could trigger a host of secondary impacts, from civil unrest and political instability to mass migration and human rights abuses

power station, fossil fuels

Power sector faces rising rates amid volatile risk landscape

Power insurance market will harden further due to constrained capacity and a ‘disappointing’ loss record - WTW

Geobear Subsidence Repairs

Risk managers should ‘pick recovery over replacement’ to aid sustainability

By Trevor Treharne

As sustainable approaches burgeon in importance, risk managers have been urged to focus on recovery measures when disaster hits

singapore (2)

Parima introduces hybrid Resilience Week for 2022

The event on 7-10 November will see a comeback of the association’s in-person Conference in Singapore and a series of #GoLocal2022 sessions

renewable energy

Insuring the transition

By Helen Yates

The insurance industry has a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to support the transition to Net Zero, so what’s holding it back

global risk

Inflation fuels social unrest, with the worst to come

Sri Lanka experienced the biggest decrease in government stability, but risks in the Philippines are growing

Alex Sidorenko

Are your brokers costing too much?

When approaching last year’s renewals, a single factor helped us shortlist brokers: data

ship cargo

Battery fires in shipping a significant safety issue

All parties in the supply chain must understand and mitigate risks of transporting lithium-ion batteries - AGCS


Parametric solution for extreme rainfall launches in Singapore

The parametric insurance product is designed to help travellers manage the impact of unexpected weather conditions

climate risks

Two thirds of boards discussing climate impact in Singapore, Philippines

Lack of climate risk expertise and data are seen as the main obstacles for climate financial disclosure - WTW

Vietnam flood

Losses mount from deadly Pakistan floods

Early estimates put the damage at more than $10 billion as minister blames climate change


Demand for trade credit cover will increase even as appetite reduces – Aon

Supply chain issues, inflationary pressures and geopolitical uncertainty contributed to the market’s challenges in Q2 2022

Cyber security April 2021 Aviva EV

‘Zero trust’ a top priority for 80% of C-suite

Amid growing cyber threats and changing work environments, decision-makers are embracing a ‘zero trust’ mentality

dry river bed

China’s record-breaking drought triggers power outages

Due to a lack of hydroelectric power, manufacturing companies in southern China have been forced to close


Firms face underinsurance as construction costs rise

Raw material shortages and rising energy costs are causing building costs to skyrocket, potentially leaving business out of pocket

Sean Deehan-HK

WTW names head of Hong Kong and Macau

Sean Deehan will also continue in his current position as Hong Kong market leader for WTW’s ICT business

SR_web_Ryan Swann

Risk management and next-generation technology

Why firms must proactively construct risk management capabilities to keep pace with transformative change

green, net zero, climate change

Insurance facility launches to cover green and blue hydrogen project risks

Investment in green and blue hydrogen initiatives is estimated to exceed $150 billion by 2025


The risk of underinsurance posed by inflation

By Katie Scott

Brokers have a ‘real opportunity’ to showcase their value in the face of cost and supply chain pressures

SR_web_Dorota Jilli

Supply chain security under threat

Disruptive economic, societal and geopolitical influences are altering global supply chain risk profiles

NSW floods

NSW government releases independent flood report

The O’Kane-Fuller Flood Inquiry’s 28 recommendations will help improve future flood resilience


Cyber: Hitting pause

At below $10 billion, why has the cyber re/insurance market failed to live up to its potential?

Flooded car

Flood losses ‘material’ for Korean insurers - Fitch

The heavy rainfall caused unprecedented flooding in various parts of Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and Incheon, with the Gangnam area one of the worst hit

SR_web_Joe Noss

Ukraine: A ‘Matrix moment’ for climate change

The choices governments make in response to the Ukraine conflict might either accelerate or delay the global transition to net-zero emissions

flooding, warehouse

FM Global offers policyholders $300m resilience credit

The credit will be applied as a 5% premium offset against policies with renewals between 1 October 2022 and 30 September 2023

Flooded car

Seoul reels from deadly flash floods

Torrential rain knocked out power, caused landslides and left roads and subways submerged


APAC rebound will slow into 2023, but not reverse

With most of the continent now treating COVID as endemic, consumption growth will remain resilient - Oxford Economics

Riot control

Economic stresses drive social unrest in LatAm

As with Sri Lanka, protests are being driven by inflation, adding to economic and social stresses initially caused by COVID

court room

COVID BI test case rumbles on

Australia’s High Court to hear arguments in the country’s second BI test case, which has so far favoured insurers

SR_web_Nigel Collins

Reputation in an era of state-sponsored attacks

Managing the reputational fallout from being the subject of a cyber attack is an aspect that is often overlooked

SR_web_Rosie Hawes

Taking an authentic approach to ESG

Why relying on ESG ratings may be the quickest way to undermine your own reputation for ESG compliance

stressed man

CISOs face burnout as ransomware threat continues

A third of organisations experience a ransomware attack at least once a week, with impacts on security professionals’ wellbeing

SR_web_Jag Lamba

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Today’s volatile risks will impact your supply chain in unique ways; here are three areas to consider

money graph profit going up upwards financial

Global commercial insurance rates up 9% in Q2

In Singapore, financial and professional lines prices increased by 24%, the largest pricing increase compared to 16% in the previous quarter


Asia-Pacific MAT market to surpass $16 billion by 2026

Geopolitical tensions, supply-chain issues, volatility in oil prices, and extreme weather repercussions could hamper growth

Flooded area

Floods across Asia drive H1 cat losses

Floods in India, China and Bangladesh confirm the growing loss potential from floods in urbanised areas


APAC nat cats cost $22 billion in H1 - Munich Re

The loss tally is higher than usual with floods in Australia constituting the costliest disaster at $6.6 billion

Russia Ukraine floor crack

Lloyd’s, Aon examine long-term impacts of Ukraine conflict

Ability of businesses to diversify and ‘hedge’ portfolios and supply chains to reduce dependencies are key to minimising risk exposure

power station, fossil fuels

Global energy transition fuels international rivalries

While energy insecurity has sped up the transition in Europe, it has pushed some Asian countries to rely more on fossil fuels

Allianz Solar Panels

Calls for solar industry to mitigate fire risk

In Australia, the number of solar fires attended by firefighters rose six-fold between 2018 and 2020

SR_web_Andrew Coburn

Don’t wait for the hammer to fall

Climate litigation - including ’greenwashing’ claims - is increasingly a risk for Board consideration

cyber, global shift

Ukraine fall-out and new ransomware tactics elevate cyber risks

The maritime sector and satellite infrastructure are sectors most likely to be targeted by cyber criminals


Black Sea grain deal will ease supply bottlenecks

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has hailed the accord a “beacon of hope”


World ‘unprepared’ for magnitude of cascading climate risks

As the intensity of heatwaves, storms and floods speeds up, so do the time horizons for rising global instability

China flood

China floods top catastrophe tally in 1H

Global natural catastrophes during the first half of the year caused estimated damage of $92 billion


India, South Korea at severe risk of flood as temperatures rise

A quarter of the world’s power generation capacity and 26% of international port outflows are currently at risk of flooding, finds Marsh McLennan

building on fire

Fire/explosion and nat cats remain top drivers of claim severity

Contingent BI claims spike due to broken supply chains, cyber claims remain elevated and inflation will add to claims severity, finds AGCS


Inflation begins to bite for top 50 APAC firms

Companies lose 6% aggregate market value in Q2 amid heightened risk of recession and soaring inflation - GlobalData

China flood

Firms in Guangdong cease production amid flood warnings

Meanwhile, Sichuan has been hit by flash floods while Shanghai braces for further heatwaves


The metaverse will support ‘shift from risk indemnity to risk mitigation’

Use of the metaverse for the insurance sector is “evolving at pace”, says Accenture’s global insurance lead

connect world

AGCS integrates captive solutions into expanded multinational offering

Henning Haagen will oversee the new team with Guy Money promoted to global head of Multinational Business

Iris Chan photo-WTW

WTW names head of Corporate Risk and Broking, Hong Kong

Iris Chan assumes an expanded role and will be responsible for all aspects of CRB business in Hong Kong and Macau


Singapore, New Zealand warn against travel to Sri Lanka

A curfew has been imposed in Colombo after further violent protests and troops are patrolling the streets

Zero tolerance

Insurers adapt underwriting to better price climate risks

Conduct risks such as ‘greenwashing’ stand to be major source of environmental liability claims

Supply chain

Australian food recalls at lowest levels since 2017

Food recall numbers appeared largely unaffected by the pandemic in 2020, but numbers have been decreasing since

shanghai insurtech china innovation

Claims inflation will extend hard market - sigma

Global insurance premiums are set to surpass $7 trillion, with China now the world’s second largest market

cyber topic

Cyber extortion grows in sophistication, warns Beazley

Data exfiltration is now prevalent in a significant majority of incidents as extortion techniques become increasingly complex

lightbulb, technology change

Insurers must build new, data-led markets

Imagination is needed by corporate risk managers to deliver outcome-based solutions, say panellists


Sydney flood claims begin to mount

So far, insurers have received 8,415 claims costing $97.9m, but losses are expected to rise substantially


Supply chain risks linger in Asia

China’s zero-COVID strategy hasn’t just impacted those living within its borders — a ripple effect has been felt across Asia


Insurance Council declares ‘significant event’ for NSW floods

Communities need to be “better protected” from extreme weather events that are “becoming more frequent and severe”


Thousands evacuate as Sydney floods

Over 30,000 people have been impaced as heavy rain and flooding continues to impact New South Wales

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Ukraine triggers a re-evaluation of global systemic risk

Systemic risks affect entire markets - not just specific sectors - and are now top of mind for senior executives - WEF

data security

Cyber security remains “chief risk” for IT audit teams

War-related cyberattacks are on the rise and the surge of sophisticated ransomware attacks is ongoing, warns research

iStock-577623462 motorway gap

Has 2022 knocked global resilience off course?

Protection gap for health, mortality and natural catastrophe risks combined reached $1.42 trillion in 2021, finds sigma


Pandemic and geopolitical shocks continue to test global trade

Reshoring production and diversifying suppliers and customers may not be the silver bullet companies hope, warns Atradius

ESG Committee

ESG approach helps buyers secure D&O

More D&O insurers are willing to offer better coverage to businesses with robust ESG frameworks, says Marsh


StrategicRISK Q2 2022: It just won’t wash

Organisations are racing to declare their sustainable credentials… but should they tread more carefully?

