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13 common mistakes when building global crisis readiness programs


Regardless of the sector, size or the geographic location, there are a number of common mistakes that organisations make when establishing global readiness programs. Control Risks senior partner, Bill Udell and associate director, Aaron Schwirian explain how you can avoid them

Franck baron

Mega-mergers put 'needs of their clients' at risk


As news of the latest insurance mega-merger between Marsh and JLT begins to settle, StrategicRISK spoke to PARIMA chairman Franck Baron to get his thoughts on what this means for risk managers.


What to do when food bites back


Australia’s fruit industry is currently under the dark cloud of malicious tampering. StrategicRISK spoke to The Recall Institute director Steven Hather to find out about prevention and cure in food manufacturing risk


Marsh acquires JLT in $5.6b deal


Following completion of the transaction, Dominic Burke, group chief executive of JLT, will join MMC as vice chairman and serve as a member of MMC’s executive committee.

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What should you consider before buying a cyber insurance policy?


JLT Specialty, financial lines, regional assistant director, Menaka Muthu asks why it is pertinent to really understand your risk before buying a cyber policy


Managing crises in the modern age


Crises have always occurred, but we are now seeing an increase in their type, complexity and frequency. However, there is no need for panic just yet, Control Risks principal Matthew Oyston explains.


The rising risk of robots


What chance do we have of ‘raging against the machine’ if we are trained to act like robots?

Michael Doyle

Why strategic risks are not operational risks viewed strategically


Chief risk officer, Michael Doyle tells StrategicRISK why businesses need to be very clear on where strategic risk ends and operational risk begins.


How to manage risk ownership to ensure accountability without operating in silos


Risk thought leader Chris Corless looks at the value of defining risk owners and whether or not it is crucial to the success of your risk program.

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FM Global launches new cyber readiness assessment


New offering helps FM Global clients measure their overall cyber security resilience, taking into account inherent cyber risk, mitigating security controls and ability to respond to and recover from a cyber incident.


'APAC is a strategic growth region' says Chubb head


Following news that Chubb, the world’s largest P&C insurer, has set up a major shop front in APAC, StrategicRISK spoke exclusively to Jason Keen, head of property & casualty, Asia Pacific to find out what this means for the region’s risk managers.

Horst Simon

Time to kill 3LoD?


The Risk Culture Builder’s Horst Simon tells StrategicRISK why it might be time to #Kill3LoD in order to get to the next level of risk management.


Top three emerging risks corporates need to know about


Speaking exclusively to StrategicRISK, Swiss Re’s head of sustainability, emerging and political risk management, Martin Weymann warns risk managers of the more prominent threats they need to beware of and how to begin preparing for them.


Ever wondered how airports keep millions of passengers safe?


Managing Fraport AG’s vast insurance operations, with its sky-high risks, is not a job for the faint of heart.  Risk manager, Hans Joerg Schill, tells StrategicRISK what it’s like to risk-manage Germany’s largest aviation hub


Winning the war on terror


Michael Pennell PSM, chief underwriting officer, Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation spoke at RIMS about new developments in the war on terrorism


D&O: A market in freefall


Make no mistake - the future of Side C coverage in Australia is dire. And without the safety net it gives, Australian firms are struggling to attract the top talent for their boards. Is there anything risk managers can do to protect their businesses?


Live from RIMS Australasia


StrategicRISK is reporting live from RIMS Australasia’s annual conference in Sydney


What keeps you up at night?


StrategicRISK questioned our risk community on its greatest fears. The future may be looking bright for Australia, but top nail-biters on the horizon include cyber attacks, hits on their reputation, and a failure of infrastructure.


Sector View: Food and beverages


As the Australian food and industry thrives, the heat is on to manage its risks. We look to the lab where solutions are being developed to better handle contamination and consider a more holistic approach to coverage that goes far beyond simple product recall insurance.


Time to see other people?


Australia’s monogamous relationship with Chinese supply lines could be unwise. But with the new risks other Asia-Pacific countries could bring, it may feel like it’s better the devil you know…