Anchored ships are the most frequent target of attacks, says Gard A.S.

Where possible, ship owners should aim to reduce time at anchor in areas where piracy is a threat, according to a property and indemnity club.

‘Anchored ships are the most frequent target of attacks by pirates,’ said Gard A.S., a Norway based P&I club.

‘Ships should use all lighting available to expose attackers,’ added the club.

The P&I club made the warning in a circular it issued on anti-piracy measures.

‘Prior to entering high risk areas the crew should be advised to take extra-vigilance,’ suggested Gard.

‘A watch should be kept on the stern covering radar “blind spots” and night vision binoculars should also be used during hours of darkness,’ it added.

‘If security guards are employed, ensure that the security company and their employees are vetted by the appropriate authorities,’ warned Gard.

‘All ships, regardless of the level of threat in the waters in which they operate, should have an up to date security plan.’ And all crew members should be familiar with it, advised the P&1 club.

Gard has also issued maritime security risk assessments for the Straits of Malacca, Somalia and the Horn of Africa and Nigeria and Bay of Guinea.