Ed Butler (Preferred)

Pool Re warns of ‘perfect storm’ in geopolitics

Power games are increasingly being fought on multiple levels beyond physical conflict, including cyber warfare

Queensland floods

East Coast Floods were ‘most costly flood event’ in Australia’s history

Claims costs creep towards $5 billion four months after ICA declared the event a catastrophe

renewables-solar rsa final

Asian nations lead emerging world in climate commitment

Malaysia and China are ’exemplars’ and governments of Bangladesh, Malaysia and the Philippines are ’strongly committed’


Beazley to prioritise firms with robust ESG scores

Companies must meet an appropriate threshold score under Marsh’s ESG Risk Rating (ERR) framework

fraud prevention button

1-in-4 falling victim to fraud in APAC - Experian

Nearly half of businesses say fraud is a high concern but just 25% of Singaporeans say their expectations are being met

supply chain (2)

Identifying Asia’s major supply chain chokepoints

China investment in Brazilian infrastructure will ease its reliance on the Panama Canal, finds Russell Group

Queensland floods

Queensland gains additional resilience funding

It follows the devastating floods experienced in South-East Queensland in February and March this year

Insurance Rebellion - greenwash

It’s not easy being green

By Sara Benwell

Organisations are racing to declare their sustainable credentials… but should they tread more carefully?


AXA XL names China country manager

Dr HaoMing Zhou is based in Shanghai and reports to Gilles Fromageot, regional manager, Asia

globe melt climate crisis

Beware new generation climate risks, warns SONAR

The thawing of permafrost could accelerate climate hazards and release disease-carrying pathogens

supply chain

Supply chains at a ‘critical junction’

Why global supply chains are ‘on the move’ as risk managers measure the trade-off between cost, risk and sustainability

handshake, people hire

WTW expands Asian construction and power team

Aon’s Nicki Tilney takes on a new role as George Nassaouati is promoted to head of Energy Asia


Cyber war exclusions boost likelihood of claims litigation

A lack of standard, battle-tested definitions in cyber policies makes litigation more likely amid the conflict in Ukraine, warns Moody’s

AXA XL Space

Earth observation data: A new frontier

The application, accuracy and quantity of satellite data continues to explode with opportunities for risk transfer and mitigation

Cyber attack

Over half of employees are falling victim to spear phishing

Cybercriminals are turning to social engineering in increasingly sophisticated attacks

Riot control

Inflation and ‘ideological shifts’ fuel civil unrest

Strikes, riots and violent protest movements pose property damage and BI risks to companies - AGCS

climate change

FM Resilience Index shines spotlight on ESG

Country filters present data related to businesses’ climate risk and ESG interests


Global events have ‘significantly altered’ business resilience in 2022

Rising prices and an unpredictable economic environment are driving instability and civil unrest, as we have already seen in Sri Lanka

Queensland floods

Australia flood claim costs hit $5 billion

Claims inflation, due to rising labour and supply costs, is a key driver of the loss creep


Who pays for ESG?

There are massive upfront costs in getting your organisation ESG-ready. So who pays?


Bangladesh depot blast caused by mislabelled chemicals

ILO calls for improved safety campaigns targeting transport, logistics and emergency-service providers

Cyber resilience

India’s new cyber rules criticised by tech firms

The data protection rules will require firms to report a breach within six hours of discovery

supply chain (2)

Lessons in supply chain disruption

Should we be surprised by the speed and magnitude of supply chain failures - or should we be better prepared?


Improved cyber resilience tempers ransomware

Companies’ risk management investments appear to be paying off with notable moderation in ransomware frequency

Data breach

Chubb and JA Assure launch cyber platform for SMEs

Solution providing clients with pre-loss risk mitigation and incident response services for SMEs in Asia

Queensland floods

2022 Australia flood claims rise to $4.3 billion

Floods that hit South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales are now the country’s fourth costliest disaster

mental health (2)

Opportunity to build societal resilience post pandemic

Pandemic is a call to action for insurers to help close the protection gap in life and health across APAC markets, finds Swiss Re

Russia Ukraine floor crack

IIA: Businesses facing perfect storm of risks

Conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated the severity and range of risks businesses are now grappling with

Riot control

22% of world’s cities face widespread security risks - Maplecroft

The lowest risk cities are predominantly in East Asia, with Japan and Taiwan making up the 10 safest locations


Sri Lanka riot claims to exceed $3m

Widespread riots broke out in Sri Lanka following an attack on anti-government protests in Colombo on 9 May

Cyber Risk

Business leaders lack confidence in ability to manage cyber risk

Just 43% of respondents have conducted a risk assessment of their vendors or supply chains - Marsh

IoT conected world

Industry 4.0: Risk or opportunity?

By Helen Yates

Many of us are accelerating our digital journeys. So how do we adjust our risk radar?

renewables-solar rsa final

GCube reveals impact of supply chain crisis on renewables

Recurring lockdowns have ”exposed the weaknesses of the solar industry’s total reliance on Southeast Asia”


Singapore sets up cybersecurity centre

NTU Singapore and CSA Singapore launch joint centre for cybersecurity evaluation, research, and education


Stagflation increases ‘fallen angel’ risk for Asian corporates - Fitch

Prospects of ’stagflation’ are rising, with added supply-chain risk, China’s lockdowns, and tighter labour market conditions


Supply chain disruptions persist, fuelling further inflation

A range of manufacturing activities across the globe will be affected by the logjams

Australia’s election result “a climate victory”

ICA welcomes Albanese government’s commitment to build more resilient communities

future corona business

RIMS: Just 27% of risk managers address emerging risks

When scanning the horizon for future risks, only 24% look three to five years ahead, finds research

Tool theft

Cargo theft rises amid port congestion

Strict COVID-19 protocols at Asian ports created delays and backlogs leading to theft opportunities

HK protests

Cost of living crisis inflames civil unrest risks

Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan have already experienced destabilising unrest this year

power station, fossil fuels

WEF calls for ‘urgent action’ amid energy crisis

Prioritising energy transition is a crucial response to the most severe energy crisis since the 1970s


Crackdown in Sri Lanka could escalate unrest

The government has ordered armed forces to shoot looters on sight

Cyber resilience

South Korea joins NATO’s cyber defence centre

Close international cooperation is essential in countering the cyber threat, says the country’s National Intelligence Service

ransomware, system hacked

Remembering WannaCry, five years on

The attack highlighted the potential systemic impact of ransomware and indiscriminate nature

knowledge gap, inequality

Multiple risks surround cost-of-living crisis - sigma

Decades of rising inequality in advanced markets has taken a $252 billion toll on insurance protection

Extinction Rebellion

Insurers face rising ESG concerns

’ESG reputation could become as important as product, service and price’ for insurers


“No room for complacency” in shipping industry

Crew and port congestion challenges and the war in Ukraine are among the challenging headwinds - AGCS

AXA XL Space

Competition for sea, space, and soil will fuel future geopolitical risk

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a stark reminder of how quickly geopolitical risks can escalate - Marsh

board room, price increases

US D&O market posts best results since 2014

Rate hikes exceeding 10% per quarter fuelled direct premium growth of 35% to $14.6 billion

fraud arrest

Firms face heightened risk of fraud

82% said their organisations had been significantly impacted by fraud and illicit activity - Kroll

intellectual property

RIMS-WTW: Intellectual property supply chain risk warning

Companies have problems because they underestimate what IP exposures are


Container fires shine spotlight on lithium battery risks

Ecommerce platforms have facilitated trade in potentially lethal products, warns TT Club


Shanghai lockdown delivers $28 billion hit to global trade

Clothing, textiles and automotive industries have been most impacted by supply chain backlogs

regulation, compliance, plans

RIMS-WTW: Risk managers challenged by ESG compliance

How supply chain risks, D&O responsibilities and the rise of climate-related litigation are shaping the risk landscape

green, net zero, climate change

RIMS-WTW: Disruption and opportunity

By Daniel Dunkley

Corporates can mitigate a range of risks by embedding ESG principles into their business strategies

financial calculate

The problem with Quant

Daniel Roberts considers the limitations of quantitative risk management

NSW floods

Australia’s 2022 flood costs break previous records

Floods in February and March are estimated to have cost $3.35 billion in insured losses


Riding out the perfect storm

By Selwyn Parker

Why businesses should be making themselves as resilient as possible

Crystal ball future

Financial firms fear advanced cybercrime

Cyber threats, macroeconomic change and geopolitical turbulence will shape emerging risk landscape


RIMS-WTW: Firms must adopt ‘culture of adaptability’

The impact of multiple ‘low frequency, high-impact’ risks calls for a new approach, says WTW’s Muhiudeen


Cyber war exclusions could leave firms high and dry

Businesses caught in cyber crossfire of Russia-Ukraine conflict cannot rely on insurance for protection, warns Databarracks

price increases

Commercial rates rise for the 18th consecutive quarter

Hard market is beginning to moderate but inflationary pressure could impact pricing going forward - Marsh

SR_web_Atul Vashistha

Are you ready for the SEC climate rules?

