StrategicRISK’s European team reports from Ferma Forum

A new risk and insurance online dictionary has been launched by Ferma.

The online tool, which is designed to help debunk and clarify risk and insurance terms, was unveiled today at the 2013 Ferma Forum.

The event, attended by more than 1,400 risk professionals, is being held in the Dutch city of Maastricht until 2 October.

SR’s European editorial team, which is covering the conference, reports that dictionary will provide a comprehensive list of industry acronyms in an easy-to-use, searchable format. It will be available under the risk management section of the Ferma website.

In other news coming out of the forum, a new president of Ferma has been elected. Director of risk management and insurance for the global law firm DLA Piper Julia Graham (pictured) will take over from the current president Jorge Luzzi at the end of the forum.

The Ferma board has also elected Jo Willaert of the Belgian association Belfrim, and re-elected Michel Dennery of the French association AMRAE. They join Alessandro De Felice of the Italian association Anra as vice-presidents.

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