StrategicRISK finds out what’s on the agenda at this year’s conference

PARIMA floor plan


Who will be there? Stephen Cross, chief innovation officer, Aon Risk Solutions (ARS) and chairman, Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC); Jason Disborough (pictured), chief executive – multinational clients, ARS; Jane Drummond, regional head of sales and marketing, Asia, ARS; Vic Pannuzzo, regional managing director, AGRC; Craig Torgius, head of sales and marketing, Singapore, ARS.

What’s on their agenda? Launching their new thought leadership content including an interactive risk dashboard, which will help risk professionals understand how their risks compare to their peers; an interactive political risk map and terrorism map; and Aon eBooks on cyber risk, trade credit insurance, marine claims and captive insurance.

What Aon thinks should be on risk managers’ radars? Reputation and managing the shear volume of interconnected risks. “A key challenge for risk professionals will be understanding these risks, how they interrelate, and then working with different stakeholders across the business to tackle these risks,” a spokesperson said.


Who will be there? Rudi Spaan, president and chief executive, AIG Hong Kong, and head of client and broker engagement, Asia-Pacific; Matt Harris, chief executive Asia-Pacific; Robert Klepper, global property chief engineering officer; Sierra Signorelli, chief underwriting officer for Global Specialty

What’s on their agenda? To listen and learn from the risk management community and bring the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to the forefront of everyone’s minds. “This is a critical topic and comes with its own set of risks and opportunities,” a spokesperson said.

What AIG thinks should be on risk managers’ radars? The risks and opportunities of the IoT; the importance of cyber insurance; and how to become a change agent in their organisation as the role of managing risk becomes increasingly complex.


Who will be there? Dylan Bryant, country manager and general representative, Hong Kong; Chris Rummery, head of market development, Asia; Kent Chaplin, head of Asia Pacific, managing director, Lloyd’s Asia; Michelle Cockrill, senior marketing and communications manager, Asia-Pacific; and Shankar Garigiparthy, regional compliance manager and MLRO

What’s on their agenda? Promoting its new research – the Lloyd’s City Risk Index, which is the first study to look at GDP at risk from 18 different natural and manmade threats, and the economic risk exposures of 301 major cities.

What Lloyd’s thinks should be on risk managers’ radars? Addressing the significant issue of underinsurance in Asia, which is more vulnerable to natural catastrophes than any other part of the world. And also broadening their focus from traditional physical assets to also include risks associated with digital and intangible assets.


Who will be there? David Jacob, managing director; Asia specialty leader, head of sales, Asia-Pacific; Alistair Fraser managing director, head of sales, Asia; Richard Green, managing director, Asia financial risk practice leader; Eddie Ong, senior vice-president, corporate risk services, Singapore; Alex Koukoullis, practice leader Asia, forensic accounting and claims services.

What’s on their agenda? Key Marsh spokespeople are on the PARIMA programme: Koukoullis will speak about business continuity and supply chain challenges, while Green will speak about natural catastrophe risk exposures in Asia, parametric triggers, cat bonds and other insurance innovations. On their stand, “cyber insurance, workforce strategies, and forensic accounting and claims advocacy” will be hot topics.

What should be on risk managers’ radars? Cyber attacks, market crashes and fiscal crises, oil and energy price shocks, extreme weather events and natural catastrophes, human pandemics, reputational risk, business continuity/supply chain disruptions, and transactional risk


Who will be there? Christian Wertli, global head of strategic solutions; senior global managers and several members of their Asia-Pacific team

What’s on their agenda? Promoting their expanded footprint and service offering: Swiss Re now has offices in Melbourne and Osaka, a branch in Labuan, has made recent acquisitions in China, and added the aviation portfolio of Assetinsure in Australia. They’re also keen to highlight “the innovative risk transfer structures we can provide, which include solutions for difficult to insure or uninsurable risks”.

What should be on risk managers’ radars? Evaluating whether the period of premium rate decline is infinitely sustainable. “If not, they should consider at what point their company should seek to lock in some of the value currently on offer from the market with a robust long-term deal.”


Who will be there? Keith Thomas, chief executive, Asia-Pacific; Kevin Leong, head of customer, distribution and market management, Asia-Pacific; Ronnie Tong, chief underwriting officer, Asia-Pacific; Jonathan Rake, chief executive, Singapore; Brendan Dunlea, chief underwriting officer, Singapore

What’s on their agenda? International programmes. “Asian companies are increasingly conducting business in overseas markets, and with this opportunity also comes risks that need to be managed. Zurich’s focus is to help risk managers to better manage their risk, whether it’s with insights on cross border risks and ways to mitigate them or tools to help manage international programs and the total cost of risk,” a spokesperson said.