Publicly-listed firms will be compelled to report on third party climate risks as well as their own

cyber insurance, city

Cyber remains a leading risk for Asia

By Dan Dunkley

Cyber is an ever-present threat, while sustainability is a top emerging risk for Asian corporates


RIMS-WTW: Time to face our fragility

By Helen Yates

MAS’ Gillian Tan says more innovation and collaboration is needed to tackle complex risks


Reshoring is ‘misguided’, warns IMF

Supply chain resilience is better built through diversification and ’substitutability’, argues IMF

closed, coronavirus

Hong Kong and NZ buck insolvency trend

Continuing fiscal support will allow ‘zombie’ firms to continue operating through 2022 - Atradius

Cyber attack

Cyber and data loss D&O's top risks

Climate change was ranked 6th by respondents in Asia and Australasia - WTW and Clyde & Co


Risks to “peak” in summer 2022

Businesses are facing perfect storm of high risk / low resilience - Beazley

SR_web_Lou Gritzo

Moving towards net zero

Opportunities and risks around greener business


RIMS names LaBranche new CEO

Gary LaBranche will succeed longstanding RIMS CEO Mary Roth, who is retiring

Queensland floods

PERILS pegs Australia flood claims at $4 billion

Event is the largest flood loss on record for insurers, exceeding the 2011 Brisbane floods


Maersk diverts cargo from Shanghai ports

Several vessels will be “omitting Shanghai” due to a shortage of available container space at the port

Kerala Floods

UNDP partners with Generali to tackle protection gap

The partnership will support developing countries’ access insurance and risk finance solutions

Vietnam flood

Q1 nat cat losses reach $32 billion

APAC accounted for the highest percentage of Q1 economic losses at over $15 billion

marine cargo

Exporter confidence plummets amid soaring energy costs

A majority of exporting firms (54%) received some form of state support over the last 12 months, especially in China (70%) - Allianz Trade

fraud arrest

Pandemic behind record rise in fraud

A “perfect storm” created increased exposure to cyber, social engineering, phishing and CEO fraud, finds new research


Complex energy claims dropped during 2020-2021

Losses such as the Beirut explosion in 2020 and Winter Storm Uri were not included in the analysis


Singapore to increase data breach fines for FIs

Under the Financial Services and Markets Bill the maximum fine would be raised to $1m per breach


Special report: Intangibles

The pandemic focused our attention on intangible risks like never before

Cyber security April 2021 Aviva EV

Clyde & Co launches APAC cyber risk practice

Chris McLaughlin joins from Aon to head up the venture - a response to ’heightened cybersecurity pressure’ on APAC firms

Plane buildings

Travel and working patterns to stabilise by year-end

Nearly half of respondents in Asia anticipated that stability could take between 12 months and 3 years to be reached

climate change innovation idea

IPCC “encouraged” by climate action

Scaled-up actions can support ”deep emissions reductions”, with carbon capture and storage an option

renewable energy

Energy transition accelerated by Russia-Ukraine

Geopolitical uncertainty is creating an increased need for transition risk management - WTW

technology in cars

WEF expands Industry 4.0 ‘lighthouse’ community

Local manufacturing and supply chain resilience are crucial in the current geopolitical context


StrategicRISK Q1 2022: Our world in pain

By Helen Yates

The world needs more adults in the room who are willing to speak up and behave with intellect, diplomacy and integrity through a crisis


Asian demand for captives grows, but hurdles remain

There is growing demand for captive solutions as organisations seek alternatives to traditional insurance structures

Queensland floods

Australia’s devastating floods prompt risk evaluation

By Dan Dunkley

A national emergency has been declared in Australia, prompting risk managers to review their natural catastrophe exposure once more

Queensland floods

Australian insurers resilient to flood losses - Fitch

Net losses will be “much lower” than ICA’s current gross estimate of $2.5 billion due to reinsurance recoveries

Cyber attack

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021

The most affected industries were professional and legal services, construction, wholesale and retail, healthcare, and manufacturing - Unit 42

storm, cyclone

Reinsurance Pool legislation passes in Australia

The risk pool for cyclone and cyclone-related flood will launch in just three months

Flooded area

Floods drive 2021 cat losses to $270 billion

Already in the first quarter of 2022, major flooding in eastern Australia has caused widespread devastation


One year from Suez - another Evergreen grounding

Grounding is the second major cause of total loss of all shipping vessels over the past decade - AGCS


Namie Earthquake claims up to $4 billion - Verisk

Up to $820m in insured losses from the M7.3 earthquake are attributed to commercial and industrial properties


WTW partners with RIMS to advance risk management in APAC

Collaboration kicks off with the launch of the first RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Conference, held virtually from 26 to 28 April

future corona business

BCI: Prepare for the unexpected

Horizon scanning remains overly dominated by events that are happening now, finds report

China flood

Asian catastrophe losses hit $72 billion in 2021

Insurance covered just nine percent of losses as physical damage costs continue to rise - Aon


Taiwan among most ‘promising markets’ for 2022

The worldwide chip shortage looks to persist throughout 2022, providing ongoing opportunities in this sector


Ukraine war further exacerbates auto disruption

BMW is among the car manufacturers that are warning of supply chain disruptions exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

war, Ukraine

Ukraine reawakens business to the importance of political risk

Conflict calls for a strategic re-evaluation of footprints, supply chains, relationships, company cultures, business functions and risk appetite, argues Claudine Fry

plane sunset Getty

Boeing’s MAX is back

By Selwyn Parker

Have the risk management lessons been learnt and a more transparent organisation emerged?

Ukraine flag

Risk survey shows business sentiment rocked by war

Latest Oxford Economics risk survey finds Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered widespread pessimism


Shenzhen lockdown to further test supply chains

Major disruption at Shenzhen’s Yantian International Container Terminal is expected as 7-day lockdown begins


D&O: Walking a tightrope

How ESG, insolvencies, cyber intrusions, emboldened regulators and now sanctions could challenge your board

cyber crime, world

Cyber terror fears at heart of insurers’ reluctance to broaden cover

By Jon Guy

How the industry’s lack of appetite to cover terrorism or nation state cyber warfare risks is hindering market growth

Intangibles background3

Webinar: Getting a grip on intangibles

By Helen Yates

The pandemic has increased attention to intangible risks, but getting a firm grasp of the data remains a key challenge

ransomware (2)

Fitch warns of spillover cyberattacks

Cyberattacks on businesses and government agencies have increased following the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Flooded area

Australia floods to cost insurers at least $1.45 billion

Farmers anticipate millions of dollars of losses as system shifts south to Sydney

challenge, mountain

How to set and use risk appetite

Forget the caricatures. Risk appetite can and does power the link between strategy and execution

Russia Ukraine stand off

Ukraine conflict hits supply chains as oil prices surge

Energy prices, supply chain issues, travel disruption, inflation, ESG issues and business continuity are just some of the risks to navigate

Cyber attack

Ukraine conflict puts cyber resilience to the test

Firms urged to improve cyber resilience as governments anticipate rise in state-sponsored attacks - MyCena

risk planning strategy

Organisations step up investments in crisis management - BCI

Report finds “people, not technology” represent the first point of failure in an emergency communications plan

ESG acronym cubes

Boardrooms yet to fully grasp ESG risk - Marsh

Less than one-third of the FTSE100 sample showed evidence of standalone reporting on climate change risk in line with TCFD

Queensland floods

Losses mount from eastern Australia floods

Torrential rail is wreaking devastation across Eastern Australia with flash floods forecast for Sydney


IPCC: “Half measures no longer an option”

Report calls for ”urgent actions” as increased heatwaves, droughts and floods exceed biodiversity thresholds

Carolina Klint

Risk leader: Connecting risk to strategy

By Helen Yates

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we think about risk, thinks Carolina Klint


Delta Insurance launches in Australia

Specialist insurer with focus on risk mitigation is initially offering professional indemnity, cyber and commercial liability

construction welder manufacturing

Atradius predicts further disruption to India manufacturing

Credit risk is high in the textiles, paper and machinery/engineering sectors and business performance is below long-term trends


Business must become “stabilising force” in society

Corporates are more trusted than governments, but this brings heightened ESG expectations - Edelman

ransomware (2)

Improve ransomware preparedness, Asian corporates urged

2021 was region’s “most challenging year yet for cyber insurance”, according to Aon Asia Market Review

Kerala Floods

IDF launches disaster risk reduction initiative

Countries to benefit from anticipatory action partnership include Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines

cyber insurance (4)

Top 10 cyber incidents last year cost firms $600m

Cyber threats are more common, more dangerous and more destructive than ever before - Tokio Marine HCC International

M&A up outlook

Pandemic enters new phase - risk survey

Businesses perceive tail risks to be diminishing as economies learn to live with Covid and supply chain pressures ease


WTW: Firms failing to adequately protect reputation

77% of global executives lack confidence in their company’s reputational and ESG approach

organic growth

Chaucer and Moody’s launch ‘game changing’ ESG scorecard

Tool will evaluate businesses’ risks and opportunities based on 158 different ESG metrics


Zero-Covid policy is undercutting Hong Kong’s appeal

Delay to reopening its borders will “weigh on [the SAR’s] attractiveness as a global financial hub” - Oxford Economics

Australian bushfires

Australian insurance sector set for rapid growth

Demand for natural catastrophe protection is one factor driving insurance penetration

shanghai insurtech china innovation

Why CEOs are “resetting” their risk radar

Nearly 80% of business leaders are adjusting global operations and/or supply chains to minimise risk, finds EY

storm, cyclone

Gallagher Re: 2021 third largest cat year for re/insurers

Reinsurance broker urges a rethink of the impact from “secondary perils” as extreme weather events drive loss tally

financial, global

Hard market continues with cyber rates up 130% in Q4

It was the 17th consecutive quarter of commercial insurance price increases, according to Marsh


Claims reflect supply chain pressures and terminal logjams

Volume increases at terminals, and associated congestion, is behind an increase in impact-related incidents - TT Club

storm umbrella businessman

Descartes in bid to disrupt corporate insurance

The parametric insurtech has raised $120m to expand its solutions for risks relating to climate change


Global catastrophes cost $343 billion in 2021 - Aon

China was among the countries recording the costliest insurance industry events on record

Empty fuel gauge

Corporates facing ‘resilience fatigue’ - Beazley

Institutional burnout is a particular threat in pandemic-exposed sectors such as health, travel, education and hospitality

Cyber attack

Lessons from Merck’s NotPetya victory

Cyber war exclusions are likely to see future disputes over state-sponsored attacks ruled in insurers’ favour

green, net zero, climate change

Marsh expands climate transition offering

Collaboration with deep tech data analytics platform will help corporations understand, manage, and report on their net zero journey


Tonga eruption highlights global telecom vulnerabilities

Catastrophe highlights fragility of the global undersea cable network and how quickly it can go offline

data breach

2021 sets new data breach record

Nearly six billion accounts were impacted globally, with the COMB breach the biggest leak in history - Atlas VPN

Carolina Klint

Cyber threats growing faster than “ability to manage them”

By Clare Ruel

Rewarding efficiency over resilience ’can leave companies vulnerable to shocks’, says Marsh’s Carolina Klint


Allianz Risk Barometer: Cyber and BI top concerns

Cyber ranks top Asia Pacific risk for the third consecutive year


Hong Kong in bid to strengthen international risk management role

The region’s chief executive Carrie Lam outlined plans to strengthen the SAR’s position as a centre for risk and insurance


US Xinjiang bill demands full supply chain visibility

Companies must map highly complex supply chains to identify signs of modern slavery - Verisk Maplecroft


Firms failing to address unethical behaviour - EY

Standards of corporate integrity have stayed the same or worsened since COVID began

