• Tim Murray_profile

    Perception is king


    A ‘stuffy’, ‘data-led’, ‘paper-driven’ profession is what some believe risk management to be. But it is a perception far from the truth, and Tim Murray, the new chair of UK risk management association Airmic, is on a mission to let everyone know what risk management really is about . Sara ...

  • Sarah McNamee

    Making risk a perfect fit


    Online retailer THE ICONIC prides itself on fashion-forward designs. Its head of risk controls, Sarah McNamee, says there is no one-size-fits-all approach to risk.

  • Adilia Ismail

    ‘We need to be agile in the way we look at risk’


    Nor Adila Ismail, the long-serving chief risk officer at Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS, has taken an unconventional route to the top. She reveals what she has learned about the risk profession, and offers some advice to newcomers.

  • Patrick Smith

    How Patrick Smith is managing Deliveroo’s intangible risks


    Much more than a food delivery service, Deliveroo serves up vast amounts of big data – and fresh new risks – daily. It relies on business resilience leader Patrick Smith to stay creative.

  • Karl_Davey_second_web

    King of the road


    Transurban’s troubleshooting guru Karl Davey exudes an air of calm and flexibility that helps him navigate all of risk’s diversions. With him at the helm, we’re all a little safer.

  • Nigel Tay-StarHub_forweb

    Bright young star


    Risk managers all love a nice long risk document, right? Not so StarHub’s Nigel Tay. Meet the man bringing on-the-ground collaboration, agile process and even fun to corporate risk management. Trust us, you’ll like him.

  • WhatsApp Image 2018-05-08 at 02.35.38

    Risk management in space: Lutomski opens Risk Forum APAC


    Space is the least forgiving environment for risk management mistakes, former NASA risk manager Mike Lutomski told Risk Forum APAC 2018

  • Dsc3286 preview

    A whole new world of digital banking


    Far from being impersonal, Australia’s first fully digital neobank, Xinja, is built for the people. StrategicRISK Asia Pacific editor, Lauren Gow, sat down with chief risk officer David Nichols to talk about a banking revolution.

  • Takashi

    Drawing on all his reserves


    Takashi Kubo of Japanese oil and gas exploration and production company INPEX Corporation discusses safety, cyber and political risk, and why he’s working with PARIMA to improve the risk management conversation in Japan.

  • Saurabh verma

    A buoyant attitude


    Saurabh Verma, senior vice president, chief insurance officer at Reliance Industries, tells us about spooky hotels, working in a goldmine, a wine-stained shirt, falling out of a canoe and wishing he could swim