Certification available for ‘top of the crop’ risk managers

IRM launches new Education Advisory Board

The Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) is inviting applications for its newly launched certification level – Certified Chief Risk Officer (CCRO).

RMIA said CCRO is the highest level of certification in the risk management profession globally. But risk professionals do not require the job title of ‘chief risk officer’ to be eligible for the certification.

CCRO is designed for “qualified, senior risk professionals with a superior depth of knowledge and experience in providing risk management leadership” RMIA said.

RMIA certification committee chair Ken Doughty said a CCRO would influence, develop, implement and evolve risk management practices enterprise-wide.

“Organisations are placing greater reliance on having competent senior risk professionals to influence, facilitate, evolve and guide the design, implementation, maintenance and evolution of the organisation’s risk management framework,” he said.

Applicants seeking accreditation as CCROs would have successfully achieved accreditation as a Certified Practising Risk Manager and demonstrated proficiency in business and leadership acumen; strategic and structured thinking; communicating and influencing; risk management knowledge; and ethical practice.

RMIA is accepting CCRO certification applications via its website.

Applicants must be RMIA members; demonstrate their proficiency with the criteria; provide evidence of their experience; and respond to a profiling tool seeking work colleagues or clients’ opinions. There will be a case-based interview conducted by an RMIA-appointed panel.

RMIA General Manager Suzanne Cureton said the first CCROs would be announced at the RMIA National Conference in Melbourne on 16-18 November 2016.