What should be on risk managers’ radars: Evaluating their insurance and risk management strategy and budget. “Faced with the pressure of increasing prices, risk managers will need to look at ways to manage their total cost and take a more strategic approach towards risk management over just risk transfer.”


Who will be there? Peter Kuczer, global client executive and complex multinational program, Asia-Pacific; Amir Ghaffar, vice-president, head of corporate distribution, accident and health, Asia-Pacific; and underwriting colleagues across various business lines

What’s on their agenda? Clarifying their risk appetite and capabilities in their areas of expertise, including multinational. Expect them also to talk about some of their new products like energy liability, ACE offshore for oil and gas liability risks, workers’ compensation, and liability cover for those in the private equity and venture capital sectors.

What should be on risk managers’ radars: ACE will be conducting a survey at PARIMA on risk managers’ top risks. “Based on existing discussions, legal, regulatory and compliance risks, CATs, political, civil and/or terrorism risks and cyber security will likely be on the risk managers’ radars in 2016,” a spokesperson said.


Who will be there? Mark Mitchell, chief executive, Singapore; Clemens Philippi, regional manager of market management; Laurens Koppelaar, strategic sales planning, market management; and Samuel Tan, risk consulting regional manager

What’s on their agenda? Engaging risk managers on how to best mitigate emerging risks and deal with the growing interconnectivity of risks. They will have experts on hand who will share information on how to best deal a variety of risks faced by global companies.

What should be on risk managers’ radars: non-property damage risks like cyber and geo-political disruption; and the growing interconnectivity of risks.


Who will be there? Stefano Tranquillo, division manager, Asia-Pacific; Daniel Juneau, regional sales manager; J Holly, area manager; Lee Seong Hooi, account engineering group manager; and Peter Hookham, claims manager

What’s on their agenda? Promoting their state-of-the-art loss prevention solutions to help organisations become more resilient by managing their exposures, whether these be at their own facilities or embedded within their supply chains.

What should be on risk managers’ radars: The ever faster pace of change and complexity of risks accompanying new technologies, globalisation and digitization. Also supporting boards to make more informed decisions by bringing greater transparency to any exposures.


Who will be there? Filippo Cinelli, global head of broker relationship management; Ken Lai, chief underwriting officer, Asia; Giovanni di Meo, head of broker relationship management, Asia; Alvin Chan, head of marine, Asia; and Joe Venetico, head of property, Asia.

What’s on their agenda? Asia is a key growth area for Generali Global Corporate & Commercial so expect them to shout about their expanded footprint in the region. This year it had its 10th market entry in Asia with the acquisition in MPIB. Next year Generali is also launching Financial Lines in Asia, so expect to hear about that too

What should be on risk managers’ radars? Cyber, reputation and managing “increasingly global, complex and unpredictable” risks. “Corporate and commercial clients can have their reputation exposed in any single moment,” a spokesperson said.


Who will be there? Michael Salzmann, general manager, head of global division; Franz Adamczyk, head of property underwriting international; Thanh Francois Duong, regional manager, global division; Stefan Feldmann, managing director, Australia; Daniel Lau, managing director, Hong Kong; Nicholas Cheng, managing director, Singapore.

What’s on their agenda? Meeting with clients, promoting their network capabilities for international compliance programmes, and their contaminated product insurance and crisis management solutions.

What should be on risk managers’ radars? “Reputational risk, cyber risk and supply chain risks are the main concerns. Alongside with these risks, other traditional risks such as natural disaster and fire/explosion, shall also be on risk managers’ radar.”


Who will be there? Simon Weaver, chief executive, South East Asia; Alex Thoms, large clients leader, Asia; Kevin Snowdon, risk and analytics leader, Asia; Nathan Rayner, sales leader, Indonesia; and Rob De Jonge, international risk and analytics leader.

What’s on their agenda? Trumpeting their expanded service offering thanks to recent M&A activity, including Elite in Taiwan, the soon-to-be-completed Gras Savoye in Africa, and, of course, the merger with Towers Watson (subject to approvals) which will allow the combined group to provide a suite of employee benefits/HR consulting solutions.

What should be on risk managers’ radars? Cyber risks; how to raise their profile through turning insurance into a revenue line; driving efficiencies through taking a more combined approach to general insurance and employee benefits; natural catastrophes, pandemics and the Singapore haze.