The RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional certification is available to prequalified practioners

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RIMS is now accepting applications for the first online RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional certification (RIMS-CRMP) exam.

With its online accessibility, the recently launched certification now gives risk management professionals from around the world an opportunity to further demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to professional excellence.

Risk professionals interested in taking the online exam for RIMS-CRMP are encouraged to apply early as testing sites can fill up quickly.

Eligible practitioners will be able to take the online exam at their convenience from October 15 through December 15. Additional test-taking windows will be available in 2017.

RIMS chief executive Mary Roth said: “One of the greatest challenges risk professionals face is being able to effectively demonstrate the value they bring to the organisation.

“The RIMS-CRMP certification allows practitioners to show leadership that they are dedicated to their craft, in-tune with the latest trends and best-practices and passionate about sustaining a strong risk management program within their organisation.”

To be eligible for the RIMS-CRMP, practioners must either have a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent in risk management and one year of full-time work experience in risk management, or a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent in a non-risk management related field and three years of full-time risk management employment.

If the individual does not hold a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent, they must have seven years of risk management experience.

Possessing an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and/or a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation accounts for two years of risk management experience.

In April 2016, RIMS administered the first RIMS-CRMP exam in-person. Ninety risk professionals now hold the RIMS-CRMP certification.

RIMS-CRMP certification holders are recognised with:

  • A certificate;
  • the ability to add the RIMS-CRMP initials following their name;
  • recognition on the RIMS-CRMP website as a certification holder; and
  • recognition in the RIMS Annual Conference Guide that’s distributed to all attendees.

For more information about the RIMS-CRMP certification or to apply for the online exam, visit