Sharing insights with other risk managers is not only useful professionally. In such a misunderstood, often isolated role, it fosters a sense of solidarity

Risk professionals often feel quite isolated and can suffer a fair degree of misunderstanding about their role. Some colleagues simply view them as ‘compliance’ people, while others feel they are likely to curb innovation with a wag of their risk-adverse finger. Those of you in the risk profession know that in the main, this is about people misconstruing the function of the risk manager, rather than the actions of risk professionals themselves.

This dynamic has created an interesting subculture within risk management. Much of the success of StrategicRISK’s industry events can be attributed to the desire of our region’s risk professionals to discuss their common goals and challenges. In short, it is often only a fellow risk manager who can understand what another is experiencing, and sharing insights is often central to mutual success.

This spirit of collaboration is what drives our latest Risk Perspectives supplement. We have aimed to provide you with unparalleled access to the thinking and methods of your peers across the region. It is both heartening and illuminating that so many risk professionals were willing to contribute so candidly to this project. It speaks volumes of their desire to share essential risk knowledge with their peers, even though we all operate in an intensely competitive corporate landscape.

It is interesting to note the breadth of topics that our risk experts address. For example, the concept of the risk manager as an outsider in their own organisation is explored in columns that ask why risk professionals are still being ignored by their boards and why risk management cannot be considered a profession… yet! There are also pieces that examine why so many risk managers get risk appetite statements wrong, ways to improve risk communication, and even how to put the fun back into risk.

We hope you find these original insights from risk experts across Asia-Pacific entertaining and illuminating.

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