Hong Kong 2

WTW launches crisis management solution

Broker merges SCR with Terror and Political Violence teams to assist multinationals

outllook ball future

WEF Report: From ‘fight or flight’ to ‘boiling frog’

By Helen Yates

Why it’s time to shift out of crisis management mode as geopolitical tensions obstruct resilience efforts

globe melt climate crisis

WEF Report: Climate inaction dominates global concerns

By Helen Yates

Top risks are climate crisis, growing social divides, heightened cyber risks and an uneven global recovery, as pandemic lingers on

cargo vessel (2)

Ningbo restrictions spell further supply chain disruption

A week’s delay of essential trade at the Chinese port could impact $4 billion worth trade, warns Russell Group

alarm clock

When to think about risk

Why timing is everything when it comes to effective risk management

ransomware attack, cyber skull

Ransomware will continue to evolve in 2022

After a year of unprecedented attacks, Beazley’s Raf Sanchez warns the worst is yet to come

World coronavirus mask

Standard risk management fails to address systemic threats - study

Joined-up thinking across government and academia is needed to deal with complex environmental risks

new hire, shaking hands

RIMS names Sterling 2022 president

Patrick Sterling takes the reins as risk management profession reaches “a pivotal moment in its history”

diverse board room

D&O risks in 2022 defined by COVID and diversity

Brokers have flagged emerging D&O risks, including COVID liabilities and ESG considerations

Vietnam flood

Summer floods drive 2021 cat losses - CRESTA

The Fukushima earthquake, floods in Henan province and most recently Typhoon Rai in the Philippines are among major cat events


Asia Pacific Risk Benchmarking Survey 2021: Show us the money

Boards remain more engaged in risk, but it’s time to start putting their money where their mouths are


CROSS urges attention to risk management

Engineers must consider risk management at a “fundamental level” following structural collapses and tragic building fires


India and Australia count cost of November floods

It was the wettest November for New South Wales and Australia since records began, according to Impact Forecasting


APAC faces heightened geopolitical risk

The Asia Pacific region will probably be the most geopolitically charged region going into 2022, warns Dragonfly

Hong Kong 2

How technology is shaping political risk

Social media has made activist politics more effective in emerging markets, finds the WTW Political Risk Index


Insolvencies, ESG and cyber are key risks for D&Os in 2022

Risk managers and their D&O insurers should also closely monitor potential exposures to US derivative actions, warns AGCS

China flood

2021 catastrophe claims tally reaches $112 billion

Total economic losses from natural and manmade catastrophes reached $259 billion, up by 20%

M&A up outlook

Omicron variant hits business sentiment

Half of the respondents report that their business is currently being affected by the supply-chain crisis

View from the board

How climate is changing the world’s boardrooms

75% of board members say climate change is very or entirely important to the strategic success of their companies - report


Wildfire buffers improve resilience, reduce claims

Nature-based solutions significantly reduce financial losses associated with wildfires, finds research


October storm claims tally reaches $1 billion

Severe weather in October “one of the costliest natural catastrophes ever” for South Australia - PERILS

closing gap, parametric

Can parametrics close the gap?

By Jon Guy

Parametric products have role to play in closing protection gaps and catering to emerging risks like NDBI and cyber

cyber handshake

Cyber captives to take off in 2022

As the cyber market continues to harden, buyers will seek alternative risk transfer solutions, predicts New Dawn Risk

covid future

COVID-19: Fallout continues for Indian firms

The pandemic, a prolonged recession, cyberattacks and data fraud are the primary short-term risks, finds RIMS and Marsh

marine cargo

Omicron variant could hurt supply chains

Global trade remains vulnerable to pandemic-related disruptions, but Asia is ramping up production - Oxford Economics

storm umbrella businessman

Australia to consult on cyclone reinsurance pool

The government has released draft legislation for a reinsurance pool for cyclones and related flood damage from 1 July 2022

Covid-19 Option 1

BI tops risks for APAC firms

In Asia Pacific, business interruption topped the list, followed by cyber attacks, finds Aon

Future Success

What is top of your risk radar for 2022?

Don’t miss your last chance to tell us about your priorities in the 2021 Asia Pacific risk benchmarking survey


Special report: Complex claims

When it comes to large and complex claims you told us your main concern was nasty surprises


Australian properties lack resilience to tropical cyclones

Tropical storms to become more severe as the climate changes; ICA calls for stronger building codes and retrofitting programs

marine cargo

WTW launches ports and terminals risk forum

It is collaborating with the University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies to develop an index of risk disruptors


StrategicRISK Q4 2021: The great reset

By Helen Yates

Risk management is not just about avoiding losses. It is about saying ‘yes’ when it counts


Asia to power global construction boom

The switch to more sustainable buildings and infrastructure and adoption of modern building methods will transform the risk landscape, finds AGCS

mental health

Mental health crisis to test firms in 2022

Having adequate resources to deal with the pandemic is a top challenge for Asian firms in 2022 - International SOS

Agile adaption digital

WEF champions “adaptive” SMEs

Factors that once disadvantaged small and medium-sized firms now work more in their favour

pinky promise

Making good on a promise

By Helen Yates

It is in how they manage blindsiding losses that the risk managers prove their mettle

leave job resign

Ready for the Big Quit?

Why employers unable to meet workers’ post-COVID expectations are seeing staff head for the exit

lightbulb, new thinking

A fresh take on risk

Is risk management strategically fit for purpose when it is too reactive and compliance-focused? asks Adrian Clements


Atradius: Asia trade at a crossroads

The future of Asia’s international trade hangs in the balance as global forces shift, warns Atradius


Global supply chains tested “like never before”

COVID-19, cyber risk and port backlogs are among six key facets of current global supply chain strain - FM Global

Court case

Judicial independence under attack in 45 countries

Companies must remain vigilant as the situation deteriorates rapidly in China

iStock-885690024 - cyber

Cyber and reputation are Australia’s top threats

Survey highlights the growing interconnectivity of risks, as firms shift focus to impact-based risk assessments


Firms failing to address environmental risk

Environmental issues are bottom of business leaders’ concerns and set to fall further in 2022, finds Beazley


Aon and ICEYE launch Japan climate risks solution

Japan experiences an average of three typhoon landfalls and several flood events annually


Parts of Australian coast will become ‘uninsurable’

ICA estimates Australian governments will need to invest $30 billion in coastal protection and adaptation due to climate change

travel shake hands partnership

Malaysia to lead Asia's 'Great Reopening'

Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand will experience strong gains from an easing of curbs - Oxford Economics

green, net zero, climate change

Insurers’ sustainability focus a “clarion call”, says BlackRock

Nearly half of respondents have turned down an investment opportunity over the past 12 months due to ESG concerns - BlackRock

cyber attack 2

Operational technology breaches grow by 83%

Cybercriminals are targeting critical infrastructure with ransomware as they are considered easy prey - Skybox Security

kenya, flooding

COP26: Global resilience index launches

GRII will help sectors across the global economy quantify the value of building climate resilience, and the costs of doing nothing

Mining minerals hands child labour

Beware ESG threats in your supply chain

By Helen Yates

New laws will require corporates to monitor their supply chains for human rights and environmental abuses

transport and logistics

Demand for supply chain insurance to rise

The global supply chain crisis has exposed the limits of business interruption insurance - DBRS Morningstar


COP26: Risk management “central” to climate mitigation

Insurance industry has a “unique contribution” in advancing understanding and sharing of climate-related risks - report

Mary Shapiro

COP26: International Sustainability Standards Board launches

Move represents a “major step forward in establishing consistent, comparable global reporting standards” - TCFD


Supply chain woes to continue into 2022

Supply-chain disruption poses the greatest risk to global economic recovery, according to Oxford Economics

jewellery, one stop shop

Luxury brands face liability protection gap

D&O, environmental and business travel risks are underinsured - Willis Towers Watson survey

Climate COP26

COP26 “must be a turning point” - UN

As the World Leaders Summit gets underway in Glasgow, WMO warns the past seven years were the hottest on record

strength relationships

PARIMA Resilience Week: Pandemic highlights strength of third-party relationships

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of third-party relationships, according to a panel of leading risk executives.


GDP an “unsustainable” measure of growth

Global wealth has grown overall, but at the expense of future sustainability and by exacerbating inequalities, warns World Bank

mental health, homeworking

PARIMA resilience Week: Focus on mental health and wellbeing required in Covid-era

Organisations must focus on the mental health and wellbeing of their employees to build resilience in a post-Covid world, according to leading risk professionals.


Experian highlights cautious credit risk approach

Risk Radar report examines the key priorities and concerns of Australia’s most senior risk leaders across the lending market

arrows up

Global commercial insurance prices up 15% in Q3 - Marsh

Despite pricing levelling out in certain lines of business, the ‘pressure on rates in cyber insurance’ continues

global risk

PARIMA Resilience Week: Cyber seen as leading risk in APAC: Aon

Business interruption risk is the top concern of APAC risk professionals, according to Aon’s latest Global Risk Management Survey 2021.

Cyber safety

PARIMA Resilience Week: Cyber threat presents risks from within

Organisations face a series of cyber threats from within and from increasingly adept criminal actors, according to panel discussion attendees at PARIMA’s digital conference.

working from home, stress

PARIMA Resilience Week: Working from home heightens cyber risks

The trend towards working from home has opened organisations up to new cyber risks and legal liabilities, according to Gerallt Owen, managing director of cyber risk at Kroll.

data workforce

PARIMA Resilience Week: How corporates can build resilience with data

Corporates can use data insights to build resilience and improve risk management, according to Jonathan Rake, CEO Asia Pacific, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.


PARIMA Resilience Week: Insurers make sustainability push

Global insurer AXA XL is educating customers about sustainability, using its technical and scientific expertise to inform clients about growing climate risks.

Franck Baron

PARIMA Resilience Week: PARIMA chairman Franck Baron calls for climate action

PARIMA chairman Franck Baron kicked off the PARIMA Digital Conference 2021 by urging global leaders to treat climate change with greater urgency.

