Winner: Nigel Tay, StarHub

A senior executive at major Singapore telco StarHub, Tay is responsible for the company’s ERM and insurance management functions. 

Tay has created a revamped top-down, bottom-up ERM framework that adopts a comprehensive yet practical approach to mitigating StarHub’s risks. This has created a risk universe in which multidisciplinary risk information is obtained via numerous one-to-one risk interviews and workshops.



Tay’s impressive list of initiatives includes:

  • A comprehensive interview regime to distill perspectives from the chairman, CEO and CFO on utilising ERM as a tool to meet the company’s strategic goals.

  • Reassignment of non-core ERM roles (e.g. CorpPass).

  • A refreshed and prioritised list of top risks, which were identified and assessed in consultation with StarHub’s Board Risk Committee members and senior management, and supported by bottom-up risk assessments conducted by the respective business unit managers.

  • The instilling of a risk-aware culture through numerous changes, among them making ERM

    as an onboarding item for StarHub’s monthly induction program for new employees, and ensuring the ERM team is now viewed as a platform for risk managers within the organization to surface and escalate key risks where decision making from management is required.

  • Successfully implementing an overhauled StarHub’s ERM framework and improving StarHub’s insurance program through a detailed work plan with measurable results and timelines. Tay has displayed significant learning agility to grasp the concepts and execution needed in this major overhaul of the ERM programme.

  • Obtaining the necessary stakeholder buy-in to revamp the existing ERM framework and insurance program. Considerable e ort was required to influence legacy processes and activities in these areas. 


”A promising star in the field of risk management.”