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Human error and cybersecurity – tackling one of today’s biggest business risks

Simon McNally, identity and access management expert at Thales, explains why cybersecurity is a pressing people-related risk that must be tackled urgently

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The average bot attack costs a company $85.6m - here’s how to defend yourself

New research reveals bot attacks cost companies the equivalent of over 50 ransomware payouts every year while remaining undetected for four months. Here’s how to protect your business

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Building a cyber resilient organisation begins with risk quantification

Rich Seiersen, Chief Risk Officer of Resilience, explores how CISOs and CROs can work together to understand cyber risk exposures and build resilience

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International agencies warn risk managers must update systems to avoid cyber attacks

New advisory highlights that cybercriminals are routinely exploiting older software vulnerabilities. Here’s how risk managers can shut down the threats

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Risk briefing: double extortion ransomware explained

As ransomware attacks continue to hit headlines, StrategicRisk  spoke to Andrew Hollister, CISO at LogRhythm, about how risk managers can tackle the threats


Putting science and data behind climate risk management

By Sara Benwell

Bill Bradshaw, operations manager at FM Global talks to StrategicRISK about how the insurer is trying to move the needle on climate risk.

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Risk briefing: CEO impersonation fraud on the rise

The increasing use of artificial intelligence has made CEO impersonation fraud more accessible, against the backdrop of inflation and economic uncertainty. Here’s what risk managers must know

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Spotlight on: generative AI technology risks and how to manage them

The use of generative AI technology such as ChatGPT is growing, however this creates significant exposures for businesses. Here’s how risk managers can mitigate the threats

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Spotlight on: the risks of energy vulnerability across Asia-Pacific and how to manage them

New energy vulnerability index can help risk managers to identify potential risks, challenges and opportunities before expanding into new markets

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Six cyber resilience lessons for risk managers

Major cyber incidents wipe $225 billion from share prices on average, and supply chain risks are growing. Here’s how risk managers can prepare

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The biggest problem with supply chain management

Risk management expert Adriano Lanzilotto explains what supply chains and SatNavs have in common, and why data is the most important tool in a risk manager’s arsenal.

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Shocks ahead for Asia-Pacific employment market

A new briefing from Oxford Economics shows worrying trend data for Asia Pacific employment markets. Here’s why risk managers should care,

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Risk managers must check insurance policies as hybrid working remains popular

The combination of more people working from home and supply chain issues increasing the cost of computer repairs means risk managers need to take stock of insurance coverage

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How APAC risk managers can improve business decisions with resilience

By Sara Benwell

New data from FM Global ranks countries for resilience, here’s how risk managers can use the index to help improve business decision-making

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CRO view: Chatbots can revolutionise risk management, but only if we get algorithms right

ChatGPT can’t compete with trained risk management chatbots but it can easily outperform many risk consultants, says Alex Sidorenko, chief risk officer and founder of RISK-ACADEMY

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How to build an effective incident response plan

By Mark Lamb, CEO of

Risk managers are waking up to the realisation that cyber attacks are inevitable, Mark Lamb, CEO of, explains how to prepare

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How to achieve cyber resilience through increased security vendor accountability

It’s time for risk managers to hold cybersecurity vendors to account, says Richard Hollis, CEO of Risk Crew

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Supply chains rattled by multi-risk landscape

By Trevor Treharne

Pandemic impacts, geopolitical issues, economic risks and cyber threats converge on supply-chain risk decision-makers

Rising inflation

Energy prices remain top threat to business resilience

Weakening customer demand, cyber security, increased taxation, and access to talent are other major challenges - survey

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Third of internal auditors yet to adopt data analytics

Audit body argues that advanced analytics is the key to navigating an increasingly volatile risk landscape