Aviva ESG

ESG champions to receive preferred D&O terms

Marsh initiaitive will initially recognise US-based corporates but will be rolled out internationally in the coming months

climate change agreement shake hands

IRM publishes climate change guidance

It is the first time the IRM has published a guidance report focused solely on climate change for risk managers

shipping containers

Surge in demand for supply chain covers expected

CO2 crisis and other supply chain disruptions will drive “inevitable” interest in innovative supply chain insurance products

construction equipment

Chaucer adds political risk to BRI consortium

The consortium will provide capacity of up to $300m to companies working on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Lloyd's of London inside

Beazley launches Lloyd’s first ESG syndicate

Syndicate 4321 will support those businesses that invest in ESG by offering additional capacity on a multi-line basis


Reinsurance bosses face up to systemic risks

Transparency is needed as re/insurers navigate the systemic risk potential of pandemics, cyber and climate change

legal judgement

Australian corporates lose BI test case

A judge has ruled in favour of insurers in the Federal Court of Australia in a second COVID-19 business interruption test case

shopping woman

Why retail reputations are on the line

Scrutiny of the sector and its conduct is growing against the backdrop of the global pandemic, finds RepTrak

ransomware attack, cyber skull

Trends behind the ransomware epidemic

Double and triple extortion and supply chain attacks are driving the surge in ransomware incidents - AGCS


Blog: PARIMA Resilience Week 2021 Daily News Summary

Highlights from PARIMA Resilience Week 2021


FERMA Talks: Political will for pandemic solution cools

Collaboration at all levels is necessary to ensure future financial resilience against systemic shocks, such as pandemics and state-sponsored cyber attacks.


FERMA Talks: The cyber conundrum

“We can’t leave insureds under-protected on cyber” as industry works through systemic risk potential

CEOs forum

FERMA Talks: Time to reward ESG?

Corporate risk managers throw down the sustainability gauntlet to insurers in day 2 discussions


FERMA Talks: Channelling strategic foresight

Horizon scanning is an essential tool for policymakers, explained European Commission vice president Maroš Šefčovič

Philippe Cotelle 2

FERMA Talks: Collaborate for resilience

The pandemic has made the communication lines between risk managers and their senior management very short, says Philippe Cotelle


FERMA Talks: Preparing for the next crisis

Legislation should incentivise companies that embed risk management into their culture, says FERMA president Dirk Wegener

Carolina Klint

European risk managers prepare for FERMA Talks 2021

The event’s theme reflects a more uncertain world: From risk to resilience - learning to deal with disruption

Etienne Champion

Ferma 2021: Hard market continues

Extreme weather events will focus minds as corporate insurance buyers navigate renewal season discussions - AXA XL

conference, event

Blog: FERMA Conference 2021 Daily News Summary

Stay tuned - live reporting from the FERMA Conference this week


Zombie companies to drive insolvency surge

As economies rebound and support schemes are withdrawn, the escalation of insolvencies is inescapable, warns Atradius

Mining minerals hands child labour

Slavery risks continue to rise in Asian hubs - Verisk

The challenges of maintaining responsible supply chains are becoming more difficult as human rights violations grow

conference, event

Blog: Airmic Conference 2021 Daily News Summary

Stay tuned - live reporting from the Airmic Conference this week

China flood

Global floods events lead 2021 nat cat tally - CRESTA

Extreme floods in Henan province in July caused claims of $1.9 billion, the largest cat event loss ever for Chinese insurers

merger new york

Global M&A on track for record-breaking year

Only Asia-Pacific buyers managed to outperform their regional Index with a strong quarterly result


Captive growth surges, led by PCCs

Marsh saw double the usual formation rate in 2020, with D&O premiums written via captives increasing by 50%


RIMS collaborates with India’s Amity University

Amity will offer a comprehensive risk management learning experience for graduate and post-graduate students


StrategicRISK Q3 2021: Comply or explain

Companies are being told ‘no more greenwashing’ as governments and activist shareholders push the zero-carbon agenda

climate change

Future Risks Report highlights growing climate threat

Pandemics and infectious diseases continue to top the list of concerns for Asia Pacific risk experts

road, city

ESG shaping construction risk profiles

Global construction output is expected to grow by 42% by 2030, driven largely by government stimuli - report

People growth graph, network

People risks - lessons from COVID

By Helen Yates

Speakers at this year’s Duty of Care summit highlighted the importance of mental health and pandemic preparedness


Abandoned cargo presents growing risk

Supply chain congestion and widespread delays in the international container trade is set to continue - TT Club

climate change placard

Climate-crisis in an era of comply or explain

By Helen Yates

With unstoppable momentum towards zero carbon, how can risk professionals identify key risks and opportunities?

connected home

Ransomware considerations for a hybrid workplace

There is now a much larger attack surface for cybercriminals to target due to remote and hybrid working practices

Dive In 2021 Logo Horizontal Small

Mental health takes centre stage at Dive In

The insurance industry’s D&I festival kicks off today with mental health, gender equality and racial inclusion high on the agenda

Work culture

Governance: Why culture matters

By Sara Benwell

How instances of poor governance, bribery and corruption have increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

business confidence

Supply chain disruption dents confidence

Half of businesses expect supply chain disruptions to continue beyond the middle of 2022 - Oxford Economics

risks, covid

COVID-crisis improves senior management engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the perception of organisational resilience at top management level - BCI


Singapore’s reopening a step into the unknown

By Daniel Dunkley

Singapore has begun the perilous journey of opening up its economy. But greater economic freedom will heighten risks

marine cargo

Typhoon Chanthu disrupts supply chains

Delays caused by the closure of Shanghai and Ningbo ports could disrupt over $14 billion of trade flow - Russell Group

Renewable Energy

Energy underwriters must embrace decarbonisation

Insurers should view the transition to net zero as an opportunity to be proactive - IUMI

cyber crime, world

Technology risks top global survey

Attention to intellectual property is a potential blind spot that may require more forceful remediation - Beazley


The ART of renewals

By Matt Ford

Alternative risk transfer and parametric solutions can offer more than just relief from a hard market


Super Typhoon Chanthu on course for Taiwan

Chanthu is currently a category 5 windstorm, tracking from the Northern Philippines towards Taiwan

Never Forget 911

9/11: Never forget

By Helen Yates

9/11 transformed how we think about “unimaginable” events


RIMS Australasia 2021: Insurers to pull coverage due to climate concerns

By Dan Dunkley

Across Australasia, carbon-intensive sectors face being left without access to insurance capacity, warns Willis Towers Watson

climate change opportunity

Climate crisis to fuel rapid insurance growth - sigma

Climate-related risks are expected to result in a 22% increase in global property premiums, or up to $183 billion, over the next 20 years


Lloyd’s: Insurers must addressing emerging geopolitical risks

By Katie Scott

New report calls for innovation around insurance for geopolitical risks to address the “significant protection gap”


RIMS Australasia 2021: It’s all about resilience

By Dan Dunkley

Why strategic planning, human resources, business continuity and information security feed into strong resilience programmes

bermuda ariel

RIMS Australasia 2021: Hard market sparks captive discussions

By Dan Dunkley

Higher premiums and falling coverage is prompting insurance buyers to explore captive and virtual captive structures

Mary roth rims

RIMS Australasia 2021: Don’t neglect opportunity to “inspire change”

By Dan Dunkley

High likelihood, high-risk impact events are becoming more common, says RIMS president Ellen Dunkin

China flood

China tops flood risk index - Marsh

Japan ($3.7 trillion) and China ($7.5 trillion) have the highest economic exposure to flood in the world


Insurer M&A dips in 1H 2021 - Clyde & Co

The sharp drop in M&A activity in Asia Pacific can be attributed in part to the high regulatory bar in some jurisdictions

team happy

More positive outlook for insurance buyers - Marsh

For property and D&O insurance, premiums continued to increase throughout the first half of 2021, but at a lower rate

car parts

COVID prompts supply chain ‘overhaul’

Asia Pacific supply chains remain resilient, but Covid-19 is resulting in a broader rethink - EIU research

Indonesia floods

Push for insurance take-up after Henan floods

Substantial protection gap underpins “huge potential demand for catastrophe insurance protection” in China

growth plants

2021 on target for economic growth of 6.2% - Atradius

Emerging markets in Asia had the pandemic relatively well under control, until the Delta variant started to spread in recent months

China flood

Japan cleans up after floods and mudslides

Kyushu was worst hit, with some weather stations recording over 1,000mm of rain in less than a week


Boards sharpen focus on external risks - McKinsey

Directors seeking to identify risks that can “test a company’s resilience”, including political risk and the climate crisis

Cyber attack

Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore hit by ransomware attack

By Isobel Rafferty

The group has since hired an external specialist to verify the impact of the attack

Indonesia floods

Chinese insurers endure costliest-ever nat cat

The total economic cost of flooding in China in July has been estimated at nearly $25 billion - Impact Forecasting


Risks as Taliban retakes Afghanistan

The “largest foreign policy failure since the Suez Canal crisis” will cause deterioration in security - Dragonfly


Port closure signals further strain for global trade

Partial closure at China’s Port Ningbo adds to global supply chain woes, threatening $172 billion of goods - Russell Group

Indonesia floods

Nat cats cost $77 billion in 1H 2021

Severe flooding in Henan province in July resulted in estimated insured claims of CNY 11 billion ($1.7 billion)

marsh thecityuk cyber risk cybercrime

US banks vulnerable to systemic cyber attack

Tail events from a systemic cyber risk event caused by a ‘single point of failure’ could be “material”, warns Fitch

Flooded area

Flood exposures up by 24% since 2000

Nearly 90% of flood events over the past two decades occurred in South and Southeast Asia

supply chain

Sustainable procurement intrinsic to robust supply chains

Sustainability initiatives ensured 63% of buyers and 71% of suppliers were stronger through the pandemic - survey

climate change

IPCC: Prioritise adaptation and resilience

New report is “code red for humanity” with many climate change effects now “irreversible”

cyber attack

Ransomware payments surge by 82%

Latest Unit 42 figures confirm the ransomware crisis continues to intensify, with the rise of quadruple extortion

supermarket shelves

Almost half of food recalls avoidable - RQA

A large majority of recalls emanate from packaging mistakes, which are costly, reputationally damaging and avoidable

ESG grow advice

RepTrak: High correlation between ESG and trust

Corporate transparency and accountability are now an expectation, finds corporate activism study


AGCS: Bigger ships, bigger exposures

The South China, Indochina, Indonesia and Philippines maritime region remains the global loss hotspot, accounting for one in every three losses in 2020

Riot control

COVID continues to fuel political unrest - Aon

Public unrest about government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic will influence global unrest moving forward

