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    Do the right thing and keep record of it


    A panel discussion at the RIMS conference has delved into the ongoing issue of class action lawsuits plaguing Australian risk managers and their D O insurance partners. 

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    How to blow up your office & everyone in it


    Calamity Monitoring, chief executive officer, Daniel Lewkovitz says checking, testing and retesting your security systems is the only way to ensure your organisation.

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    ‘We have absolutely lost the ability to communicate’: Bates


    RIMS Australiasia president, Kevin Bates has encouraged risk managers to ask themselves the hard questions about why it is they doing things certain ways, particularly in terms of personal and board communication.

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    RIMS 2019: It’s no Garden of Eden


    Artificial intelligence will be used in workplaces of the future in ways which will be ’humans working with AI, not AI versus humans.’

  • 5 star

    Defining your reputation risk


    Reputational risk is not “one risk”, but rather a category of risks which may impact your reputation, so how should you define and manage it? Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager at Lego Group has this advice

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    Data is the future of effective risk management


    Traditional approaches to risk fail to resonate with senior managers, they are too “subjective” and ”anecdotal”. And if they dismiss risk management, it is because they lack understanding. So, the answer? We need to embark on #ChangingRisk with the use of data, says Danny Wong, CEO of Goat Risk Solutions ...

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    The hidden issue of risk calculations


    Risk information isn’t always communicated on the same “playing field”. Information given to the boss may favour one solution over the other – and is the reason why most strategies fail to deliver expected results. But there are other hidden elements at play, writes Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager ...

  • hurricane

    Building resilience against nat cats


    As the global cost of nat cat incidents rise to about $340bn, businesses would do well to create a robust plan. Allied World outline an essential action plan for typhoon preparedness – one of the most severe nat cat risks

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    The myths that hold risk managers back from making a difference at the top table


    When you place risk management into categories, you stop performing ERM and prevent yourself from helping the board make risk-intelligent decisions. Here’s Sarah Gordon’s (chief executive of Satarla) take on #ChangingRisk and influencing decision-making

  • Ransomware

    Ransomware attacks on cities are rising – authorities must stop paying out


    A ransomware campaign that targeted 23 US cities  across Texas has raised serious concerns about the vulnerability of local governments and public services to cyber-attacks, writes David S. Wall , professor of Criminology, University of Leeds

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    Xinjiang supply chain risks intensify


    The likelihood of more companies being swept into controversy over the use of forced and child labour in Xinjiang increases, writes Ryan Aherin, Senior Commodities Analyst at global risk analysis company Verisk Maplecroft.

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    QBE names Singapore CEO


    In his new role, Ronak Shah is responsible for QBE Singapore’s operations. He will be based in Singapore and reports to Jason Hammond, CEO of QBE Asia.

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    Could gamification be the key to managing logistics risk?


    Gamification is the application of game-principles and game-design elements in anything that is not a game, and it’s a growing trend in logistics, argues KPMG national sector leader, transport logistics, Brendan Richards.

  • Alex Mahnke

    From analogue to digital: What next?


    Alexander Mahnke, president of the German risk management association and CEO Insurance (controlling finance, financing) at Siemens, warns of the challenges of hardening commercial insurance rates, digitalisation and silent cyber.

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    ArgoGlobal syndicate quits Asia and most marine hull underwriting


    Argo’s Lloyd’s Syndicate 1200 is to exit Asia and most of its hull underwriting globally.

  • New thinking

    Operative versus redundant risk barriers


    We need effective risk barriers, but which ones are truly needed, effective and animate innovation? And, crucially, are there multiple barriers protecting the same element but with different appetites? Adrian Clements, an international enterprise risk manager, has this advice.

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    6 ERM resources to support strategic planning


    We’re fast approaching that time of year when organisations start their strategic planning and Carol Williams –risk management consultant and founder of ERM Insights – reveals her recommended resources

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    Don’t judge me: I am analogue


    In the age of digital, our editor, Lauren Gow, ponders whether we have been too hasty to dismiss the old ways of doing things in favour of the shiny new ways.

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    5 tips for selling rates rises to management


    Rates rises are hitting APAC risk managers hard and boardrooms are awash with questions on why prices are on the increase. PARIMA’s president, Franck Baron, shares his top tips for managing this issue.

  • Bush fire

    Amazon fires explained: what are they, why are they so damaging, and how can we stop them?


    Jos Barlow , Lancaster University  and Alexander C. Lees , Manchester Metropolitan University  place Amazon fires under the microscope