Dubai financial authorities say growth of captive insurance in the region is very promising

Marsh has been granted the first licence to provide captive insurance management in Dubai.

Operating as Marsh Management Services (Dubai) Limited, the company has been authorised by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and will offer captive insurance management services from within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Marsh Management Services (Dubai) Limited is the first company to be registered as an insurance manager by the DFSA.

Commenting on the announcement, Ronny Vellekoop, head of office, Marsh Management Services (Dubai) Limited said: ‘High levels of economic growth in the Gulf region are not only providing many opportunities for companies based here but also increasing the number of corporate risks they face. As risk management becomes more sophisticated, local companies want more options when making decisions about financing that risk. While captive insurance is so far little used in the region, the history of innovation in the Dubai market suggests that its use will quickly increase.’

Abdulla Al Awar, managing director of the DIFC Authority, said: ‘DIFC is keen to provide the infrastructure, regulatory environment and support necessary for leading companies in the global insurance industry like Marsh to offer innovative solutions for their clients in the region.’

He added: ‘With the rapid development of the economy and the financial industry, the growth potential for captive insurance in the region is very promising.’

Michael Cormier, managing director, Marsh Global Captive Solutions Practice, said: ‘The DIFC has the potential to establish itself as an international captive insurance domicile and Marsh is pleased to be part of this exciting development.’