Media image robot

Zurich considers AI-related emerging risks

Liabilities could arise from the unintended consequences of decisions made by algorithms and artificial intelligence

boardroom, directors

D&O market ready to “move on” from COVID

In Australia, a softening of the pricing curve is being observed with more cause for optimism - Gallagher


Aborted Aon WTW deal a “victory for competition”

Insurance buyers stand to benefit from greater choice as regulators lose appetite for monopolistic tie-ups - Brokerslink


AIR releases new Japan quake and wind models

Events in recent years have reaffirmed the vulnerability of Japan to typhoons and earthquakes, prompting the updates

commercial property price up

Commercial insurance rates rise 15% in Q2

It is the 15th consecutive quarter of rate increases in the global commercial insurance market, finds Marsh

AON headquarters

Aon and WTW call of mega merger

Brokers terminate $30 billion merger agreement following “an impasse” with the US Department of Justice

Flooded area

Aon: Nat cat losses reach $93 billion in 1H

Fatalities due to temperature extremes were the deadliest type of disaster during the first six months of 2021

China flood

Catastrophic floods hit Zhengzhou

By Helen Yates

The record rainfall has caused widespread disruption across Henan, home to the world’s biggest production base for iPhones

Renewable Energy

Wildfire costs grow for solar sector

Insufficient fire risk management and record high temperatures will increase the likelihood of fires spreading out of control


Resilience agenda gains ‘new urgency’

Geopolitical uncertainty and ESG are impacting strategic and operating decisions for ICT firms like never before - WTW


Parametric quake cover launches for Japan corporates

Seismographs are installed directly at a client’s premises to provide a faster claims pay-out process

wind farms

Lack of clarity over wind turbine fires

While wind turbine fires are relatively rare, when one does occur, it often results in the total destruction of the asset

handshake meeting

Insurers must meet buyers’ changing needs

Only 54% of insurance buyers say their cover is addressing their business challenges very well, finds Beazley

marine cargo

$19 billion exposed at South Africa ports

Violence in the aftermath of Jacob Zuma’s sentencing has now spread to Durban and Richard Bays Terminal - Russell Group

Future of transportation

RIMS rethinks ERM in an era of disruption

While controls are useful, risk leaders must focus on the impact of shocks at a business model level

Crystal ball future

Risk management a top priority for boards - EY

80% say improved risk management will be critical for their business to protect and build value in the next five years - EY

cyber insurance, data

Cyber tops financial services risk register

Cyber attacks, pandemics and over regulation are among the biggest fears for CEOs at banks and insurers - PwC

risks, covid

COVID continues to hinder APAC recovery

Economic growth in APAC ex-China is expected to be relatively subdued in 2021, according to Oxford Economics

Cyber security April 2021 Aviva EV

Let Colonial Pipeline fuel our fight back

Take ransomware seriously, and find your weak spots now – before the hackers do


Is the ‘harsh market’ starting to ease?

By Matt Ford

At mid-year, pricing for most classes of business was back to technical levels - but cyber remains an outlier

regulation, compliance, plans

COVID-19 forced firms to ‘cut corners’

Under mounting pressure to increase revenue and profits, 65% of organisations admitted taking due diligence shortcuts


Piloting post-COVID aviation trends

New generation aircraft bring benefits but higher repair costs; air cargo to continue strong performance - Allianz

cyber insurance, city

‘Colossal’ ransomware attack hits 200 firms

Attack on Miami-based IT supplier Kaseya was timed to coincide with the 4th of July celebrations

closed, coronavirus

Half of businesses ‘feel more resilient’ than a year ago

Sector attitudes to risk vary, finds Beazley, with those hardest hit by lockdown restrictions feeling less resilient

risk planning strategy

International SOS highlights ‘gaps’ in crisis management

Too many firms were unprepared for the global pandemic due to delayed response time and lack of clear roles


Special Report: Operational Risk

Operational resilience – everyone is talking about it. But how is it created and how can it protect us against the intangible risk landscape?

coal power plant

Power sector faces up to transition risks

As insurance capacity shrinks, power companies across Asia need to adopt cleaner fossil fuels, warns WTW


South China port disruption could last months

Delays in Guangzhou, Yantian, Shenzhen, Shekou and Nansha are being compared to the Suez blockage


StrategicRISK Q2 2021: Stronger together

We all learned a lot in the past year. Now it’s time to take that into the latest redesign of work life.

cyber crime, world

Cyber insurance struggling to counter online threat

Cyber insurance has failed to live up to expectations that it may act as a tool for improving organisations’ cyber security practices, finds RUSI


Indonesia Asia’s most complex country for business

Hong Kong is the second most simple jurisdiction in which to conduct business, finds TMF Group

NSW floods

NSW and Queensland flood claims at $916m

PERILS has updated its loss estimate for the New South Wales and Queensland floods of 18 to 24 March 2021


Climate warning for cotton industry - study

One third of India’s cotton growing regions face severe climate risks by 2040 if carbon emissions continue to soar

bushfire 1

ICA welcomes NSW bushfire funding

Since the devastating 2019-20 bushfires insurers have paid out in excess of $5.6 billion in claims related to natural disasters in New South Wales

cyber insurance (4)

Cyber attack volumes grow for APAC firms

89% and 82% of Australian and Singaporean cybersecurity professionals said attacks increased due to remote working

Riot control

After Hong Kong, SRCC restrictions remain

SRCC insurance provides cover for loss or damages caused by riots, protests, strikes or other work-related unrest

vaccine Covid-19

Lessons from the vaccine supply chain

By Sara Benwell

How risk managers can learn vital lessons in resilience from the global vaccine effort

Queensland floods

Victoria floods gain ‘catastrophe’ status

Australian insurers have received more than 6,500 claims after storms and flooding affected large parts of the state of Victoria


Study reveals the true cost of ransomware

84% of firms are hit again after submitting to ransom demands; with data corrupted during the recovery for 43%

financial, covid

COVID erodes macroeconomic resilience - Swiss Re

There is lowest insurance resilience for natural catastrophes, with a record protection gap of $1.4 trillion

climate change opportunity

BoE launches climate stress test for banks, insurers

It will provide central banks and supervisors globally with a common starting point for analysing climate risks under different scenarios

SR_web_Mary Nwaojei

Cyber: Breaking the culture of silence

A lack of transparency on cyber attacks is benefitting the threat actors and exacerbating the threat

Cyclone pic

2021 to bring “very active” cyclone season

The number of forecast tropical cyclone landfalls across East Asia varies significantly, with below-normal figures forecast for Japan and Korea

Cyber attack

Ransomware cartels "expand the playbook" - CyberCube

Criminals will continue to target high-profile organisations, having researched their ability to pay a ransom prior to the attack

Mining minerals hands child labour

Child labour an emerging supply chain risk

Organisations are urged to take action to root out child labour within their supply chains as numbers grow to 160 million worldwide

cloud black digital

Cloud outage highlights need for operational resilience

Multiple major websites went offline on Tuesday after an hour-long outage at the cloud service company Fastly

vaccine cargo

IoT is a supply chain risk “game-changer”

Aon’s vaccine insurance solution demonstrates the technology’s potential in the insurance market, says GlobalData

Crystal ball future

Emerging risks and the “COVID effect”

Government support programmes have kept alive unviable zombie companies, while wealth inequality has broadened

SR_web_Phil Zongo

Steps towards cyber resilience

Three proven strategies business leaders can deploy to accelerate cyber transformation


Lessons in risk from the Suez crisis

By Matt Ford

Suez, COVID and Brexit have challenged assumptions about the complex supply chain risks modern corporates must contend with

financial resilience

Corruption, oil intensity see China fall in resilience rankings

Climate risk is an increasingly important factor for companies and leaders making strategic decisions - FM Global


Russell releases port disruption scenarios

Around $7.5 trillion of trade is concentrated in 50 major ports, with potential for major supply chain disruption

legal action

Climate: Tide turns on energy firms

By Helen Yates

After Shell and ExxonMobil, why climate change in major emerging markets could be next legal battleground for energy firms


COVID diverting attention from slavery risks

Businesses in financial services and technology could be dangerously unaware of the rising risks of modern slavery in their supply chain

coal power plant

Power outages hit QLD after fire

An explosion at a Queensland coal-fired power station has led to a widespread power outage, from northern New South Wales to Cairns

I stock fraud hacker

Social engineering: Sophisticated and underinsured

Social engineering attacks are on the rise, but losses can pose a grey area where insurance is concerned


Sedgwick predicts post-pandemic recall surge

Product recall events are on the rise despite ongoing operational challenges experienced by global car and OEMs

Queensland hail

Tech to help close climate protection gap

Early warning tool can help strengthen response to climate-related weather risk in Australia - Aon


Just 4.5% of Asia cat losses insured in 2020

Economic losses due to natural catastrophes in the region reached $67 billion last year, indicating a huge gap and growth opportunity for re/insurers


Firms stuck in ‘response’ mode - Deloitte

Over half of organisations have faced a risk incident due to third-party failure during COVID-19 pandemic


After COVID, firms will face transformative change

COVID-crisis will lead to a new period of rapid, transformative growth and prosperity, predicts Studio 44

risk planning strategy

Firms failing to anticipate emerging risks

Effective risk resilience is increasingly correlated to a firm’s viability and growth potential, finds Marsh

Cyber attack

AXA’s Asian operations hit by ransomware attack

By Helen Yates

It comes a week after AXA said it would be dropping extortion payments when underwriting cyber-insurance policies in France


Ransomware: ‘Don’t pay’, urges UK government

Paying a ransom does not guarantee a successful outcome and will not protect networks from future attacks, says Priti Patel

Headshot Adam Seager

Time to pull together

By Helen Yates

Argo Group’s Adam Seager on the challenges of maintaining corporate cohesion in a more virtual working environment


India, China home to 80 of world’s 100 riskiest cities

Asian cities are at extreme risk of environmental factors, including pollution, temperature extremes and natural hazards, finds Verisk Maplecroft

cyber attack

Colonial Pipeline attack exposes ransomware “pandemic”

By Helen Yates

CISA urges organisations to take action to strengthen cyber security following US critical infrastructure attack

storm, cyclone

Hail drives cat losses in April

Cyclone Seroja triggered flash flooding and massive landslides in southeastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste


FM Global releases earthquake map

In China, a hazard model jointly developed by FM Global and the China Earthquake Administration is used

