• cyber

    High stakes on cyber regulation: PARIMA


    Cyber regulation has become a “critical issue for governments, regulators and corporates across the region”, with a greater emphasis on data protection and governance, says PARIMA General Secretary Steve Tunstall.

  • Decline

    ILS risk transfer market slides as investors question mechanics


    The period also saw innovation with the first-ever issue of a £75 million bond dedicated to terrorism reinsurance, according to a new report from Willis Re.

  • new thinking

    Risk management systems versus risk management process


    Process management achieves results through planning and system management manages various components that must work together to achieve an objective. Here’s how the two should work, writes Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager

  • ChangingRisk20

    Want to make a difference in risk? Try adapting your soft skills


    Dealing with the c-suite is becoming one of the most critical components of a risk manager’s job. And to play a bigger role in #ChangingRisk in their companies, risk managers need to develop critical soft skills, says François Malan, chief risk officer at Nexity

  • changingRisk-revolution-1

    The risk manager’s job is no longer about risk defence


    We are facing a paradigm shift. Risk management cannot be defensive anymore. Risk management must support the businesses and should be at the root of organisational strategy. Brigitte Bouquot, Amrae president and risk manager for Thales lays out her vision for #ChangingRisk

  • coffee-cup-working-happy

    Be a better risk manager using coffee


    How do you know what risks are top of mind in the business if you don’t ask everyone? Seek group enterprise and technology risk manager, Ben Agar says #changingrisk is impossible without these conversations.

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    Getting risk considered before decisions are made


    The most effective tactic to ’getting a seat at the table’ is simply to invite yourself, according to Telstra’s chief risk officer, Joanna Knox.

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    Think of risk management as part of an ecosystem


    Risk managers need to consider what is fit for purpose for their organisation, rather than using traditional techniques or using techniques learned in previous positions, says iCare chief risk officer, Gavin Pearce. 

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    Regulators 'widening their gaze' on ethics


    Hayne’s question around whether the conduct of organisation is fitting with community standards is something all businesses, not just financial services, need to pay attention to.

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    Political risk remains front and centre


    From China and Trump to Brexit and Brussels, political risks continue to concern global businesses in 2019. How have companies adapted? And what are the biggest fears for the rest of the year?