Cloud magnify

Cloud dependency brings systemic risk potential

During the last six months, Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure have all experienced significant service outages affecting businesses worldwide - CyberCube


Cyber tops risk concerns for financial firms

Analysis of $1 billion of insurance industry claims show cyber incidents, including crime, is the top cause of loss - AGCS

Queensland floods

Claims from NSW floods reach $1 billion

The New South Wales coast experienced the highest recorded rainfall since records began in March 2021


Physical climate risk to test limits of diversification - Fitch

Companies with strong internal coordination and contingency planning will be better placed to respond to climate shocks


Semiconductor shortage disrupts supply chains

Scarcity is expected to be short-lived but will cause problems for sectors including electronics and motor, according to Oxford Economics

green, net zero, climate change

WTW launches climate transition risk framework

New tool will assess companies’ transition plans to a low-carbon economy and ensure firms can continue to access insurance

money graph profit going up upwards financial

Q1 commercial insurance prices rose 18%

The quarter is the first to show a fall in the average rate of increase since Q4 2017 as rate rises dropped to 8% in Asia - Marsh


Australian government launches cat risk pool

The $10 billion reinsurance pool will subsidise the cost of insurance coverage for cyclones and related flood damage

Hail storm

SE Queensland hail losses reach $1.17 billion

Hail of up to 14 cm in diameter caused widespread damage during the 2020 South East Queensland Halloween Hailstorms

aviation, aeroplane

Lessons in risk from the Boeing 737 MAX disasters

Myriad failures that contributed to the 737 MAX crashes revealed “systemic shortcomings” in Boeing’s ability to manage risk - Arthur D Little

ship cargo

COVID-19 continues to test supply chains

Pandemic is exacerbating trends such as cargo crime, man-made disruptions, and political protests, which all threaten supply chain resilience in 2021


Environmental risks a growing credit driver for Chinese insurers

Insurers’ have a rising exposure to climate-related disasters and decarbonisation policies warns Moody’s

climate change

Financial sector grossly underreporting climate exposure

Just a quarter are reporting portfolio emissions, which are on average 700 times higher than direct emissions

SR_web_Charles Minutella

The road to future-proofing your supply chain

As companies look to pivot from the pandemic, their focus of attention is turning towards building sustainability in supply chains

ransom, cyber (2)

Governments most targeted by ransomware attacks

The government sector was most affected by ransomware attacks in 2020, followed by banking and manufacturing

Vietnam flood

Asian corporates gain climate risk tool

Swiss Re CorSo risk framework helps firms assess physical climate exposure; Many climate ‘hotspots’ are located in Asia Pacific

company director

Cyber tops list of concerns for D&Os

The shift towards WFH has heightened cyber attack and data loss risks, with exposures for senior managers, finds survey

Climate change suspended world

Global climate stress test launches on Earth Day 2021

China could lose nearly 24% of its GDP in a severe scenario; Malaysia, Thailand, India, the Philippines and Indonesia lack resilience - Swiss Re Institute

Cyber resilience

Ransomware costs to reach $20 billion in 2021

Only 40% of organisations report having adequate remote work strategies to manage the risks associated with WFH, finds Aon cyber report


Australia/Singapore amongst hardest hit by insolvencies

Global corporate bankruptcies are forecast to increase by 26% in 2021 as fiscal support is gradually phased out

ship cargo

Supply chain professionals lack proper risk tools

Despite the growing fragility of a complex global supply chain, there is poor investment in risk management and ESG tools - IHS Markit


Cyber: Critical industries bombarded during pandemic

As firms scaled-up cloud computing during lockdown, they did not always scale up their security processes at the same rate

Grey swan

Report quantifies reputational impact of ‘grey swans’

In over 10% of crises in recent years - including COVID-19, 9/11 and the GFC - more than 50% of shareholder value was destroyed

travel covid19

Trans-Tasman travel risks remain

Australia and New Zealand’s agreement on quarantine-free travel marks a new chapter for the two antipodean nations, but risks for travellers remain

storm, cyclone

ICA declares Cyclone Seroja a catastrophe

Destruction of the built environment is “severe” in a region of Western Australia not normally affected by windstorms

vaccine Covid-19

IoT used in vaccine insurance solution

Insurance industry initiative, led by Aon, offers supply chain protection for COVID-19 vaccine shipments

climate change

COVID-19 a “foretaste” of climate shocks

Effective governance is at the heart of addressing climate risk and transitioning to a low carbon economy

SR_web_Oliver Chapman

Unpicking the Greensill collapse

Did fintech superstardom enable the Greensill collapse and could it have been prevented?

digital, market

Asset-light economy presents new, disruptive risks

Corporations are holding more risk on their balance sheets as the value of intangible assets grows

suez canal

Suez backlog presents further disruption

Cargo accumulations are expected at ports and terminals, presenting security risks and straining yard capacities

digital trading

Digital disruption tops banks’ emerging risks

Untimely adoption may drive sudden changes to information security, change management, business continuity and third-party risk exposures


Energy sector undergoes rapid transformation

WTW report highlights the importance of using risk quantifications and analytics to conduct energy transition initiatives


Labuan anticipates strong captive growth

Captive formation set to increase further in 2021 fuelled by the hardening commercial insurance market and renewed economic growth

coronavirus risk plane travel

Trans-Tasman travel bubble to open

Further COVID-19-related travel disruption, such as government-enforced lockdowns, may not be covered by insurance

Riot control

Social inequality shapes political risk map

Pandemic-induced economic stress will continue to exacerbate global political risk throughout 2021, according to Marsh


NZ gains parametric ‘bounce-back’ cover

Lloyd’s and Kiwi start-up Bounce launches New Zealand parametric earthquake insurance which pays claims within five days

robot future coronavirus

WEF: Scenario planning for Industry 4.0

The rapid pace of technological change and pandemic crisis is accelerating trends; making risk forecasting more challenging

Vietnam flood

Protecting revenue volatility from extreme weather

Parametric insurance solutions are a valuable form of transfer to manage climate and other natural disaster risks, explain Marc Paasch and Richard Zhang


Nat cats cost global economy $190 billion in 2020

While COVID-19 was a stress test for society and the economy, it has an expiry date – climate change does not, warns Swiss Re chief economist


StrategicRISK Q1 2021: A slice of the pie

Like so many of us, capitalism kicked off 2021 with something of an existential crisis. Is it time to call time on short-termism?

digital race

Digital health sector overexposed - survey

More than two thirds lack insurance coverage for bodily injury claims arising from system failure or cyber breach

PPE sanitizer

Liability risk: Adapting to survive

By Helen Yates

The past year has forced businesses to become more agile and pivot quickly in order to survive. But when business models change, so do risk profiles


Suez: 300 ships on standby

By Helen Yates

Suez Canal crisis will unveil which organisations have a strong understanding of their supply chain risk, and which do not

legal court

High Court to hear insurance appeal

The High Court will hear appeal arguments over the NSW Court of Appeal’s judgment in the first BI test case


MS Exchange attacks to hit larger firms

The cyber attacks, believed to have come from Chinese state-sponsored hackers, exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers

SR_web_Eddie Doyle

The art of the con

Cyber security strategist Eddie Doyle explains how social engineering attacks prey on individuals’ vulnerabilities

Cyber attack

Insurer CNA hit by cyber attack

By Helen Yates

The insurer, which underwrites cyber insurance via subsidiary CNA Hardy, said the “sophisticated” attack on 21 March caused network disruption


Suez Canal blocked by container ship

It has the potential to create more than $40 billion dollars of trade disruption, with implications for retail and automotive sectors among others

HK protests

BCPs must explicitly address civil unrest

Civil unrest is now the main political risk exposure for companies, with COVID-19 likely to fuel further disturbances


Power and utilities gain dedicated cyber cover

Product includes cover for property damage and fines and defence costs arising from regulatory actions, including GDPR


OECD: Insurers need "skin in the game" on pandemics

Insurance sector needs to play more active role in future pandemic solutions, says OECD secretary-general Angel Gurría

iStock-885690024 - cyber

Boards have “fragmented” approach to cyber risk - WEF

Boards have made gains in recent years by recognising cyber as an enterprise risk, but greater resilience is needed


NSW flood claims reach 11,700

SE Queensland floods also declared a catastrophe as large parts of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley remain inaccessible


RMS launches climate change models

Growing frequency of extreme weather catastrophes alongside regulatory, ESG and climate reporting requirements is driving demand for analytics

NSW floods

NSW floods declared a catastrophe

Large parts of New South Wales, including Mid-North Coast and Hawkesbury-Nepean, are inaccessible after widespread floods

Renewable Energy

Fitch: Insurers are “green economy enablers”

The ability to channel investment into sustainable projects is viewed as a sizeable growth opportunity for the insurance sector


Cyber: Ransom payments jumped 171% in 2020

Healthcare organisations were most targeted while the rise of ’double extortion’ has fuelled ransomware losses

Franck 2

Baron: Time to challenge insurers

By Helen Yates

Parima chairman Franck Baron says most APAC corporates are retaining more risk as the insurance market hardens


G-20 firms prepare for future crises

Seventy-five percent of organisations must adapt to survive “seismic shifts” in the market, finds resilience study

Indonesia floods

Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand gain exposure database

PERILS will provide market-wide property sums insured exposed to earthquake, tropical cyclone (typhoon) and flood

Renewable Energy

Renewables see 300% rise in extreme weather losses

Wildfire, floods, hailstorms and windstorms are damaging solar and wind projects with greater frequency and severity, finds GCube

Riot control

Pandemic and debt to fuel political instability

Political upheaval and unrest in emerging markets will define the next two years, predicts Verisk Maplecroft

SR_web_Michael Beaumont

Managing the vaccine supply chain

It’s clear that freezer failure is going to be a significant risk to the smooth execution of this critical vaccination program


Remembering Tohoku ten years on

Even though disasters will always be unexpected, business continuity planning has benefits both before and after they occur, finds the World Bank


China and India lead economic recovery

There are several “bright spots” in the global economy as vaccine programmes are rolled out, notes Atradius

Women leadership

Bringing more women on board

Suzanne Sangiovese shares her thoughts on women’s risk leadership opportunities on International Women’s Day


Google offers cloud cyber risk protection

Google Cloud partners with Munich Re and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty to provide cloud specific cyber insurance


Greensill crisis threatens steel supply chain

By Helen Yates

Greensill Capital is the main source of supply chain finance for steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta

SR_web_Helene Galy

COVID-19 is no black swan

There was evidence the wolf was already in the herd, if only the shepherd had taken a closer look


Asian insurance buyers adapt to hard market

Insureds are exploring alternatives and trade-offs - such as increasing deductibles - to offset proposed premium increases, finds Aon


Biden calls for resilient supply chains

Close cooperation with supply chain allies will “strengthen the capacity to respond to international disasters and emergencies”


US vs China among geopolitical flashpoints

Should relations deteriorate it could trigger an aggressive tit-for-tat policy response, with significant implications for global markets and corporates

Solarwinds sunburst hack

WEF: Building resilient digital supply chains

Analysis following the SolarWinds fallout shows there are three ways companies can build more resilient digital supply chains

court room

Australian court to hear second BI case

It follows an initial test case heard in the NSW Court of Appeal last year regarding the application of the Quarantine Act exclusion to business interruption policies

ERM success

RIMS: Pandemic has shaped ERM approach

Health and safety and business continuity have become ERM’s primary focus as a result of COVID-19, according to a RIMS survey


ESG drives better financial performance - study

Sustainability initiatives drives better financial performance due to improved risk management and more innovation

earthquake 450

New fault investigated ten years on from Christchurch

A decade on, GNS Science experts have embarked on a research project to determine the earthquake risk of a recently discovered fault in the Waikato

social media

WTW and Liberty partner to provide reputation cover

The solution is available globally and initially to clients in the leisure & hospitality, manufacturing, retail and transportation sectors

SR_web_Vasileios Drakopoulos

Managing risk in a volatile world

Risk leaders must work on strategies and business models to help their firms achieve their objectives in the new environment


Supply chains: Striking the right balance

By Helen Yates

Supply chains must balance efficiency and resilience, according to participants at a StrategicRISK Virtual Roundtable


Are you ready for 5G?

By Sara Benwell

Risk managers must ensure that the business opportunities offered by 5G are not outweighed by extra security threats

Data breach

Human factor dominates data breach notifications

Data breaches attributed to human error continue to increase according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

pandemic solution

NDBI: Exposed and unprotected

Caroline Woolley explains why it’s much better to play ‘let’s pretend you have a loss’, than trying to deal with expectation gaps after an event

new job, people

IRM sets out risk agenda for 2021

The APAC region “is at the forefront of dealing with climate change and all other aspects of sustainability”

John Trowbridge

Australian insurers to examine coverage gaps

By Helen Yates

Review comes amid concern about the availability and affordability of some categories of insurance cover

John Neal Future at Lloyds

Lloyd’s launches systemic risk initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted gaps in the knowledge, understanding, and mitigation of systemic and black swan risks


D&O protection gap grows as rates soar

By Helen Yates

Escalating premiums and lack of capacity could see firms refusing to purchase or reducing cover, leaving senior professionals on the hook for claims

Wildfire bushfire

Perth Hills bushfires declared a catastrophe

Bushfires in the north-east Perth Hills region have so far destroyed 81 homes, with insurers receiving over 270 claims worth $40m


2020 nat cat tally hits $78 billion

Hurricane Laura caused an insured loss of $8 billion to 9 billion, the largest weather-related loss event - Willis Re

price increases

Commercial insurance rates rise 22% in Q4 2020

Nearly all regions reported double-digit price increases, led by the UK (44%), Pacific (35%), and the US (17%)

coronavirus, office

COVID-19 prompts “evolution in risk management” - survey

Organisations in APAC had built more robust pandemic programs in response to similar threats already faced, such as SARS

oil platform

In support of a green economy

Europe and Asia suffer from some of the most severe fossil-fuel-company insured losses in the world, according to PCS data

Cyber attack

Cyber: Lessons from the Sunburst hack

The SolarWinds attack has awoken risk managers to the threat of Trojan-Horse type supply chain incidents

Dr Rod

Mental health: The next crisis

By Helen Yates

Tackling mental health is not just the right thing to do, but an essential exercise in risk management, according to International SOS’ Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez.

pandemic insurance (2)

PPPs needed to insure systemic risk

Future climate and systemic risks remain a key challenge - Insurance Development Forum

Australian bushfires

Australia joins climate coalition

Worsening natural disasters across Australia illustrate the threat of asset damage and operational disruption arising from physical climate risks


Insurers complicit in ransomware rise - warning

By Helen Yates

Insurers are inadvertently funding organised crime by covering ransom payments, says former NCSC chief


Nat cat losses cost $268 billion in 2020

Just 36% of the losses were covered by insurance, creating a protection gap of 64%, according to Aon


Unilever in supply chain living wage aim

Tackling societal inequality and raising living standards across the value chain are good for business and society, says food giant

social media

72% of risk managers responsible for reputation

As a largely uninsurable risk, risk professionals are seeking metrics to better measure, monitor and manage reputational risk


Tropical cyclone risk in 2050

Study assesses the likely impact of climate change on hurricane severity and storm surge over the next 30 years

Renewable Energy

Climate change transforms renewable risk landscape

Asia to take the lead in the clean energy transition with some key challenges for risk managers

World coronavirus mask

BI and pandemic top Allianz Risk Barometer 2021

Pandemic is a “reminder that risk management and business continuity management need to further evolve”

Queensland floods

WEF: Why investment in resilience pays off

By Helen Yates

“It is always cheaper to build a dam than to pay for the flood” - WEF Global Risks 2021

social unrest

WEF: No vaccine for climate change

In 2020, the world saw the catastrophic effects of ignoring long-term risks such as pandemics - WEF Global Risks 2021

Capitol Hill Riot3

US braces for Inauguration Day violence

By Helen Yates

The FBI warns of violence ahead of Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration, but heightened security may defer the risk

growth covid

Control Risks: “Don’t miss the rebound”

Long COVID, patchy vaccine rollouts, emerging digital threats, climate change and the US China relationship are Top 5 risks for 2021

computer transaction

Service to measure cyber ‘human error’ risk

The Workforce Cyber Culture Assessment assesses people risk and the impact of business culture in a cyber context

climate change risks

2020 ties with 2016 as hottest year on record

Wildfires in Australia in 2020, although of unprecedented magnitude, represent only a small fraction of global fire emissions

coronavirus, travel

COVID-19 tops travel risks for 2021

Violent crime, political instability, severe natural disasters and social unrest are among the other threats to businesses and their staff

voice-assisted technology

Threat from “deep fake” cyber attacks grows

New and emerging social engineering techniques will fundamentally change the cyber threat landscape - CyberCube

Australian bushfires

‘Black summer’ bushfires cost insurers $2 billion

Insurance losses during the New Year peak period were most severe in New South Wales, which accounted for 71% of the industry loss

Lloyd's view from below

Howden: Better risk transfer solutions needed

COVID-19 has brought the growing ‘intangibility’ of risk into focus, a trend that will accelerate


D&Os face rise in insolvency claims

Corporate bankruptcies will be a strong driver of D&O risk in 2021 in Singapore and Australia, predicts Clyde & Co

changing landscape

Six business risks for 2021

The need for robust organisational resilience plans and resources to ensure employee wellbeing are essential in the ‘new normal’

Hans Laessoe

Preparing for the next wave

Climate change is so big that we do not even see it as a wave that may “break” and cause havoc for us

artificial intelligence (2)

Willis Towers Watson to leverage AI for emerging risk solutions

Airmic welcomes broker’s partnership with analytics firm Polecat, which ”signals a new generation of innovative risk management solutions”


Sunburst hack highlights supply chain risks

By Helen Yates

The SolarWinds Orion ‘backdoor’ hack has affected numerous global organisations, including the US government - FireEye


Catastrophe losses cost insurers $83 billion in 2020

Losses from secondary peril events are forecast to increase, driven by climate change - Swiss Re sigma

legal action

AGCS: Directors face volatile risk landscape

COVID-19-related insolvencies and ’event-driven’ litigation linked to diversity, climate change and/or ESG concerns are exposing D&Os

rising rates

Insurance hikes could be “nail in the coffin”

Mactavish expects rates to continue to rise in 2021 and says that some companies will be unable to pay for their cover


COVID-19: Aon study charts the great reset

Companies prioritise operational resilience and staff wellbeing as they adapt to the crisis and look ahead to the future

company directors

D&O to be "further inflamed" by COVID vaccine

New Dawn Risk predicts the hard market for D&O risk could be extended by a further 24 months as rushed deals come to market

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Supply chains: Building climate risk resilience

Supply chains are particularly vulnerable to climate risk, as many global production systems are focused on ensuring efficiency over resiliency

Hail storm

Queensland hailstorms to cost insurers over $1bn

Catastrophe data firm PERILS says hailstones from the South East Queensland Halloween Hailstorms were up to 14cm in diameter


Terrorism: West Africa a new hotspot

Increased instances of human rights violations by security forces pose a major reputational risk for some firms

shanghai insurtech china innovation

Better standards guide IoT risk management

As dependency on connected technologies increases, so do associated risks and the need for good governance, argues the World Economic Forum


SMEs are ‘most vulnerable’ to cyber attack

Cyber criminals consider SMEs a ‘sweet spot’ due to their lack of security controls and poor cyber hygiene

legal court (2)

Insurance Council of Australia to appeal BI ruling

Pandemics were not contemplated for coverage under most business interruption policies, insists ICA


Australian flood: Proactive action needed

Geneva Association calls for more resources to mitigate flood damage and greater collaboration between public and private sectors


Liability solution targets motor manufacturers

Amid growing product recall risks, a 5-in-1 insurance solution has been developed for Asian automotive manufacturers

legal court

Australia BI test case “raises more questions than answers”

The question of pandemic business interruption coverage will remain a significant source of uncertainty for Australian insurers - AM Best


StrategicRISK Q4 2020: Twenty years in risk!

When StrategicRISK was born, few could have anticipated the world of risks we would be facing 20 years on


Special report: Sustainability Risk

Our virtual roundtable met to compare notes on sustainability risk coming out of the pandemic.

Supply chain

COVID-19: a ‘Black Swan’ for Asian supply chains

How do companies tackle supply chain disruption during the pandemic, and what steps can be taken now to build in more resilience for 2021?

building safety

2021 to bring ecopolitical turbulence

Employers will need to go through an evolution in their Duty of Care provisions, just as they did post 9/11